MCS Radio Show – Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Hello there.  I hope this first week of August is good!!  Overall, I’m good and staying positive about my future.   Did you catch the radio broadcast on Saturday?  If not, here’s what you missed…

Cafe Talk:  What is your “basic instinct” type?  Don’t know?  Keep reading!

1st Hour- Top News

Soul and I commented on the Democratic National Committee convention that took place in Philadelphia the prior week.  We agreed that the stellar speaker and performance line-up did not disappoint.  I think anyone who watched all or some of it has to acknowledge that they felt hopeful and proud to be an American.  Women, especially, should feel incredibly proud to have a highly qualified woman on the verge of becoming the first woman President Of The United States (POTUS).  Congratulations to Hillary Rodham Clinton on winning and becoming the first woman to clinch the Democratic committee nomination for POTUS.  I really wish that we were truly the United States of America.  The division between the two dominate parties (Democrats vs. Republicans) seems to get worse with each presidential election cycle.  Is it because our president and presidential candidate are not the same as years past?  Yes, meaning they aren’t male and caucasian?


After top news, Heidi Wachter, checked in to explain the concept of “basic instinct types or Enneagram.  According to Heidi, who is a health journalist and writer for Experience Life magazine, an Enneagram is a personality typing system that draws on several wisdom traditions.  There are three (3) basic instincts (self-preservation, sexual, social); and nine (9) Enneagram types.  Go to for audio.  Also, you may go to experience for the full article entitled, Basic Instincts.  I’m still trying to figure out mine.  When you discover yours, please share in the comments section.


2nd Hour:  Entertainment News

Since I was going to my class reunion after the show, we added a second Cafe Talk question…Do you attend your class reunions?  According to research, only 20-30% of most graduating classes actually attend their class reunions.  A number of reasons for this low turnout has been cited but one, in particular, stuck with me– lack of communication in between the reunions!  Every reunion planner must maintain some form of communication with the overall class via quarterly or semi-annual newsletters, etc.  Also, avoid the last quarter of the year for the reunion.  In fact, the best month to have a class reunion is July.  By the way, my reunion was great!  I arrived a bit late due to work but still was able to chat it up with classmates and friends.  I discovered that over the years, we lost quite a few to death.  Many others have moved to other states and a few travelled quite a distance to attend our reunion.  I”m working on a special show this coming Saturday in relation to my reunion.  Be sure to tune in.

TV Talk-

The new producers of Sesame Street announced recently that they were cutting the characters, Bob, Gordon, and Luis from the lineup, and boy was there a backlash!  Big kids everywhere took to social media to express their discontent with the producers decision. Now, according to Fox News Latino in New York, the producers are considering reversing their decision.  All parties are set to meet in September for more discussion.  Soul suggested a great idea for the show’s elders.  She said that they should be the go to “circle of elders” that the other Sesame Street characters go to  to solve problems.  It will teach the young how to solve problems as well as to respect and value their elders.  Let’s see if the producers were listening to the radio show!


One person listening who is connected to the Muppets and Sesame Street is Joel Schick.  Joel is an illustrator who has illustrated books from middle-aged America’s childhood (The Jungle Book, Muppet Time, The Magic School Bus, etc.); and he was our guest this hour.  Soul and I were beyond thrilled to speak with him.  He was very warm, open, and easy to talk to.  In fact, he turned the table for a minute and interviewed me!!!  I was especially thrilled to learn that he will be participating in the annual Christmas Celebration show in December!  Talk about Christmas in July!!!  For a snippet of our talk, click here.  For more about Joel and free book downloads, visit

Our talk with Joel went a bit long so “Soulbalm Says” was abbreviated this week.  Take a listen here.  Also, I didn’t have time to announce the Christmas in July spotlight which is the second selected church that is making a difference in the lives of children.  The Living Word Christian Church in Forest Park, Illinois is hosting their “Back to School” celebration on August 5, 2016, 3-6pm.  Enjoy   food, fun, and backpacks loaded with school supplies!

Okay, that’s all I have everyone!  Be sure to tune in to next Saturday’s show and follow me on Twitter @marilynscafesoc and Marilyn’s Cafe Society on Facebook.  Until we talk again…

Live. Laugh. Love.




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