MCS Radio Show – Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Hello and Happy Armed Forces Day!!!  I hope that you remembered to show love to those in the United States Armed Forces.


Well, did you have a good day?  I did.  I think.  You know, I’ve been feeling a bit lost lately.  Oddly, being in the radio studio helps me pull myself together to some degree.  I always enjoy presenting an interesting and compelling show to you with Soul’s, and now, Brianna’s help.  Today’s show was another good one.  Check it out!

Cafe Talk:  In the high tech world/society, do you believe that young people need to be informed and older people reminded, about the rules of dating?  Or, on how to be in a relationship in general?

1st Hour – This Day in History and Top News

So, because I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback on the expanded version of “This Day in History”, I decided to present the expanded version of the segment again this week. For example, on this day in 1927 Charles Lindbergh made history by flying across the Atlantic ocean.  We all remember the significance of this.  Right?  However, did you know that his mother was a High School Chemistry teacher who opted to go to work that day!  But wait!  There’s more!  Take a listen here.

In Top News, I reported on the potential of President Barack Obama’s birthday, August 4th, becoming a “Honorary” state holiday; A T & T union workers who are on strike due to contract disagreements; and shared an update on the tragic story of Semaj Crosby.  Click here for more details.

During Cafe Talk, Soul, Brianna, and I, shared our perspectives and offered some reminders as well as what may be considered “new” information to young people about dating and being in a relationship.  For example, write letters to each other; when dating go to your love interest home to pick her/him up (with flowers in hand) rather than just meeting somewhere; and leave the tech gadgets alone while in his or her presence.  We all agreed that taking time to truly learn to enjoy each other’s company and being fully present is key.  Wait.  You have thoughts on this too?  Good. Chime-in in comments section.

2nd Hour –  Entertainment News

Were you aware that Simone Biles was voted off Dancing With the Stars?  Yes!  She was.  Everyone was shocked.  We talked about it during Entertainment Talk.  Also, American Idol producers recently announced that Katy Perry will be sitting at the Judge’s table; the Platinum selling R&B/Hip Hop singing group, Escape is reuniting in a special way; and many of your favorite television shows will be returning next season. For the audio, visit


Marilyn and Soul dressed in styles reflecting today’s Passion for Fashion segment.

Today’s Passion for Fashion segment, again, reflected what’s hot for this spring/summer 2017.  The Power of the Flower trend is carrying over from last Fall. Flowers here.  Flowers there.  Flowers everywhere— Even in this beautiful floral print dress that Soul is modeling in the above picture.  Also, bright, bold colors like fuchsia, yellows, rich blues, neons, and others will dominate this season!  I’m modeling a beautiful blue athleisure/jogging suit which by the way is back as a fashion trend this spring too.  Go here for more audio.

Before signing off today, we chatted a bit about the upcoming Bachelorette TV Show that will be premiering Monday night on ABC 7.  Despite not being big fans of the Bachelor or Bachelorette television franchises, we all agreed that “I” should be the one to tune in to see the very first African-American Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, attempt to find love via a television show and report back next Saturday with my comments. We’ll see if that happens.  Also, at the risk of appearing stereotypical or playing into a stereotype, I shared some fascinating facts about the vegetable called Watermelon. Yes, I said vegetable!


Lastly, Soulbalm Says closed the show with a beautiful poem.  You’ve got to take a listen.  Here’s the audio.

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MCS Radio Show – Saturday, May 13th, 2017

Hi All.  I hope that you all experienced a wonderful Mother’s Day!  My day started on a solemn note but got better as the day went on.  I made sure that I reached out to family and friends albeit mostly via texts because I had guests, etc.  I was treated to a delicious dinner and received lots of hugs and love.

So, did you miss the radio show?  If so, you missed a lot!  Take a read and listen

Cafe Talk was based on Mother’s Day– Moms or those in the role of moms, what’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve gotten or wished you’ve gotten?

1st Hour – Top News

Soul and I presented an extended version of “this day in history” highlighting the significance of Alice Paul in the Women’s suffrage movement; the great Dustbowl storm of 1934; and other significant events.  During the abbreviated version of Top News, we talked about the possibility of landline services going away as well as chimed in on the story about the Trump administration’s decision to do away with Michelle Obama’s anti-childhood obesity initiative, “Let’s Move”.    Take a listen.

