MCS Radio Show – Saturday, July 23, 2016

Okay. Okay!!   I have many favorites.  Some of the callers said vanilla!  Others that I spoke with prior to the show said chocolate!!!  What’s yours?  Chime in the comments section.

1st Hour -Top News

Another horrific tragedy happened.  This time in Munich, Germany.    An 18 year old student who was born and raised in Munich reportedly lured his victims to a McDonald’s restaurant located outside the popular Olympia mall by posting on Facebook that those who show up will receive discounted meals.  A total of 10 people died in the shooting (most were teenagers) including the gun man who took his own life. Munich authorities report that the shooter, in the past, received medical treatment for mental issues and had been the victim of a physical ” bullying” incident involving young people in 2012.   This mass shooting was not tied to ISIS.

Another questionable police shooting happened here in the U.S. last Monday.  Reportedly, North Miami police were dispatched to an address on 127th Street after a 911 call about a man walking around the street with a gun threatening suicide.  Upon arrival they found a black behavior therapist, Charles Kinsey, who was attempting to return a 23 year old autistic man to the group home where he lives.  Video footage shows Kinsey laid out in the street in complete submission to the police officers as he explained to them that there was no need to feel threatened and that the 23 year old was autistic and simply playing with a toy truck.  Kinsey was still shot.  He was hospitalized for non-life threatening injuries.  The police officer who pulled trigger initially said that he didn’t know why he shot the behavior therapist.  He later stated that he was trying to protect Kinsey from the autistic man but shot the wrong person.  The level of distrust between police officers and people of color is out of control.  I pray for divine intervention and enlightenment regarding how to fix this problem.

The Republican National Convention was filled with drama.  From Melania’s plagerism of Michelle Obama’s speech to Donald Trump’s nomination acceptance speech.  The U.S. media (political pundits, commentary) certainly shared their thoughts as they always do but I was surprised to read that the European media didn’t seem impressed at all with the RNC antics and rhetoric.  Many believed that Trump’s speech was divisive, grandiose, dark and terrifying.  Others reported that his speech was full of “half-truths and manipulated data”.  The Russian  dailies had no reports at all on Trump’s (Republican party’s presidential nominee) speech.

As the Democratic National Committee put the final touches on their big convention week, Hillary Clinton selected U.S. Senator, Tim Kaine of Virginia as her Vice President running mate.  The DNC convention starts Monday, July 25th and will wrap up Thursday, July 28th, 2016.  It’s going to be star-studded both politically and celebrity.  POTUS and FLOTUS; U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Al Franken; Chelsea Clinton, former President of the U.S and husband to Hillary, Bill Clinton;  NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio; and many others will speak.  Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Tony Goldwyn, Lena Dunham and many other celebrities will be on deck to speak, sing, or to simply show support to the Democratic party presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. By the way, since the radio show aired on Saturday, there’s been news of a shake-up at the DNC. Political Rock Star,  Donna Brazile (of CNN & ABC), has been named the new leader for the Democratic National Committee.  She replaces Debbie Wassermann Schultz who resigned Sunday (7/24/16) because of damaging emails that were leaked by WikiLeaks  last week.  The next day reports surfaced that now implicates, Donna Brazile in the email scandal.  Brazile reported that she had reached out to the Sanders camp to personally apologize ahead of the latest developments. Stay tuned.

Again, it’s been said that “Societies or communities are often judged by how they treat their children.”  We’re still raising awareness… July is National Make a Difference to Children Month!    A  couple of churches sent information about upcoming events that they are having to help children. We picked one to spotlight this week.  St. Mark C.M.E Church in Joliet, Illinois is hosting their 11th Annual Back to School Community Fest on Saturday, August 13, 2016, 11am to 6pm.  For food, fun, entertainment, and free back packs with school supplies join them at 338 S. Joliet Street.  For more information, call 815-592-7810.  Be sure to make a difference and share your story here or email me so that I can put you in the spotlight during the show next Saturday.

2nd Hour-Entertainment News

Outside of viewing parts of the RNC last week, I shared that I personally didn’t have much for  TV Talk.   Click here for the audio of TV Talk.

Eustacia Huen was the guest for the Passion for Fashion segment.  She’s contributor to Forbes magazine and principal at Scripit Venustas LLC.  She offered insight on a recent article about the Human Project and their quest to establish policy against the potential of human skin becoming the next best option in the handbag, jacket, leather goods industry. Unfortunately, the audio from the segment is not good so I’ll direct you to to read the full article “…Hand bags and Jackets Could Be Made from Human Skin…”.  Also while you are there look for her piece on the Ice Cream Museum that she stumbled upon in NYC’s meatpacking district.  Yes, they do offer real ice cream treats including a Chocolate tunnel.  This will probably be the one thing that will finally get me to New York.  Soul agrees.  We better hurry because the Ice Cream Museum only has pop-up status and is set to melt away come August 31st, 2016.  Beat you there!

