MCS Radio Show – May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!

It was really nice to host the morning show today. Here’s a recap:

Cafe Talk:  Call in to honor and shout out a loved one whom has lost his/her life while serving this country in the armed forces.

Here’s more on the show…

1st Hour:
Introduction Chatter:
*I shared Memorial Day History and facts including the number of War Deaths since World War I as well as during the Civil War. Both numbers are over 620,000.

*I shared memory research results of German researcher/scientist, Herman Ebbinghaus. He discovered that most humans forget as much as 40% within 20 minutes of learning something and 80% after a day or two.

*I shared a couple of famous quotes for Memorial Day, reminded listeners to practice safe driving; and played Patriotic music.

2nd Hour:
Top News:

*Reported on status of 4 year old boy who was attacked by a Gorilla while visiting a Cincinnati zoo. Harambe, the gorilla, was shot to death in order to save the boys life.

*Talked and commented on Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals… Golden State Warriors v. Oklahoma City Thunder. By the way, Game 7 airs today at 8pm on Channel 7 according to Steve Broadway, a longtime WJOL listener.

*Reported and commented on several techniques to improve your memory that includes everything from eating healthy to exercise to repetitive study/learning; to stress reduction.

*Listeners enjoyed more Patriotic music.

3rd Hour:
Entertaimment News:

*TV Talk was very brief and included report on “Stars who walked away from hit TV shows and the announcement that Tamar Braxton is out as co-host of Fox tv’s talkshow, The Real.

*Passion for Fashion…again, this segment was shortened. I reported on the fashion trend of “summer sweaters”!

*I discovered that there are at least three (3) stars who share my Birthday today… Idina Menzel, Ceelo Green, and Wynonna Judd.

*Shared entertainment news about Adele quietly purchasing a mansion in Los Angeles; Paris Jackson attends prom with one of her girl friends; and NCIS star, Zoe McLellan’s divorce is finalized.

I closed the show with Estelle’s inspirational song, “Conqueror” and left listeners with a couple of ways to strive to live the life of a conqueror. First, see your problems as a gift and a lesson. It removes the fear. Secondly, challenge your thoughts and explore the source. If they are negative thoughts replace them with positive thoughts and remove the negative source from your life. Thirdly, focus on giving, not getting. Those who give always receive in the end.  Next, be someone else who is fearless in order to push passed your fears. Lastly, just do something! Keep yourself busy or try something new to get your mind off the fear in your life.

Thank you callers for tuning in and for the Happy Birthday wishes. Follow me on Twitter @marilynscafesoc and Facebook-Marilyn’s Cafe Society.

Continue to be safe this Memorial Day weekend and Memorial Day.  Don’t drink and drive.  Talk or blog with you again soon.


MCS Radio Show – May 28th, 2016

Hi Friends,

Well, as promised here are a few more pictures from Friday’s Donny Osmond “Meet-n-Greet” at the Crest Lighting Store in New Lenox, Illinois.  He was there promoting his new home lighting line in between his Memorial Day Weekend performances at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, Illinois.  Despite not feeling well, Donny showed up vibrant and youthful looking to meet his fans!  The ladies and a few gentlemen were quite thrilled to see him.  He spoke for about 20 minutes before taking  pictures with longtime fans.  He even peronally greeted; sat and talked with; and took pictures with me, Scott Childers (Star 96.7FM Program Director/Afternoon Host), and Jamie Bell (Star 96.7FM Morning Co-Host).  He was so very gracious!  This was my second time seeing Donny in person.  The first time was a few years ago at his performance at the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet.  For more on his concert schedule and home lighting line visit

 Photo credit:  Paul James BergstromMarilynwithDonnyOsmondandScottChildersofStar96.7FMAbove Photo, Left to right:  Scott Childers, Program Director/Afternoon Host Star 96.7FM; Marilyn May, Host/Producer, Marilyn’s Cafe Society Radio Show; Donny Osmond, Entertainment Icon
Photo Credit:  Paul James BergstromDonnyOsmondwithParamontEOCrestLightingStaffAbove Photo:  Donny Osmond with management and staff of Paramont EO/Crest Lighting in New Lenox, Illinois

For more pictures and video, go to Star 96.7FM website and Facebook page— Or

So, you missed today’s show?  Well, here’s what you missed:

First, I had in-studio guests with me.  Steve and Monica Broadway spent time and contributed to the show.  Monica is preparing for a bit walk with Avon 39 and they’ll be back next Tuesday, May 31, 2016 on The Slocum in the Morning show with a special announcement.  Be sure to tune in.

Cafe Talk:  It’s Play Off Season!  What NHL Team do you want to see win?  Pittsburgh Penguins OR San Jose Sharks?  AND What NBA Team?  Cleveland vs. Golden State Warriors OR Oklahoma City Thunder?   Go to for an audio snippet.

