MCS Radio Show Recap – Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Okay.  So I’m churning these show recaps out fairly quickly.  There’s usually quite a bit of post-show work to get done after each show and sometimes schedules don’t allow time to get some tasks completed.  I thank you all for your patience and for popping by the blog to see what’s up.   I ask you not just listen to the radio show but also interact by chiming in on the Cafe Talk.  Generally, you can call in around 1:30pm CDT every Saturday to chime in OR go to Facebook or Twitter to comment.  You can also send an email response to  Here’s the Cafe Talk for this show.

Cafe Talk:  When was the last time you did something for the very first time; and what was it?

1st Hour- This Day in History and Top News:

On this day in history we shared…

In 1966 the United States Senate voted 76-0 for the passage of what became the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

The longest tennis match occurred in 2010.

And wrapping up Black Music History month, I noted that in 1978,  Janice Marie Johnson led “A Taste of Honey” onto the #1 spot on the charts with hit song “Boogie Oogie Oogie”.  Also, in 1989, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston’s duet “It Isn’t, It Wasn’t, It Ain’t Never Gonna Be” was released.  Take a listen–  Taste of Honey  and Aretha and Whitney.

In Top News, I talked briefly about the newly unveiled Republican Senate draft of the new healthcare bill.  Democrats and some Republicans have gone on record to say that the proposed bill needs more work.  Also, former online giant, Etsy, has announced more job cuts to come this year.   Lastly, looking ahead to the July 4th holiday, AAA Motor Club is reporting this travel season to be the highest in years due to low gas prices.

Cafe Talk must of been quite challenging for listeners because we didn’t comments on social media or calls.  In fact, it took some time for me to come up with something!  I shared the first time that I used my radio show as a platform to share my singing voice. Brianna shared her experience on Windy City Live and Soul talked about her experience on the radio.

Before closing out the first hour of the show, Brianna shared “What’s Trending on Social Media”.  The Jimmy Butler trade and Google no longer scanning emails were tops.

2nd Hour – Entertainment News

Surprisingly, I’m still hanging in there with the Bachelorette tv show so I shared my spin on what happened in the last episode.  Queen Sugar was also an entertainment topic, especially the fact that Ava Durvernay is committed to creating diversity in filmmaking.  Brianna shared some of the names of celebrities that will receive a Hollywood Star.  We reminded everyone to check out the BET Awards on Sunday and chatted about the two girl flicks that hit the big screen this weekend, Girl’s Trip and Rough Night.    Here’s the link.

For this week’s Passion for Fashion, I taught everyone how to achieve their “best summer glow”. Remember, it’s important to stay hydrated and moisturize!  Also, no matter your skin color or tone, if you spend a lot of time in the sun, you must wear sunscreen.  Check out more here.

Praise leader and singer, Valerie Singleton stopped by to let everyone know that she will be singing at the Taste of Joliet on Sunday, June 25th.  She also talked about growing up in Joliet and being the daughter of the late, Reverend, Dr. Isaac Singleton. Rev. Genevieve Brown was with her.  It was really good to see her.  Here’s picture of us all glowing.

Left to right:  Marilyn with Valerie.  Soul top center and Marilyn bottom center. Marilyn with Rev. Genny.  Photo Credit:  Brianna La’Shay

Soulbalm Says closed us out.   Next show is Saturday, July 1st, 2017.  Be sure to tune-in and chime-in.  Find me on Twitter @marilynscafesoc.  Marilyn’s Cafe Society on Facebook; and be sure to visit



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