MCS Radio Show Recap: Saturday, January 7th, 2017

I know. This post is soo late!!  I’ve been working on it for weeks now.  By the way, the audio on the website may or may not be posted.  Among other things, there have been technical issues,  Anyway, here you go…


It’s February and Black History Month my friends.   I hope that you are having a great 2017!  So much has happened, in general, since we welcomed the new year.  Let’s all stay prayerful and in faith.  Speaking of welcoming the new year, the first radio show of the year turned out to be a big party.  In studio guests stopped by and we shared important information as well as touched on hot topics.  Here’s more of what you missed…

1st Hour- Top News

The focus news stories of this segment were the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting and the four (4) Chicago teens who beat up the handicapped boy. This segment was hot because we took the discussion to a deeper level by encouraging all to look in the mirror!

Cafe Talk:  It’s a new year!  What are you not going to take anymore?!!

Deb Upshaw, President of the Joliet Chapter of the National Hook-Up for Black Women along with Dr. Kristi Kelly who is a NHBW-Joliet member and Chair of the Jr. Chapter for girls chimed in on Cafe Talk.  They also shared information about their upcoming Teen Summit.  See below and go to for audio.


2nd Hour – Entertainment News

Soul and I commented on the new Lebron James game show, The Wall; the sudden loss of mother/daughter actresses, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds; the 74th Golden Globe’s; the Hidden Figures movie; and Billboard’s Top 10 best selling albums of 2016.  Passion for Fashion was scratched due to time constraints.  However, we managed to chat it up about questions that you should ask yourself before signing up for the online dating sites.

As usual, we wrapped the show with the SoulBalm Says segment.  Take a listen.

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