Here’s more on the show…

1st Hour:
Top News:
*Trump vs. Sanders debate would have been good for Bernie and Donald but it didn’t/isn’t going to happen.  Some think Hilary Clinton should be happy about it!  Conflict and confrontations during Trump Rallys in SoCal.  Stand by.

*Former McDonald’s CEO, Ed Rensi, believes that the push to increase minimum wage pay to $15 per hour for entry level workers will drive the fast food restaurants to robotics and self-service Kiosks because the rising cost of labor is too much.  However, the current CEO, has reported improvement in customer satisfaction scores since they decided to invest in their employees with increased wages and benefits.  Stay tuned.

*Can you afford a “decent” 2 bedroom apartment anywhere in the USA?  Go to

2nd Hour:

Entertainment News:
*TV Talk as usual. DWTS winner: Nyle DeMarco was so deserving of his win!  And what an inspiration to the Deaf and Mute community!  Anything is possible!  The Voice winner, Alisan Porter from Team Christina.  Turns out that she’s good friends with American Idol runner up, Adam Lambert.  I reminded listeners that in the case of bad weather most TV stations will be running various marathons of some of their favorite sit coms, etc.

*Passion for Fashion…This segment was similar to last week’s “Feminine Business Attire” for the spring and summer season.  Referencing a recent article from refinery29, I shared 8 Fashion Trends that were inspired by Feminists.  The mini-skirt, wide-legged pants, loafers, just to name a few!

*I talked more about the Donny Osmond “meet-n-greet” and reported on the Johnny Dep, Amber Heard break-up; and David Letterman admitting that his self-esteem has dropped since retiring.  Go to radio page and take a listen.

Well, that’s it!  Thank you for tuning in and remember to follow me on Twitter @marilynscafesoc and Facebook-Marilyn’s Cafe Society.

Be safe this Memorial Day weekend and Memorial Day.  Don’t drink and drive.  Remember to tune in Monday (Memorial Day), 5/30/16 from 6am-9am as I take over the morning show. Talk or blog with you again soon.


MCS Radio Show – May 21st, 2016

Hi there,

What a difference a week makes!  Just last week, I said the opposite of this… “Pull out the shorts and sandals Chicagoland…summer has arrived!”

Aside from enjoying the wonderful weather, how is your week going?  I’m tugging along and anticipating the Memorial Day Weekend!  Did you miss the show this past Saturday?

If so, here’s what you missed:

Cafe Talk:  What are do you consider to be “too” old? As it relates to travel, dating, careers, etc.  The last blog post inspired this one.   Go to for an audio snippet.

Here’s more on the show…

1st Hour:
Top News:
*Recent polls indicate that the presidential race will be tight if it comes down to a Trump/Clinton match up.  However, some political pundits and analysts suggest that most Americans don’t want either.  Clinton represents too much of the “establishment”; and Trump has offended everyone.  Then who will be our next president?  They believe it will be Bernie Sanders, the underdog!  Stand by.
*Thanks to the New Minimum Wage movement a new Overtime pay rule will make more than 4 million U. S. workers eligible for OT pay.  The new rule is intended to boost the earnings of middle and lower income workers.

*Other topics talked about…Egypt Flight 804 plane crash; G-Fast, the new super fast internet speed that will be available to internet home users over the next 4 years nationwide;

2nd Hour:

Entertainment News:
*TV Talk as usual. DWTS (finalists Ginger Zee, Nyle DeMarco, and Paige VanZant) and The Voice (each Team has a representative in the finales) updates.  Empire season finale recap! Talk about Drama!!!
Reported on more television show cancellations from the CW, Fox, and ABC.  Jimmy Kimmel was most definitely out of control this week and Friday night with guest, Bryan Cranston and their spin on the Sweet 16 B-day Party shows. I squeezed in a quick SNL recap too.   And did you remember to check out the Billboard Awards!
*Passion for Fashion…This segment was all about Feminine Business Attire for the spring and summer season.  The DVF wrap dress and the jump suits are my favorites.

Okay, that’s it everyone.  Remember to follow me on Twitter @marilynscafesoc and Facebook-Marilyn’s Cafe Society.  Also, for audio snippets of the show and past shows visit

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and tune in Saturday, 5/28/16 for another edition of the show. I’ll be blogging again soon.




Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

Good morning everyone,

I’ve been hearing a lot about aging and “getting old” lately. This is particularly concerning to me since I’m approaching another birthday. Quite honestly, for the most part, I feel very well. I still workout. I dance. I do whatever I want to do this within my will and power to do.

I must say that there are others in the peripheral of my life that believe or may believe that there are things (activities, work, etc.) that middle aged people should not do or be allowed to do. Well, I say “hogwash”!! Those thoughts and beliefs are BS!!