Lastly, we all enjoyed the very first “SoulBalm Says” segment.  Soul is an educator and marvelously talented poetress, inspiring professional speaker, and authentic motivational leader who offers up solutions to those who open themselves up to receive her messages. Take a listen here.  Also, visit for more of Soul.

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MCS Radio Show – Saturday, July 16, 2016

Well, if you’ve doubted whether or not Summer had officially arrived, these last few and upcoming days has removed all doubt! Happy Summer Everyone!!!
*Stay inside with central air or air conditioning. If you don’t have it, go to your local cooling centers.
*If you must go out, dress to reflect the sun by wearing light, bright colors; and to keep cool. Choose fabrics that breathe.
*Stay hydrated. Preferably by drinking lots of water.
*Eat lightly. Preferably fresh fruits and vegetables (salads).
*Wear sunscreen.
*Check on the elderly, sick, young, and the vunerable.

Soo, did you miss Saturday’s radio show? If so, here’s what you missed…

Cafe Talk topic… What is your favorite Summer Jam? Here’s one of mine…

1st Hour -Top News

Just when we thought that we’d gotten through the week without any major horrific news, these two stories broke…

84 people killed and more than 200 wounded in a terrible terrorist attack in Nice, France.  As more than 30,000 gathered at the upscale seaside on Bastile Day to celebrate and watch the fireworks show, a lone Tunisian deliveryman plowed through the crowd with a 19-ton truck.  We later learned that Isis claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.

Some 2,800 Turkey military were arrested after forces loyal to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan quashed a coup attempt last Friday night/Saturday morning.  Air battles and gunfire left at least 161 people dead and 1,440 injured.  The country of Turkey has been in political turmoil from quite some time now; and recently under even more pressure with the influx of millions of refugees who fled neighboring Syria and Iraq. The Islamic State group and Kurdish rebels are also responsible for a series of bloody attacks in Turkey.

In other news, Donald Trump announced Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his vice presidential pick.  Hillary Clinton has not yet made a choice.  I shared that I believe U. S. Senator and former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will be the best choice although his name is not on her short list.  The Clinton/Warren ticket, in my opinion, would be a bit much for some male voters in this country.  Anyway, both Clinton and Trump are gearing up for their respective party’s National Conventions that will dominate the news for the next 2 weeks.

Hey, did you know that July is National Make a Difference to Children Month?  It’s been said that “Societies are often judged by how they treat their children.”


Visit for things you can do.

Have endless fun everyone and be sure to share your story here or during the show next Saturday.

I also shared with job seekers or those interested in changing careers, what jobs/positions pay $70K or more.  For the list, go to

2nd Hour-Entertainment News

During TV Talk, I talked about the Emmy Nominations, Snubs and Surprises; the ESPYs and how LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, and Carmelo Anthony called for athletes and those with a platform and influence to make a stand against violence of any form.  Click here for more TVTalk.

The Passion for Fashion segment was all about summer skin care.  Top tips thanks to Dr. Leslie Baumann are basically moisturize and broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or 30.  Also, wear sun-protective clothing; sunglasses, and a hat.

Other entertainment news stories, included actress, comedian, Leslie Jones’ struggle to get a designer to dress her for the premiere of the Ghost Busters remake; and how reported that Kate McKinnon is considered the “breakout” actress in the film.  It appears that Paul Feig, the movies producer, is consigning on this prediction.  Hollywood is apparently catching on too since Kate is being courted for most big-screen studio comedies.  Back to Leslie Jones.  Since the radio show aired, Leslie has been grossly mistreated and attacked on social media.  Please join me in showing her LOVE @lesdoggg on Twitter.

Lastly, I chimed in on the surprise move of Kevin Durant.  On July 4th he left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors.  He pretty much stated that his reason for the move is that he wants a NBA championship ring.  What’s to come of his friendship with Russell Westbrooks?  Well, according to Kevin, they talked it out. And, look forward to  being opponents for the first time in the careers in the upcoming NBA season.

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MCS Radio Show – July 9th, 2016

Hi guys,

I opened the show with the announcement of a single winner of the Mega Millions lottery who purchased the ticket in Indiana.  After that good news story, things got a little serious.  Here’s what you missed…

Cafe Talk topic was…What is Love?  What does LOVE look like?

