Well, it’s here!  The last month of 2019.

Happy December Everyone!  For most Americans and many people around the world this month is special.  It ushers in the winter season and the Winter Solstice for those of us that live in the Northern Hemisphere of planet earth. In business, this month is the last opportunity to hit goals set for the year.  It’s magical.  We think of Peace on Earth and Good Will towards men.  And for believers in Jesus Christ, December represents his birth and life.  In fact, the spiritual power that’s most prominent in December is Life.

As we wrap up the year, you all lets make a special effort to live life; give life; protect life; respect life; restore life; love life; enjoy life; and celebrate life.  Not just your own but others as well.  By doing so, you will ultimately honor the true giver of life, our Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus the Christ.  May the Blessings continue to flow in your business, career, job, relationships, and Life.  Peace.

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Live. Laugh. Love.


Oh Give Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope that you are having a wonderful evening.

I’m just pausing my day/evening with family and friends to remind and encourage you to Give Thanks to our Heavenly Father and great Creator for our many Blessings.  Not today on this National Day of Thanksgiving but every day.  Not just for the Big Blessings but also for the small Blessings that we take for granted daily.

Also, consider this.  We think of this day as a special day set aside to spend with our friends and family.  I know that life gets busy.  There’s school, work, businesses to run, talents and gifts to polish, daily routines in life that at times cause us to be present but not actually “be present”.  Well, let’s commit to taking at least one day each week to purposefully “be present” with our loved ones–if not in person, then via telephone or video chat.  Let’s commit making this official Day of Thanks just that–a day of thanks and merely an annual bonus day for family and friends.

Oh Give Thanks and “Be Present” everyone.  Not just today but every day!  Continue to have a wonderful week!

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Live. Laugh. Love.


La Vie Est Belle

Hey everyone and Happy Thursday!  I struggled earlier this week to come up with a blog worthy topic so here I am on a Thursday bringing you a brief bit of inspiration.  After chatting with one of my delightful acquaintances today, I was finally able to push pass the block.

You see one of the topics that we talked about was perfume.  She shared that her cousin really liked a particular fragrance by Lancome.  And, It happens to be a fragrance that is on my top ten list.  What initially attracted me to the fragrance was its name. And then, after smelling and trying on the perfume, I was completely sold.

La Vie Est Belle in French and translated to English means “Life is Beautiful, Good, Pleasant”.  Now, listen this is not paid advertisement for Lancome or the perfume.  I’m simply sharing how a conversation about this specific perfume inspired this blog.  I truly believe the expression, “Life is Beautiful, Good, Pleasant”, lines up perfectly with our Heavenly Father’s Will for our lives.

I meet and have met people from all walks of life in my years.  People who some would consider being in “high” or “low” places.  Most are good, beautiful people.  They have shared their ups and downs with me and I have shared mine with them.  One thing that we all have in common is that we believe Life is Beautiful, Good, Pleasant.  We pray for it.  And, most importantly, we remind Our Heavenly Father of his promise to us for it.  Indeed, it is more than an expression; more than a declaration; more than a philosophy.  It is a promise.

Continue to have a wonderful week and even better weekend my friends.  I wish you Well!  And remember, La Vie Est Belle.

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Live. Laugh. Love.


Silver Bells, Silver Bells…

Hello my friends.  Call me quirky OR not—but for some strange reason this popular Christmas song became an ear worm for me yesterday.  Well, okay, I’ll admit that I have been quietly entertaining myself with an occasional Christmas tune or two for the last week.  So, perhaps that is the reason the song came to mind.  Anyway, certain lyrics to the song really stood out.

“Children laughing, people passing.  Meeting smile after smile…”.  As these words and the melody continued to replay in my head, I began to think about the crowds of children and parents who came “out to play” for Halloween.  I shared in a previous blog about how heartwarming it was to see hundreds of families out engaging with their children as well as interacting with other families who were out for treats.  No cell phones to ears; no heads down looking at phones; no children fixated on tablets.  No.  Just children laughing, people were passing.  Meeting smile after smile!

