What’s happening everyone?  How are you doing?  I am good.  I’ve taken another moment to come up for air after having my nose in a couple of books for the past few weeks.  I’m really trying to get done.  It’s not that they are difficult reads.  It’s the time factor.  I mean, I am in such demand!!!  LoL

Anyway, so, the question of the week is, “What You See is What You Get?”  I don’t know why that catchphrase came to mind but it did.  It wasn’t referenced in any of my reading material.  Nevertheless, here’s a quick history on this saying.  It was made popular by a character created by comedian Flip Wilson in 1969 and later became an acronym (WYSIWYG) from the tech world– meaning what you see or type on the computer screen is what will print on paper.

Anyway, I guess we could approach this question in a variety of ways or from various life experiences.  Right?  For example, when meeting people; when dating; when purchasing things; etc.   You’ve heard the phrase “All that glitters ain’t gold.”  Meaning just because it looks like gold doesn’t mean it is.  Or, just because something looks good, doesn’t mean it is good.  Another way to put it is “some things just ain’t what they seem to be”.  {Pardon my not so good English.}  A song by the old school R&B singing group, The Dramatics, even comes to mind.  They use the catchphrase in the song.  Take a listen when you finish reading.

However, the focus of the blog is to get you to “see” a little deeper and how you wonderfully you impact lives.  Think about something you recently purchased.  As far as you are concerned you saw something that you wanted.  You paid for it and took it home or ate it, etc.  But, pause a moment.  Let’s say that what you purchased was a chair.  What you see is a chair.  Now look a little closer.  What is the chair made of?  Wood?  Metal?  Plastic?  Were nails, screws, or bolts used to keep it together?  Is it painted or stained?  Does it have a cushion or fabric on it?  If so, what material is used to make the cushion or fabric?  Cotton?  Polyester?  Are you seeing the chair differently now?  Now, think about this.  Where did you purchase the chair?  A furniture store?  A department store?   Ok and omg–Online?  LoL

Is the chair WYSIWYG?  So you may say, yes, Marilyn.  I saw a chair and I got it! Again, the purpose of this blog is to get you to “see” things a bit deeper.  The chair is more than just a chair!  The chair represents all the various industries involved in making the chair.  Within the various industries, people are working/laboring to create, design and manufacture the chair.  Then, there are people involved in the shipment and/or distribution of the chair.  Once it arrives to the store location where it’s sold, there’s more people involved in that process.

Furthermore, the people behind the “creating, making, distributing, and selling” of the chair that you purchased have families, responsibilities.  They must Live. Laugh. Love.  And, guess what?  You just helped them do so.  Yes, you wonderfully impact lives more than you know.  And so, yes, for the purpose of this blog message, WYSIWYG and so much more!  Let’s continue to help each other by keeping the cycle of creating and consuming going.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



Family Time

Hello everyone.  Rumor has it that most people are “over” the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday shopping events.  What do you think?  Are you?  I think of Thanksgiving Day as “Family Time”.  At least until later in the evening/night for some single 20 to 30 “some things” when they then go off to visit and hangout with friends they hadn’t seen in awhile; or couples go out to the movies, concerts, etc.  Nevertheless, Family time.

Well, many retail business, commerce, and online trade publications are reporting that the “brick and mortar” in-store shopping frenzy of a few years ago is over.  Meanwhile the number of online shoppers increase more and more each Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday shopping season.  According to Adobe Analytics, the Thanksgiving Day 2018 online spending hit $3.7 Billion dollars showing a nearly 28 percent growth over 2017’s 18.3 percent growth rate.

Now, back to the “brick and mortar” shopping.  I have spoken with a lot of people over the last few years about this Thanksgiving Day shopping trend and roughly one half of them don’t like it.  A quarter of them do; and the rest could care less.  ShopperTrak (a retail intelligence firm) backs the results of this unofficial survey of mine to some degree.  They reported that the 2018 in-store foot traffic fell by nearly 2 percent on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday combined.  Another firm that measures in-store traffic reported sales dropped and traffic was down as much as 9 percent from last year.