1st Hour -Top News


The death of two Black men at the hands of police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana led to protests across the country this week.  And, the shooting deaths of five Dallas police officers plus injuries to nine others ended a peaceful protest in Dallas.  How can we make this all stop?  What’s the answer?  How do we cope with these hurtful stories?

Special guest co-host, Soul Stanley and I shared tips on how adults can get through these troubling times and how to talk to children about it.  One thing that I’ve shared is that there is no crash course to prepare you for the acts of disrespect, violence, or terror that you may hear about, witness, or God forbid experience in life.  Only our Heavenly Father can help you.  Comfort you.  Give you the words and strength that you need.


Here’s a few other things that you can do.

*Talk about it.  *Admit that there are no easy solutions.  *Remain composed/stay in control.  *Take action and do something.  *Disconnect from the repeated reports of what happened.  *Most importantly, PRAY!!!

Go to radio show page to hear an audio clip.

2nd Hour-Entertainment News

Soul and I chimed in on the Cafe Talk question which pretty much dominated this hour. TV Talk and Passion for Fashion segments were preempted.  So, what is LOVE? and What does it look like?  We decided to focus on Agape and Philia Love for the purposes of this show topic.  Agape Love is biblical and has no conditions.  It’s pure, respectful, good and honest.  Philia is also biblical and includes loyalty to and care for your family, friends, and community.  However, it can sometimes to conditional.

Christians for the most part believe that the two most important commands from God is to “Love God with all your heart, mind, and strength; and to “Love your neighbor as yourself”.  Ahhh.  Love yourself.  Do you truly Love yourself?  Did you know that if you truly Love yourself, you would not have any thoughts to harm others in no way, shape, form or fashion?  Checkout our chat and Souls Love Declaration here

I Love you all and believe that Love is the answer.  Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and follow me on Twitter @marilynscafesoc and’sCafeSociety.

Talk or blog with you again soon.

MCS Radio Show – July 2nd, 2016

The Independence Day weekend show was all about “freedom”. Really! I reminded listeners about the history of  Independence Day and the Declaration of Independence.  Little known fact:  The actual legal separation date from Great Britain was this date (July 2nd) 1776. It’s true!!  Here’s more of what you missed…

Cafe Talk topic was…What does freedom mean to you?

1st Hour -Top News

I reported on the horrific terrorist attack at the Instanbul, Turkey Ataturk Airport that claimed 42 lives and left 238 others injured. Turkish and U.S. officials say that the attack bears the hallmarks of ISIS although no one has claimed responsibility.  Ataturk is the world’s 11th busiest airport with more than 61 million passengers just last year.

This morning we learned about the attack in the Bangladesh diplomatic zone. The 10 hour hostage crisis left 28 dead including six of the attackers.  The hostages were given a test to recite verses from the Quran.  Those who passed were given food.  Those who failed were killed.

Last week we learned about Brexit, this week it was all about Texit! Yes, there’s a group in Texas, the Texas Nationalist Movement, that is calling for a secession.  Texas was an independent country from 1836 to 1845.  Constitutional scholars says an U.S. state cannot break away but secessionists from at least 4 other states have tried–Hawaii, California, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

The sports world said goodbye to two legends.  64 year old Coach Pat Summit (University of Tennessee) died from complications of Alzheimer’s and NFL Coach Buddy Ryan died at age 82. He had been battling cancer.

In the next segment special guest co-host, Soul Stanley and I tackled the Cafe Talk question- What does freedom mean to you?  Go to radio show page to hear the audio clip.


Marilyn and Soul Stanley, Educator, Poet, Author, Motivational Speaker

Side Note:  Stay tuned for new segment coming  to Marilyn’s Cafe Society Radio Show entitled, “Soulbalm Says”.

2nd Hour-Entertainment News

*The BET Awards Show dominated the TV Talk segment starting with the Beyonce Freedom song and her opening performance with Kendrick Lamar.  The metaphorical use of water; their empowering message for themselves and others.  We discussed other highlights includingn Actor, Jessie Williams introduction to the world and how tributes to Prince were brilliantly spread out through out the show.

*Passion for Fashion segment entitled, ” How to add sparkle to your summer fashion”,  I talked about adding shoe jewelry to your feet as well as blinging up your toe nail polish.  Listen to the segment on the radio show page on


Shout out to dedicated listener Brian and his mother for chiming in on Cafe Talk and agreeing with Soul and I that the United States of America is for the most part a good representation of “Freedom”.

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