Friends, technology serves its purpose and has certainly made life easier.  However, let’s not allow it to take over OR replace good ole face to face human interaction; eyeball to eyeball and voice to voice communication; skin to skin and heart to heart connection.  Do not allow technology to keep you away from those public spaces and places where you can meet and greet others.  Do not allow technology to completely wipe out the way we do business.  I realize that human beings will continue to evolve.   But you don’t want to wake up one day and there’s nowhere to physically go to get your favorite perfume, shoes or whatever.  There’s nowhere to go socialize, people watch, or shop.  Do you really want such a huge chunk of your life to be relegated to a computer, tablet, or 3” x 6” phone screen?  *pause*

Oh goodness, there’s that ear worm again.   “Children laughing.  People passing.  Meeting smile after smile…  Silver Bells. Silver Bells…”.

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Live. Laugh. Love.


Tis the Season…

Hello friends.  Is it too early to say Happy Holidays?  I think so.  Let’s at least wait til after Veteran’s Day!

Most stores and some other forms of businesses have already pulled out the holiday props, merchandise, etc.  Oh and okay, I’ll admit that I’ve already entered holiday mode with my Countdown til Christmas give away!  However, it’s all done in the spirit of promoting fun, joy, love, happiness, errr—jollyness!  As in “Tis the Season to be Jolly”.

What I observed a few days ago while out and about was far from “Tis the Season to be Jolly”.   Soooo, I feel like it is my duty to remind you all to remember the “reason for the season”!  It’s all about Christ!  The Prince of Peace.  The Good News.  Love.  Thanksgiving. Joy.  I said it all in the previous paragraph.  Anyway, here’s a couple of behaviors that does not promote “Tis the Season to be Jolly” and I am asking you not to do them.

*cutting lines or parking spaces;

*arguing with other customers period;

*arguing with the sales associate or ringer;

*complaining of any form

I could go on and on.  You get the point?  Remember, we are approaching a season that is about something greater than you.  So, Be kind!  And remember, Tis the Season…

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Live. Laugh. Love.


Low Battery

Hi  friends.  Did you have a great work week?  Did you power through the week as if you are attempting to beat a deadline?  I did and guess what?  My battery got low.  No.  Not the cell phone or tablet battery.  My internal battery or I should say my energy level dropped.

By the time Wednesday arrived, my creative flow was no where to be found.  My battery hit low.  I referred to my blog notes for inspiration but to no avail.  I played music and even reached out to others but nothing.  So I mustered up enough energy to grab a book that I’ve been trying to finish reading for quite some time now.  Surely after reading a chapter or two, I’d be inspired and energized to write this blog.  Nope.  I fell asleep reading and still had roughly two chapters left to read.  On Thursday, once I settled in from work, I didn’t attempt to read or write.  I did, however, thought about it.  My battery was low.

And so, here we are.  It’s Friday.  This is the day that I usually spend time gathering all my notes from the week so that I could plan the show for Saturday.  Yet, I’m still trying to produce an inspiring, thoughtful blog!  My energy level is still low but I must write this to first of all encourage you to keep going.  I could have blown this week’s blog off.  However, I recharged enough to share this message for you to try a little harder, get your second wind and make things happen.

And, secondly, I write this blog to emphasize the importance of rest.  Sometimes we take on too much or try to accomplish too much without giving our bodies AND minds proper rest.  Our batteries or energy levels get low.  As a result, we lose our creativity and productivity energy.  Listen, rest is okay and necessary.  God himself rested.

So, friends, this blog is a wrap. I am done reading the book.  I am going to rest for a bit and then work on tomorrow’s show.

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Live. Laugh. Love.


Where Are You?

Hello!  Where are you?