So, it seems that many people are more content shopping online on Thanksgiving Day from the comfort of their homes or family member’s home enjoying “Family Time” rather than running around from store to store standing in long lines.  Aaah.  Thanksgiving Day.  Family time.  One of the few days in the year when just about everyone (except those who provide essential and emergency services to the public)  has the same day (or two) off work/school.

It’s also reported that more brick and mortar stores are opting to NOT open on Thanksgiving Day.  Now, the question is who will work to fill the abundance of online orders that’s predicted to come through retailers’ websites?  Who will have the online orders packaged and ready for pick up OR delivery on Black Friday?  Well, there are always a few souls that will jump at the opportunity to work on Thanksgiving Day for various reasons.  Sadly, others will do it because they have too.  Whatever the case, I hope everyone gets to enjoy “Family Time” all the time and not just on Thanksgiving Day.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



Hello everyone.  “I’ve got LOVE on my mind”.  So, “let me put LOVE on your mind”.  In fact, I want to give you “the best of my Love” and I want to know “how deep is your Love”.

Friends, there are many websites, associations, religious, and psychological people and publications that tackle the phenomenon called LOVE.  The Greeks, however, explain that there are four (4) kinds of Love.

Storge Love is family love. It’s the deep affection, care, and bond that naturally forms between parents and their children as well as between siblings, other family members, and even friends who have shared the same household. This kind of love is real, steady and sure.  It is the Love that endures for a lifetime.  I got you cause you family, baby!

Phileo Love is an emotional connection or feeling for someone that goes beyond acquaintances or casual friendships. Like Storge, It is real and developed over time but it’s connection is not as deep as the love within a family.  It is not romantic, passion or erotic love. Yet, is a powerful bond that ties and holds ​a community, neighborhood, church together.  That brotherly/sisterly/home girl/boy Love.

Eros Love is romantic or sexual. It is a Love between to human beings that is usually heartfelt, physical, passionate and intense. The word was originally connected with the goddess Eros of Greek Mythology.  I Love me some you.

Agape Love is divine love.  It is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  It is perfect, pure, unconditional, and self-sacrificing.  We are commanded and called to agape love all.  Love God.  Love People. Love Self.

I don’t know about you but I am grateful that I now have; and, have experienced the Barney Song, “I Love You. You Love Me” Love;

the “Vision of Love” Love;

the “Love Hangover” Love;

“Baby Love” Love;

the “Jesus is Love” and “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” Love;

the “I will always Love you” and the “Love will keep us together” Love!

Go, my friends and not only give and receive Love, but Be Love!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.



Hello friends.  Question:  What did the left eye say to the right eye?  Answer:  Between you and me, something smells.  Here’s another one.  Why did the Oreo cookie go to the dentist?  Answer:  Because it lost its filling!!  Giggle.  Chuckle.  LoL!  That’s it.  Laugh!

Someone once said, “Laughter is the best medicine”.  Many believe that expression came from Old Testament scripture, Proverbs 17:22—“A merry heart is like medicine”.    This professes that laughter benefits us beyond just having a little light-hearted moment.

Check this out.  It’s scientific too.  Researchers have determined that laughter relaxes tense muscles; circulates blood flow; reduces stress; improves positive thinking; and acts as like an anti-depressant.  Socially, laughter is a great icebreaker; deal maker; and can help resolve conflict.  The list goes on!

Sounds like good medicine to me!  Come on everyone.  Let’s go boost someone’s confidence and positive outlook on life.  Make someone laugh.  Get those endorphins flowing so that our physical and mental health improves.  Now did I tell you about the time that I got caught in a rain storm and one of the spokes of my umbrella pulled my wig off!!!  Yes, in public.  And, yes, sometimes I spice my life up by wearing wigs!!

Go ahead, laugh.  And, share one of your funny stories or tell me a clean joke in the comments section.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



Hey there.  I am having a good week you all.  How are you? Quickly, here’s some brief tips on how to truly “live”.