We both then shared our response to the Cafe Talk question.  It seems we both are more interested in the time shared with our loved ones than actual gifts.  We, also, enjoy the element of being surprised with gifts too.  A few listeners chimed in on Facebook but didn’t go into great detail.  We then moved into the chat about the new concept of Self-Marriage or Sologamy.  Mostly milleniums are opting to marry themselves complete with a wedding ceremony and reception while waiting for the right one to come along. This truly left us both scratching our heads…but we’re not judging.  Would you marry yourself?  Chime in in the comments section.

2nd Hour – Entertainment News

Brianna Woolridge, the winner of ABC 7 Chicago’s Windy City Live guest co-host contest stopped by to talk about her awesome experience and to chat it up with us this hour.  Soul and I really enjoyed our time with her.  For the audio to her segment, click listen.

MarilynBriannaSoulpicMarilyn in-studio with Brianna and Soul.

Okay, we all vibed so well together that Brianna came appropriately dressed for the Passion for Fashion segment {Fashion Trend-Wearing Dresses over Jeans) without even getting the memo!  Take a look.  Then listen here!

Soul, Marilyn, and Brianna dressed in the Dress over jeans fashion trend.

Okay, my friends.  That’s a wrap.  Soulbalm Says will return next Saturday so be sure to tune in at 1:05pm CDT for another edition of Marilyn’s Cafe Society.  Peace!








MCS Radio Show – Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Hi there, I cannot believe that we’re 10 days into May already!!!  We’re just a few days away from Mother’s Day and the anxiety is trying to escalate.  Keep me, my siblings and other loved ones in your thoughts and prayers as we experience our first Mother’s Day without the physical presence of my mama.


My beautiful mother on Mother’s Day 2015

Well, Soul and I had a good time this past Saturday chatting it up and sharing news and other information with listeners.  We talked about the original purpose of the Eiffel Tower and other significant historical events that happened on May 6th.

Cafe Talk:  Would you mind your spouse or significant other having  breakfast, lunch or dinner with a friend of your same sex without you?  Why or Why not?

1st Hour – Top News

This segment was so interesting that moved the Cafe Talk segment to the second hour. Here’s what we tackled…

*Congress passing the American Health Care Act; avoiding a government shutdown; and approving a measure to impose new sanctions on North Korea.

And sadly, reported that 16 month old Semaj Crosby was laid to rest on Friday and the house that she was found in went up in flames early Saturday, May 6th.

2nd Hour – Entertainment News and Cafe Talk

Entertainment Talk included the DWTS update, Miley Cyrus maturing, Harry Potter franchise goes to Broadway, and the iconic Ringling’s Brothers Barnum & Bailey’s last circus performance on May 21st will be streamed live on Facebook.

In Passion for Fashion, Soul and I emphasized how the blouse is the main accessory this spring/summer fashion season.  The colors, prints, cuts, styles are so varied and bold that all you need to do is match it with a pair of jeans, plain black pants, white or another solid color or even print for that matter.

Cafe Talk and Soulbalm Says wrapped the hour.  Click here for the audio snippets.

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MCS Radio Show – Saturday, April 29th, 2017


We closed out the month April by recognizing it as National Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month.  Sadly, we focused on the local story of 16 month old toddler, Semaj Crosby, who was reported missing and was later found deceased in her own home.


Community activist, producer, and songwriter, Steve Broadway, joined me in-studio for the first hour of the show to share what he saw and experienced while on location during the 3-4 day ordeal.  Here’s how the show flowed…

Cafe Talk:  What are you doing to prevent and raise awareness about child abuse and neglect?

First Hour  – Top News

The Good—A government shut down has been delayed another week.

The Bad—Conflict between North Korea and United States moves from a simmer to brew.

The Ugly—Sixteen month old Semaj Crosby found dead.

After reporting on the Semaj Crosby story with Steve, I shared stats on children who are abused and neglected in the United States.  I also reminded listeners about what exactly child abuse is and the different forms of abuse.  Click here for the audio.

Cafe Talk:  What’s your favorite dance, past or present?

Second Hour –  Child Abuse and Neglect report continued/Entertainment News

In this hour, I continued talk on Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness by sharing five (5) strategies to implement help.  And ended the hour with latest DWTS update and announced the Windy City Live (on ABC 7 Chicago) contest.   Go to for more information.  Soul will return next Saturday with another edition of Soulbalm Says.