Hello!  Where are you?  Hi everyone.  I’m not asking for your location.  I want to know where you are in the important areas of your life—spiritually, financially, relationally, work, business, and goals related.

A few months ago I blogged about how we are getting close to the end of the year and how we should take time to revisit our progress on hitting our goals or dreams.   Well, here we are in the final quarter of 2019.  Where are you?

Has your spiritual life improved?  Have you made progress on your financial goals for your family, business, giving, etc.?  Are you more nurturing to your intimate, family, friend, work, and business relationships?  Have you hit the work/career goal?  Are you closer to the promotion, special project, sales target that you want?  Did you take that course or class that will prepare you for your next move?  Are you close to launching the new business that you have been developing?  Did you lose the 50 pounds yet?  Have you overcome that health-related challenge yet?  Has your dream come true yet?  Where are you?

Ok. I know some smartie pants is probably asking—Marilyn, where are you?  My answer is this.  I have revisited and tweaked all my plans, goals, and dreams.  I have learned where I am.  I am doing the work.  I have thanked God for removing and dealing with anything, anyone who may be blocking my progress.  And, now know where I am and where I am going.  Friends, I again, challenge you to know where you are so that you can know where you are going.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



What’s happening everyone?  How are you doing?  I am good.  I’ve taken another moment to come up for air after having my nose in a couple of books for the past few weeks.  I’m really trying to get done.  It’s not that they are difficult reads.  It’s the time factor.  I mean, I am in such demand!!!  LoL

Anyway, so, the question of the week is, “What You See is What You Get?”  I don’t know why that catchphrase came to mind but it did.  It wasn’t referenced in any of my reading material.  Nevertheless, here’s a quick history on this saying.  It was made popular by a character created by comedian Flip Wilson in 1969 and later became an acronym (WYSIWYG) from the tech world– meaning what you see or type on the computer screen is what will print on paper.

Anyway, I guess we could approach this question in a variety of ways or from various life experiences.  Right?  For example, when meeting people; when dating; when purchasing things; etc.   You’ve heard the phrase “All that glitters ain’t gold.”  Meaning just because it looks like gold doesn’t mean it is.  Or, just because something looks good, doesn’t mean it is good.  Another way to put it is “some things just ain’t what they seem to be”.  {Pardon my not so good English.}  A song by the old school R&B singing group, The Dramatics, even comes to mind.  They use the catchphrase in the song.  Take a listen when you finish reading.

However, the focus of the blog is to get you to “see” a little deeper and how you wonderfully you impact lives.  Think about something you recently purchased.  As far as you are concerned you saw something that you wanted.  You paid for it and took it home or ate it, etc.  But, pause a moment.  Let’s say that what you purchased was a chair.  What you see is a chair.  Now look a little closer.  What is the chair made of?  Wood?  Metal?  Plastic?  Were nails, screws, or bolts used to keep it together?  Is it painted or stained?  Does it have a cushion or fabric on it?  If so, what material is used to make the cushion or fabric?  Cotton?  Polyester?  Are you seeing the chair differently now?  Now, think about this.  Where did you purchase the chair?  A furniture store?  A department store?   Ok and omg–Online?  LoL

Is the chair WYSIWYG?  So you may say, yes, Marilyn.  I saw a chair and I got it! Again, the purpose of this blog is to get you to “see” things a bit deeper.  The chair is more than just a chair!  The chair represents all the various industries involved in making the chair.  Within the various industries, people are working/laboring to create, design and manufacture the chair.  Then, there are people involved in the shipment and/or distribution of the chair.  Once it arrives to the store location where it’s sold, there’s more people involved in that process.

Furthermore, the people behind the “creating, making, distributing, and selling” of the chair that you purchased have families, responsibilities.  They must Live. Laugh. Love.  And, guess what?  You just helped them do so.  Yes, you wonderfully impact lives more than you know.  And so, yes, for the purpose of this blog message, WYSIWYG and so much more!  Let’s continue to help each other by keeping the cycle of creating and consuming going.