I thought I’d share this video with you. It was shared with me on one of my social media sites. This should help clear up any misconceptions of what it means to age. Have a great day!!


MCS Radio Show – May 14th, 2016

Pull out the hats and gloves again Chicagoland. Winter is trying to come back!!!

Missed today’s show? No problem. Read on…

Cafe Talk was Hot! Here it is…Do you agree with the Federal Government’s issuance of guidance to public school districts across the country regarding transgender student’s right to use the bathroom that they prefer as their gender identity? Go to for an audio snippet.

Here’s more on the show…

1st Hour:
Top News:
*Offered update on the presidential race. Sanders winning West Virginia and what that means. Apparently, not much since Hillary Clinton has 94% of the delegates. Although, Sanders still vows to fight til the end. Democrats want him to drop out so that the full focus can be on Hillary and to prevent Trump from capitalizing on the situation. Meanwhile, billionaire casino magnate endorses Trump.
*Admist all the hoopla about a minimum wage increase, it turns out or at least according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of minimum wage workers in the U.S. has drastically decreased.
*Want $430 million? Well play the Powerball Jackpot! That’s what a woman and her 7 children did. The Lawrenceville, NJ family came forward Friday to claim their winnings.
*And Susannah Mushatt Jones died. Who is she? She was the oldest living person in the world. She died Thursday night after being ill for several days. She was 116 years old and lived in New York most of her life.

2nd Hour:
*TV Talk as usual. DWTS and The Voice updates. I also recapped Episode 217 of the hit television show Empire. Yes, I saw a glimpse of myself on the red carpet because I knew where to look. I don’t think anyone else did. Don’t worry. There will be more!!
I also shared a few more of NBC’s and CBS’s television show cancellations and editions.
*Passion for Fashion…I highlighted the fact that the capri styled leggings are hot for the spring and summer. Also gave a brief history on the creation of the leggings
*Lastly, I shared a report from the NY Times on how a researcher from the NIH followed 14 contestants from the Biggest Loser tv show and learned that 13 of them regained the lost weight and 4 of them event gained back more weight. The potential reasons include;
Change in hormone levels as a result of dieting; metabolism slows down after extreme exercise stops and dieting ends; and psychologically develops a stronger focus on food. Don’t give up my friends. Just keep moving and watching what you eat!

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Have an awesome week ever;yone. I’ll be blogging again soon.

MCS Radio Show – May 7th, 2016

Hey there everyone! Happy “Get Caught Reading Month”!


This past Saturday’s radio show was a hoot as usual. I either frightened callers away with the Cafe Talk question OR they were just tired of hearing/talking about it! The question: Was it okay or appropriate for Comedian Larry Wilmore to say “my nigga” to the President of the United States during the White House Correspondence Dinner to Saturdays ago? As usual, I chimed in and voiced my opinion which is Larry Wilmore is a comedian who to some degree “went there”. My guest in the second hour of the show (Carrington) agreed. Moving along…

1st hour:
During Top News…
*I touched on the potential of a Clinton v. Trump finals particularly with the latest results coming out of Indiana’s primary election last Tuesday.
*The latest massive recall of frozen food products by CRF Frozen Foods. For more information, visit
*Shared commentary on an article from Inc. Magazine titled, “Forget Time Management. Tray Attention.”
*Special guest, Dr. Roma Benjamin phoned in to share her perspective on the “Ills of Literacy in America”. Say it out loud…”44 million adults are now unable to read a simple story to their children”.
Wait there’s more…”50% of adults cannot read a book written at an eighth grade level”! A solution: Dr. Benjamin is encouraging all socio-economically oppressed communities (churches, organizations, etc.) to open reading centers for starters. Go to for audio snippet.

2nd hour:
During TV Talk…
*I recapped the usuals, The Voice and DWTS; however, I talked about President Obama’s last White House Correspondence Dinner and comedian, Larry Wilmore. Beauty Pageant Contestant and aspiring actress, Carrington Bruton, phoned in to update us on her recurring role on the hit television show, Empire. And, I shared my experience as an extra on the show as well. Go to to hear audio snippets.
*Passion for Fashion was all about the return of the dark lips. Look for a post of my dark lips on my social media posts later this week. Want the look? Do this. 1) Get your lips in good condition with a lip scrub and moisturize. 2) Pick a finish, matte or glossy. 3) Choose a lipliner that matches your lipstick. Then after lining your lips, shade them in completely with the lipliner. 4) Apply your lipstick with a lip brush. 5) For extra shiny pout, apply lip gloss to the center of your lips (cupid’s bow).

Again, for audio snippets of the radio shows, visit

Join me next Saturday, May 14th right after the High School baseball game…between 1:15pm-1:30pm CDT. Have a wonderful week and remember to–
Live. Laugh. Love.