Also, for more detailed information about preventing child abuse and neglect, visit

Remember to tune in next Saturday, May 6th, 2017 for another edition of Marilyn’s Cafe Society Radio Show.  Also, find me on Twitter @marilynscafesoc and Facebook at Marilyn’s Cafe Society.

Continue to have an awesome week everyone.






MCS Radio Show – Saturday, April 22, 2017


This show was dedicated to the memory of my brother who transitioned earlier this month.  I shared some good times with listeners as well as some of his favorite musicical groups and songs. Take a listen.

What I didn’t share was the challenges that he fought to overcome most of his adult life as a result of what is now called the “school to prison pipeline”.  I encourage you to learn more about it and more importantly, work to change this sickening process that in most cases ruin the lives of innocent, misunderstood children and young men of color.









MCS Radio Show Recap – Saturday, February 25th, 2017

Hey there.  It’s been awhile.  Here’s what happened during this radio show…

1st hour

I opened the show with a very poignant quote from Muhammad Ali. “Hating people because of their color is wrong.  And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating.  It’s just plain wrong”.

Cafe Talk and Top News was scratched due to the dramatic reading that Soul and I performed.  It was a short story entitled, The War of the Wall, written by Toni Cade Bambara.  Check it out here.  Naturally, a brief discussion about setting, character motivation and relationships and community  followed.  I love doing that kind of thing. Thankfully, you all enjoy listening.

2nd hour – Entertainment News

Soul and I talked about the Superbowl game and how the ATL Falcons let the New England Patriots come back to steal the game after the half time show.  Speaking of the half-time show, Lady Gaga dished a fantastic performance!  We couldn’t talk sports without mentioning the NBA All-star game.  West coast won!  What?!!!   Anyway,  I chimed in on the highlights of the 59th Annual Grammy’s Award Show.  As Host, James Corden knocked it out the park.  Everyone was also reminded to catch the Oscars on Sunday with Jimmy Kimmel as Host.  The  Passion for Fashion segment was all about Red Carpet attire.  Soul closed the show with another thought provoking SoulBalm Says.  This hour went by fairly quickly.  You can take a listen here.





MCS Radio Show Recap: Saturday, January 7th, 2017

I know. This post is soo late!!  I’ve been working on it for weeks now.  By the way, the audio on the website may or may not be posted.  Among other things, there have been technical issues,  Anyway, here you go…


It’s February and Black History Month my friends.   I hope that you are having a great 2017!  So much has happened, in general, since we welcomed the new year.  Let’s all stay prayerful and in faith.  Speaking of welcoming the new year, the first radio show of the year turned out to be a big party.  In studio guests stopped by and we shared important information as well as touched on hot topics.  Here’s more of what you missed…

1st Hour- Top News

The focus news stories of this segment were the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting and the four (4) Chicago teens who beat up the handicapped boy. This segment was hot because we took the discussion to a deeper level by encouraging all to look in the mirror!

Cafe Talk:  It’s a new year!  What are you not going to take anymore?!!

Deb Upshaw, President of the Joliet Chapter of the National Hook-Up for Black Women along with Dr. Kristi Kelly who is a NHBW-Joliet member and Chair of the Jr. Chapter for girls chimed in on Cafe Talk.  They also shared information about their upcoming Teen Summit.  See below and go to for audio.


2nd Hour – Entertainment News

Soul and I commented on the new Lebron James game show, The Wall; the sudden loss of mother/daughter actresses, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds; the 74th Golden Globe’s; the Hidden Figures movie; and Billboard’s Top 10 best selling albums of 2016.  Passion for Fashion was scratched due to time constraints.  However, we managed to chat it up about questions that you should ask yourself before signing up for the online dating sites.

As usual, we wrapped the show with the SoulBalm Says segment.  Take a listen.

Have a great week and check back soon for more posts and radio show recaps.  Also, find me on Twitter @marilynscafesoc and Marilyn’s Cafe Society on Facebook.






MCS Radio Show – Saturday, December 31st, 2016

Happy Friday and Happy New Year to you!


I trust that things are off to a good start.  A lot has happened in the world in these first six (6) days of 2017 and we’ll talk about some of it during tomorrow’s show.

