MCS Radio Show – July 2nd, 2016

The Independence Day weekend show was all about “freedom”. Really! I reminded listeners about the history of  Independence Day and the Declaration of Independence.  Little known fact:  The actual legal separation date from Great Britain was this date (July 2nd) 1776. It’s true!!  Here’s more of what you missed…

Cafe Talk topic was…What does freedom mean to you?

1st Hour -Top News

I reported on the horrific terrorist attack at the Instanbul, Turkey Ataturk Airport that claimed 42 lives and left 238 others injured. Turkish and U.S. officials say that the attack bears the hallmarks of ISIS although no one has claimed responsibility.  Ataturk is the world’s 11th busiest airport with more than 61 million passengers just last year.

This morning we learned about the attack in the Bangladesh diplomatic zone. The 10 hour hostage crisis left 28 dead including six of the attackers.  The hostages were given a test to recite verses from the Quran.  Those who passed were given food.  Those who failed were killed.

Last week we learned about Brexit, this week it was all about Texit! Yes, there’s a group in Texas, the Texas Nationalist Movement, that is calling for a secession.  Texas was an independent country from 1836 to 1845.  Constitutional scholars says an U.S. state cannot break away but secessionists from at least 4 other states have tried–Hawaii, California, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

The sports world said goodbye to two legends.  64 year old Coach Pat Summit (University of Tennessee) died from complications of Alzheimer’s and NFL Coach Buddy Ryan died at age 82. He had been battling cancer.

In the next segment special guest co-host, Soul Stanley and I tackled the Cafe Talk question- What does freedom mean to you?  Go to radio show page to hear the audio clip.


Marilyn and Soul Stanley, Educator, Poet, Author, Motivational Speaker

Side Note:  Stay tuned for new segment coming  to Marilyn’s Cafe Society Radio Show entitled, “Soulbalm Says”.

2nd Hour-Entertainment News

*The BET Awards Show dominated the TV Talk segment starting with the Beyonce Freedom song and her opening performance with Kendrick Lamar.  The metaphorical use of water; their empowering message for themselves and others.  We discussed other highlights includingn Actor, Jessie Williams introduction to the world and how tributes to Prince were brilliantly spread out through out the show.

*Passion for Fashion segment entitled, ” How to add sparkle to your summer fashion”,  I talked about adding shoe jewelry to your feet as well as blinging up your toe nail polish.  Listen to the segment on the radio show page on


Shout out to dedicated listener Brian and his mother for chiming in on Cafe Talk and agreeing with Soul and I that the United States of America is for the most part a good representation of “Freedom”.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @marilynscafesoc and’sCafeSociety.

Talk or blog with you again soon.

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