MCS Radio Show Recap – Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Still playing catch up on this blogsite!  This show aired Father’s Day weekend.  I hope all the Fathers had a wonderful day; and that everyone enjoyed their father or father figure.Happy-Fathers-Day-Images-Download

Checkout what you missed…

Cafe Talk:  What is your top 3 list of special memories with your father or father figure?

1st Hour- This Day in History and Top News:

I wasn’t feeling my best so Soul and Brianna primarily handled the “this day in history” segment and others.  Here’s what was shared…

The Statue of Liberty was delivered to the U. S. on this day in 1885.

The first Kidney Transplant happened in Chicago, Illinois on 1950 on this day.

In tribute to the fathers and Black Music History month, I featured James Brown, the God Father of Soul’s hit song, Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”.  Take a listen here.

In Top News, they reported on the news story about the little boy that was left on the beach in Chicago and the interesting story about “Backup Life on Earth”.   Soul and Brianna challenged fathers to stepped up and be involved in their children’s lives in a positive way.  She also talked about men who have numerous children by different women.  During the “Backup Life on Earth” talk, they chatted about living life in space and on Mars.

Cafe Talk pretty much closed out the hour.  We all shared our own top personal memories that we have of our fathers.  Brianna shared that her father has passed on but she has many memories of him.  Soul talked about her special memories; and I shared how I love my father’s choice of music, Jazz and how he played it all the time while we were growing up and continues to do so to this day.  Rashad, who joined me again in the studio, shared that his grandparents raised him.

2nd Hour – Entertainment News


We chatted more about the NBA Finals and sent congratulations out to the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant who was named MVP.  What a game!!!  We also speculated on the reason why Rachel Lindsay, the Bachelorette, would be there!  Brianna highlighted all the NBA dads and we noted that George Clooney has recently become a father!  Brianna also announced Hollywood’s hottest dads which included Ryan Gosling, Kanye West, and more!  Here’s the link.

Passion for Fashion was all about Men’s Summer Must Haves that includes the classic polo shirt, fly casual sneakers, and a gold or silver message bracelet.  Go to, June issue for visuals.  Soul shared the best movies to checkout for Father’s Day and noted that the Floyd Mayweather tickets are hot items to get for Father’s Day too.

Before wrapping up the show, Brianna shared what’s trending on social media.  And then we enjoyed another Soulbalm Says.  I shared a thought-provoking quote from Dr. Martin L. King Jr.,  “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools”.

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