MCS Radio Show – Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Hey there.  So, how did it go today?  I mean returning to work after the extended holiday weekend??  It’s always tough, right?  Unless you’re one of those lucky people who truly enjoy the work that you do OR  the people that you work with.

Well, I’m going to get started with this blog because I don’t want to miss the premiere of OWN’ new television show, Queen Sugar!  Here’s what you missed during my radio show on Saturday.  First of all, it was short (just one hour) due to the Labor Day weekend.  I opened the show telling about my encounter with a coyote earlier in the week and that was the inspiration for the Café Talk segment.  Click here for a listen.


Cafe Talk:  What wild animals have you encountered recently?  And how did that experience work out for you?

Top News:

Soul and I briefly discussed Hurricane Hermine’s landfall, trail of destruction, and path up the East coast. We talked about the earthquake that struck Saturday morning near Pawnee, Oklahoma and was reportedly felt in 7 other states including Illinois!  I did not feel a thing!  We, also touched on the troubling homicide numbers for the city of Chicago.  Let’s all continue to  pray for the families that have been affected and for answers!

We both then shared our animal stories.  Take a listen.

After Cafe Talk, we dwelved into Entertainment News…

And chatted about the MTV Awards, Dancing with the Stars Season 23 line-up, Matthew McConaughey’s movie flop, and the documentary that I screened earlier in the week…Maya Angelou- Still I Rise.  We’ll have more about that next show!   Lastly, the hour closed with a beautiful piece from Soulbalm.  Go to for more.

Okay. That’s all for now. Find me @marilynscafesoc on Twitter and Marilyn’s Cafe Society on Facebook.   Talk to you soon!