Missed last Saturday’s show?  Here’s what happened…

Songwriter, singer, Steve Broadway and his wife, Monica Broadway, an educator,  joined Soul and I in-studio for the New Year’s Sparkly Eve edition of Marilyn’s Cafe Society Radio Show.  We enjoyed refreshments, reflected on Christmas Day festivities, and had a really good time before getting into the main talk segments.  Take a look…


Cafe Talk: What will you do differently in 2017?

1st Hour – Top News

We very briefly touched on the President’s final year end report to the nation and how he reiterated that the Russians tampered with the Presidential election.  Audio is  here.

Over the years, Ive often heard many repeat this quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.”  During Cafe Talk, we each shared what we will do differently in the new year in order to reach goals or effect a positive change in our lives.  Take a listen.

2nd Hour – Entertainment News

TV Talk consisted of conversation about Hair Spray Live encore on NBC and thenuse of multiple sets; tackling prejudice issues and beauty standards; how music brings everyone together; and how some commercials were actually done in 1960s theme.  We also discussed the death of George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

The Passion for Fashion segment was skipped so that I could spend time talking with Steve about his new music project about his brother, Jessie Broadway and professional baseball player,  Jesse Barfield.  The song is entitled “Jesse’s Thang”.  The purpose of the song is to raise awareness about the positive, successful people who were born and/or raised in Joliet, Illinois.  He has set up a GoFundme page to raise funds so that the song can be mastered and a video can be shot.  Click here for the audio. 

Have a wonderful week and remember to tune into the first show of the New Year tomorrow, Saturday, January 7th, 2017.



MCS Radio Show – Saturday, December 24, 2016

Well.  Are you ready?  Counting the number of days before the New Year?!!  Hey,  including today, there’s just 4 days left!!!  For no particular reason, I’m feeling excited.  I guess I’m anticipating all the wonderful things to come.   Are you?  Comment here or call in during the next show on Saturday, New Year’s Eve.

If you missed this past Saturday’s (Christmas Eve) show, here’s what happened…

The Spiritual Ballerina, Chantal Hill,  (above) was my special in-studio guest.  And, she did a wonderful job chiming in on various segments as well as just being good company.

Cafe Talk: What are you doing to spread Peace on Earth and Good Will towards men?

1st Hour – Top News

As stated during the introduction of this segment, our fellow human beings have been misbehaving in the worst way!  I chose not to spend a lot of time talking about these unsettling stories.  However, the unrest in Aleppo has gotten worse as has the overall disrespect for human life, I simply had to say something.  Take a listen here.

Chantal and I lightened things up with Cafe Talk by sharing what we do to spread Peace on Earth and Good Will towards men.  Meeting the needs of others is certainly one way, but also, just sharing a smile, a kind word; or as Beth Ann (a caller) said, the next time you’re in a drive through line, pay the bill for the person behind you!! Take a listen.  We can all do something year round to accomplish the Cafe Talk in more meaningful ways by supporting organizations that do so and by holding our elected officials  accountable.


We also chimed in on the interesting concept of making Christmas breakfast a big deal!!! Clearly, it will require more work in the kitchen but if you and your family want a break from the usual big Christmas dinner, breakfast may be a welcomed change!  Think about it.  Delicious breakfast served all day on Christmas!!  Yummy!

2nd Hour – Entertainment News

Instead of TV Talk, I spent the segment interviewing the Spiritual Ballerina, Chantal!  She shared that she has danced in numerous ballet productions in New York City; travelled the world even to Paris, France; and appeared on the Trinity Broadcast Network!  Julia Alexander, who was also in-studio filming for her television show, asked a few questions.  We talked cooking, baking, and Chantal shared fashion tips during the Passion for Fashion segment. Click here for the audio.

Before signing off, we gave away the final 12 Saturdays til Christmas Gift Bag!  Congratulations to Bruce of Plainfield, Illinois.  Okay, that’s a wrap!  All in all, we had a fun time together in studio. Here are a few more pictures.  Chantal with me, her Dad, and Julia.

Chantal tried to show Julia and I a few moves.  We attempted to show what we learned through the mannequin challenge.  LOL!!  Go to for the video; and for more on Chantal, go to

Have a wonderful week and remember to tune into the New Year’s Eve edition of the show this coming Saturday.