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Live. Laugh. Love.


Family Time

Hello everyone.  Rumor has it that most people are “over” the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday shopping events.  What do you think?  Are you?  I think of Thanksgiving Day as “Family Time”.  At least until later in the evening/night for some single 20 to 30 “some things” when they then go off to visit and hangout with friends they hadn’t seen in awhile; or couples go out to the movies, concerts, etc.  Nevertheless, Family time.

Well, many retail business, commerce, and online trade publications are reporting that the “brick and mortar” in-store shopping frenzy of a few years ago is over.  Meanwhile the number of online shoppers increase more and more each Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday shopping season.  According to Adobe Analytics, the Thanksgiving Day 2018 online spending hit $3.7 Billion dollars showing a nearly 28 percent growth over 2017’s 18.3 percent growth rate.

Now, back to the “brick and mortar” shopping.  I have spoken with a lot of people over the last few years about this Thanksgiving Day shopping trend and roughly one half of them don’t like it.  A quarter of them do; and the rest could care less.  ShopperTrak (a retail intelligence firm) backs the results of this unofficial survey of mine to some degree.  They reported that the 2018 in-store foot traffic fell by nearly 2 percent on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday combined.  Another firm that measures in-store traffic reported sales dropped and traffic was down as much as 9 percent from last year.

So, it seems that many people are more content shopping online on Thanksgiving Day from the comfort of their homes or family member’s home enjoying “Family Time” rather than running around from store to store standing in long lines.  Aaah.  Thanksgiving Day.  Family time.  One of the few days in the year when just about everyone (except those who provide essential and emergency services to the public)  has the same day (or two) off work/school.

It’s also reported that more brick and mortar stores are opting to NOT open on Thanksgiving Day.  Now, the question is who will work to fill the abundance of online orders that’s predicted to come through retailers’ websites?  Who will have the online orders packaged and ready for pick up OR delivery on Black Friday?  Well, there are always a few souls that will jump at the opportunity to work on Thanksgiving Day for various reasons.  Sadly, others will do it because they have too.  Whatever the case, I hope everyone gets to enjoy “Family Time” all the time and not just on Thanksgiving Day.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



Hello everyone.  “I’ve got LOVE on my mind”.  So, “let me put LOVE on your mind”.  In fact, I want to give you “the best of my Love” and I want to know “how deep is your Love”.

Friends, there are many websites, associations, religious, and psychological people and publications that tackle the phenomenon called LOVE.  The Greeks, however, explain that there are four (4) kinds of Love.

Storge Love is family love. It’s the deep affection, care, and bond that naturally forms between parents and their children as well as between siblings, other family members, and even friends who have shared the same household. This kind of love is real, steady and sure.  It is the Love that endures for a lifetime.  I got you cause you family, baby!

Phileo Love is an emotional connection or feeling for someone that goes beyond acquaintances or casual friendships. Like Storge, It is real and developed over time but it’s connection is not as deep as the love within a family.  It is not romantic, passion or erotic love. Yet, is a powerful bond that ties and holds ​a community, neighborhood, church together.  That brotherly/sisterly/home girl/boy Love.

Eros Love is romantic or sexual. It is a Love between to human beings that is usually heartfelt, physical, passionate and intense. The word was originally connected with the goddess Eros of Greek Mythology.  I Love me some you.

Agape Love is divine love.  It is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  It is perfect, pure, unconditional, and self-sacrificing.  We are commanded and called to agape love all.  Love God.  Love People. Love Self.

I don’t know about you but I am grateful that I now have; and, have experienced the Barney Song, “I Love You. You Love Me” Love;

the “Vision of Love” Love;

the “Love Hangover” Love;

“Baby Love” Love;

the “Jesus is Love” and “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” Love;

the “I will always Love you” and the “Love will keep us together” Love!

Go, my friends and not only give and receive Love, but Be Love!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.