God is Love…Don’t You Know?

Hello All,

I know you missed the show this past Saturday because as you discovered, the show did not air.  The next broadcast will be Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 1:05pm CDT. Here’s a “Passion For Fashion” tidbit to get you through the week.th

Okay. Shifting gears.  Sadly, we all heard the tragic news story about the terrorist attack on patrons of the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida.  It’s being called the worst mass shooting in the United States in modern times.  A total of 49 people were shot dead and upwards of 50 more are wounded with 11 of them in critical or guarded condition.  What would cause someone to inflict such an heinous act on other human beings?  How did he get the kind of weaponry that was in his possession?   Why would 29 year old, American-born, Omar Mateen, purposefully kill and wound over 100 people in a matter of hours?

According to an U.S. official, the FBI is investigating reports that Orlando gunman Omar Mateen had been a regular at the gay nightclub he attacked and had used gay dating apps. The Associated Press reported earlier today that there are a number of possible explanations and motives for the bloodbath have emerged, with Mateen professing allegiance to the Islamic State, his ex-wife saying he was mentally ill, and his father suggesting he was driven by hatred of gays.   While all of the previously mentioned reasons from his shooting rampage is speculation and still currently being investigate, I believe that there’s absolutely NO reason for anyone to take the live of another human being.

We (human beings) were born to LOVE.  Don’t you know this?  We were made in our Heavenly Father’s, the great Creator’s image!  His image is an image of LOVE.  The Greatest command of all is to LOVE.  God is LOVE!  You don’t know who God is?  You don’t know what LOVE is?  Take some time to learn more about God and God’s ways.  He is Goodness and Merciful!!!  He is All Mighty!!  He is Powerful!!!  He is Love and so much more.

Be moved to take action because LOVE is action.  Petition your legislators to change laws and policies.  Seek to find the problems (poverty, disease, etc.) in the world that God would want changed for the better.  Teach the children about LOVE.  Give a handout and a hand-up!  Call Heaven down to Earth with your actions!  Surround yourself with other who are being constructive and blessings to others not destructive.  Correct others when their thinking or behavior is inappropriate and harmful.  You know when it is.  You feel it in your gut!  If its you, pray for a renewed mind if or when you begin to start thinking contrary to what God would have you think or do.  Ask for help.

I don’t mean to sound “preachy”.  It’s all just too much!  Aren’t you tired of hearing about these kinds of atrocities?  We act like there’s nothing that can be done.  I’m simply reminding you all that there is a lot that we can do.  Let us Pray and then take action everyone!  Peace!

Oh, again, thank you for the latest birthday gifts and cards.  I love the “Daily Inspiration” booklet for my desk!

Remember to check out the next radio show next Saturday, June 18, 2016; and visit the website at marilynscafesociety.com.





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