*Eat Healthy

*Drink plenty of water

*Exercise (include some kind of physical pleasure)

*Get adequate rest

*Enjoy lots of sunshine. (Be sure sure not to sunburn)

*Breathe in Fresh air

*Learn/try something new

*Be charitable—a blessing to others

*Work, Play, Create in Excellence

*Pray to and Praise God



*Give Love

*Receive Love


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Live. Laugh. Love.


The Nobody

What’s up everyone?  Having a great week?  I hope so.  My week has been spiritually charged and physically exhausting.  Yet, I am good!  Soooooo…

We’ve all heard the loaded statement “Nobody likes him or her” before, right?  And, when you hear it, what is your reaction and how do you feel?  I personally see a “red flag” when I hear it.   You see, I was taught to be doubtful of the “dog who is carrying the bone”!  In other words, dig a little deeper to determine where the person making the statement is coming from.   What is the motive? Or, what experience did he/she have with the person to cause them to make such a destructive, damaging statement?  Who is the “nobody” and why don’t he/she/they like the person?

In my experience, I’ve learned that the “nobody” is usually solely the person making the statement and the circle of people in his/her world with whom they influence.  And, the reason the person is not liked is based on the “nobody/ies” personal feeling for the person.  Sometimes people just don’t like certain people.  The “unliked” person did or said nothing wrong.  Its just that the person making the statement doesn’t care for the so-called unliked person and don’t want anyone else to like him/her either.  They attempt to impose or project how they feel about the person onto others.  Now, of course, a dissertation on the “isms’ could be written on the why OR even the deeper issue of the spiritual force that’s at work but for the sake of keeping this bloggable, I’ll keep it simple.  (Note:  Some people merely repeat what they’ve heard others say about someone and really mean no harm.)

I’ve, also, on rare occasions, found the statement “nobody likes him/her” to be grounded in truth.  There are some ugly people in this world.  They are un-Godly, mean, conniving, dishonest, disrespectful, disingenuous, etc.  They don’t really like themselves.  It’s sad but true.  Even worse, as stated previously, they often are the very ones carrying the bone!  Yes! The Nobody!

Everyone, keep your critical thinking hat on and dig a little deeper when met with this situation.  Don’t allow “The Nobody” (no matter who he/she may be) determine how you think or feel about others.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



Hey everyone.  We’re approaching one of my favorite times of the year–the Fall season!  Yes, the milder, tolerable temperatures return.  Nature, once again, thrills us with the rich, glorious display of the colors of Autumn—the oranges, browns, golds, deep greens, and reds.  What I don’t like about Fall season is what comes next (winter) and the shorter days of light.  Nonetheless, I really like this season.

For me, each change of season is an opportunity to review, regroup, and in some cases reset our plans, goals, dreams, ambitions, and progress.  Particularly, the Fall season ushers in the final quarter of the year.  It’s our last chance to make sure we achieve that which we set out to do.  Our last chance to put the proverbial peddle to the metal and “fall” into greatness!

The Fall season is also a good time to “fall” into something new or different.  So, your plans for the year aren’t working out?  No worries, explore something else.  Try a different angle or approach.  If it’s business related, tweak your business plans.  If it’s career related, switch to a related career or change careers.  If it’s weight loss related, get a different weight loss plan.  If it’s related to your spiritual development, find a seasoned prayer partner/spiritual mentor.

Your plans for the year ARE working out for you?  Great.  Still, “fall” into something new!  It could be something as simple as taking a dance class and trying a new recipe.  OR as complex as learning a new language, traveling somewhere that you’ve never been, or teaching a bible class. Listen, I challenge you to put your spiritual, creative and intellectual gifts and talents to work.

Everyone, let’s all “fall” into a good, new thing this season. I’d love to hear about so be sure to comment here.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



“To be or not to be, that is the question…”.

