MCS Radio Show – Saturday, December 17, 2016

Well, it’s officially here!  Yes. Although, we’ve been experiencing “winter” weather for some weeks now, today (12/21/2016) marks the Winter Solstice.


I’ve actually been enjoying the warm up today.  Coming off the subzero wind chills,  the recent 30+ degree temperatures feel like a heatwave!!  So, are you ready for the Christmas holiday?  I am.  I’m really thankful for the gift that Christmas Day represents and can’t wait to share Love, Joy, Peace, Goodwill, good food, time, music, and my presence with others!!

Hey!  Did you catch the radio show this Saturday?  If not, here’s a recap…

Cafe Talk: What’s your favorite Christmas food dish and music?

First Hour – Top News

After, once again, sending out thank yous to all who supported the annual Christmas Celebration Broadcast, I chimed in on the recent announcement from the White House that “intelligence” operatives have confirmed that the November Presidential Election was, in fact,  meddled with to President Elect, Donald Trump’s favor by Russian hackers!   Soul offered good points too.  Take a listen here.

We also chatted about our favorite Christmas dishes during the Cafe Talk segment.  A listener, Rose, called in to share her favorites too that included ham and potato salad. She also requested her favorite Christmas song, “Holly Jolly Christmas”, and I played it.   We talked about a couple of ” old school” recipes that millenials should bring back. The website broke it all down with recipes and all.   Examples include, meatloaf, tuna casserole, cabbage role, etc.   Go to for audio.

Second Hour – Entertainment News

The Voice finale dominated the TV Talk segment.  Congratulations to Sundance Head of Team Blake on his win!!  All of the finalists were incredible–   Billy Gilman, We McDonald, and Josh Gallagher.  I’m looking forward to hearing from them all in a big way.

I shared Christmas Fashion Tips during  Passion for Fashion.  Check it out…

Tip 1- It’s cold so it’s okay to wear layers if you aren’t quite ready to wear the big winter coat.  Once inside, you can always take away some layers as things warm up!

Tip 2- Christmas and New Year’s Eve are wonderful occasions to go for some sparkle!  Wear satin, velvet, or something with sequins, beads, or rhinestones.  Ladies, you can also wear glitter or glittery makeup.

Tip 3- Speaking of makeup!  The cold weather tends to cause our skin color to dull.  Brighten your skin tone using makeup of warmer shades.  Your blush, eye makeup, and lip color should warm your look up as well complete it.

Tip 4- You can look to others for style and Fashion inspiration but ALWAYS be you!  You must be comfortable wearing your clothing choices so please tweak your look so that it reflects who YOU truly are.  Cause…


Last week, we didn’t have time to play Joel Schick’s second song so we took a music break and played his light-hearted take on an alternative drink for Santa–“Leave A Bottle for Santa”.  We also received another favorite Christmas song request that was honored.  For Eileen, we played Stevie Wonder’s rendition of “Some Day at Christmas”.  Boy, did it sound good!!!   SoulBalm closed things out with an amazing SoulBalm Says.  Click here for audio.  By the way, Soul now has a separate Facebook space for her Life Coaching pieces. Visit

Also, congratulations to the winners of the 12 Saturdays til Christmas gift bag give away!  Be sure to tune in this Saturday, December 24th, Christmas Eve for your chance to win.



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