Hey everyone.  I hope that you’re having a meaningful week.  This quote from a speech that a character in William Shakepeare’s play, “Hamlet”, is questioning the meaning of life.  Of course, those who are more familiar with the play know that there is a deeper, even darker contemplation at work in the soliloquy’s entirety.  However, for the sake of this blog point, I will just focus on the opening line; and my initial brief explanation.

The meaning of life is “to be”.  “To be” who you were created to be with all your unique, special gifts and talents.  To beCOME “who” you essentially are as spiritual OR divine human beings (givers, healers, teachers, pastors, encouragers, leaders, exhorters, administrators, etc.) as well as “what” you are as human being (professions, entrepreneurs, skilled workers, husband, wife, etc.).  Note that who you are innately can and should determine what you beCOME.

“To be” is our ultimate gift.  Life.  Life more abundantly.  Respect it.  Protect it.  Never neglect it.  Love it.  Enjoy it.  Yours and others.

Friends, I hope that you continue Be-ing.  I Am.

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Live. Laugh. Love.


Turn It Off

Hey everyone!  Do you ever wish that you could turn off everything and just be?!!

Well, that’s what I’m doing for this week’s blog.  I just need to be, right now.  Yes, I’m taking a day off from writing this blog.  So, listen.  It’s okay.  If you need to rest, unwind, or just to turn everything off, do it!  Turn it off!  You will be better for it.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



As I listened to Solange Knowles latest music project, “When I Get Home”, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own journeys back “home”.  I believe on some level that was her intent when creating this piece.  Yes, not only to share her experiences and talent but to provoke the listener and viewer (in the case of the movie that accompanies this project) to reflect on their own “home” experiences.  The music is stunningly genius as she shares with us her memories, perspective on Houston, Texas.

I thought back to when I was in my early 30’s in an effort to heal from an emotional and physical trauma, I left the suburbs and moved back to the city of Chicago (a place that I call home) with my young son in tow.  We visited the Bronzeville neighborhood where I grew up.  The rich vibe was still there.  The heartbeat of African-American life and culture (the best and the worst) was ever present.  I took him to all the places that I liked going to as a child and young adult—the lakefront (particularly The Point); DuSable Museum and Washington Park; downtown Chicago and Grant Park; Navy Pier; Cite’; Rock and Roll McDonald’s; Gibson’s; Edna’s Soul Food; Gladys Soul Food Luncheonette (right before the doors closed for good); Johnson’s Publishing Company; the (new) Regal Theater; Comiskey/White Sox Park; the beautiful churches and community organizations; and so many other locations.  My father was there as he had been for more than 30 years (currently more than 50 years).  Back to familiar places and faces.  Other family and friends were still there.  Home.

I get the same “home” feeling every time I go back to Mississippi (my birth place).  My parents migrated to Chicago like many other black families in the south did in pursuit of a better life.  Nevertheless, Mississippi is still “home”.  I enjoy seeing the familiar places, like “uptown”; the family churches; the Piggly Wiggly.  Oh, there’s nothing like that black southern culture/hospitality.  It’s heartwarming to reflect on times past and to ooh and ahh over the new developments and changes that have taken place.  Familiar faces were there—family, friends, friends of family.  Home.

In my 40s, I found myself back “home” again.  This time back to Joliet, Illinois where I also grew up (mainly during my teen years).  Back to familiar places—Eastside, Westside, downtown; the historic churches; Louis Joliet Mall; Rialto Theatre; Route 66; I-80; etc.  The familiar faces.  My mother was there as she had been for the last 47 years of her life.  Family and friends are still there.  Home.

Solange reminds us that “home” is a physical place but it can also be a heartfelt place as a result of our experiences, memories, emotions, even spirituality.  I feel “home” in just about any church building; in the studio; anywhere with my loved ones; with myself; on the mic; with that special one; during devotional and prayer time; and oddly, sometimes with someone I barely know—that kindred spirit. Home is Love.  Wherever God is, it’s safe to say you’re Home.  Where’s your home?  What makes you feel home?  Comment here.

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Live. Laugh. Love.