MCS Radio Show Recap – Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Hi guys, I had a very busy yet productive week.  I felt like an octopus trying to get multiple things done at one time!

Nevertheless, I had to make time to let you know what you missed this past Saturday. Here you go…

Café Talk:  What do you like most about “Back to School” time?

1st Hour– This Day In History and Top News

Chantal Hill, the Spiritual Ballerina, was the guest co-host today and here’s a couple of highlights from the “This Day In History” segment…

*1849 – The rush for gold in California was accelerated due to a printed story in the NYC Herald.  A man by the name of James Wilson Marshall discovered gold in present day Sacramento, California.  The initial report of discovery was mostly ignored until the NYC Herald wrote about it.  People from every where headed west to find their fortune.  By December of 1849, the population in that area of California mushroomed from the 100’s to an estimated 100,000 people.

*1967 – The Beatles, “All You Need is Love” single goes #1.  The Beatles actually performed the song on the first “live” global television link, “Our World”.  It’s reported the the BBC broadcast via satellite on June 25th was viewed by some 400 million people in 25 countries.  After that groundbreaking performance, the song was tweaked and then released for sale to the masses on July 7th.  It quickly became the number 1 song in at least 10 countries and was also the slogan for the summer of 1967.

For the Top News segment, go to

Cafe Talk sparked interesting commentary for Brianna, Chantal, and even a call from Apostle Jonas of New Covenant Worship Center, 2423 Glenwood Drive, Joliet, Illinois.

For more audio on the first hour click this —->

2nd Hour – Entertainment News and Passion for Fashion

The Entertainment Talk segment included chatter about who the next Bachelor might be; Marlon Wayans new television show on NBC; World of Dance winners, the Les Twins; and more.   Click here for audio.

I talked about the “Monochromatic look for the Fall” during Passion for Fashion.  Ladies and gentlemen, don’t be afraid to wear dresses, suits, and other outfits in general of the same color.  Yes, including same color shoes and accessories.  What an awesome burst of color!!!  Check it out.

Brianna and I talked with the Spiritual Ballerina about what she’s been up to since the last time she stopped by the radio show.  She shared information about an upcoming project that she’s doing entitled “Women of the Bible”.  She called it visual art and said that it will be on display at the Joliet Area Historical Museum in October of this year. Here’s a sample of Chantal’s visual art.


For more about the project and Chantal,  check out Ballerina.  Also follow her on Instagram @chantal_ashante.

Well, it’s a bit brief and, again, click here for audio.

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MCS Radio Show Recap- Saturday, August 12th, 2017

Once again, as I write, I’m viewing yet another disturbing news incident that happened here in America.   It’s the Heather Heyer Memorial Service that’s broadcasting live on C-Span from the Paramount Theater, Charlottesville, Virginia. Heather’s friends, family members, and then mother and father spoke so eloquently about her.  The common message was how Heather spoke up for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t speak out for themselves.  She fought for the rights of others and they want that to be her legacy.  Also,  a Joliet native, Rev., Dr. Alvin Edwards is the Eulogist.  The overall message:  Like, Heather, make your living or life purposeful.


Heather Heyer memorial tribute.  Photo credit:  USA Today.

I may or may not address this American tragedy on the next show so join the discussion at 12:05 pm CDT.  Yes, we’ve returned to our old start time.  Meanwhile, here’s what you missed during Saturday’s radio show…

Café Talk:  Do you think that you can find LOVE in 2 months?

1st Hour– This Day In History and Top News

Terrie Simmons, Director for the Women’s Business Development Center-Aurora was the guest co-host today and here’s a couple of highlights from the “This Day In History” segment…

*.1865 – Disinfectant was used for the first time during surgery by Joseph Lister. Acknowledged as the “Father of Antiseptic Surgery”, Joseph Lister’s contributions paved the way to safer medical procedures. His introduction of the antiseptic process dramatically decreased deaths from childbirth and surgery and changed the way the medical industry looked at sanitation and proper hygiene.

*1939 – “The Wizard of Oz” premiered in Oconomowoc, WI. Judy Garland became famous for the movie’s song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” The movie premiered in Hollywood on August 15th.   AND, the signature song, “Over The Rainbow,” earned an Oscar for Best Song at the 1940 Academy Awards.  It also quickly became an indispensable standard in the American Songbook, later being acknowledged as the #1 song on the “Songs of the Century” list compiled in 2001 by the Recording Industry Association of America and the National Endowment for the Arts.

*1981 – IBM unveiled its first PC.  Yes, IBM introduced the 5150 personal computer.  Before 1980, IBM made only mini and mainframe computers.   Executives toyed around with the idea of micro-computers for a short time and decided to get serious. It developed the 5150 in less than a year at its Boca Raton, Florida, facility – using existing off-the-shelf components. IBM selected Intel’s 8-to-16-bit 8088 processor.

Top News segment.  I reported on the news that—

North Korea has started holding evacuation drills as its war of words with the US continues to escalate, according to a North Korean newspaper.  It said that the recent evacuation drill dealt with a “ballistic rocket threat” from someone in Hawaii in response to President Donald Trump’s vows that the US would “not rule out a war”.  Of course, we know that tensions have heightened since President Trump warned North Korea that they would face“fire and fury” if they continued to threaten the US, prompting the regime to reveal it is considering missile strikes on the US pacific island of Guam, home to Andersen Air Force Base.

And on a lighter note, I shared that Saturday,  the 88th annual Bud Billiken Parade kicked off at 10am featuring Chance the Rapper as the Grand Marshall.  This year’s theme?  Honoring Hometown heroes.   The parade participants march down MLK Jr. Drive beginning at Oakwood Blvd. and dispursing at Elsworth Drive.  Most are now enjoying the after the parade festivities in Washington Park that includes book bag giveaways and other events.   The Bud Billiken Parade is the oldest and longest African-american parade in the nation.

Apostle Jonas Jones joined us for Cafe Talk and share excellent commentary and points.  He also shared details about the upcoming school book bag give away at New Covenant Worship Center, 2423 Glenwood Drive, Joliet, Illinois.  It begins at 11 a.m. on Saturday, August `19th, 2017.  First come.  First served.


Check out the first hour audio here at

2nd Hour – Entertainment News and Passion for Fashion

Apostle Jonas stayed with us to chime in on the Entertainment Talk segment and specifically the last episode of the Bachelorette.  And, Rashad helped round out this segment.  Click here for more.

During Passion for Fashion, the topic was “Fall Fashion Must Haves”.  As we do the “back-to-school” shopping, you can’t help but drift over to the women’s or men’s department to see what new for the fall right.  Well, here’s a few fashion items that I’ve noticed.

*The A-line plaid skirt.   Ladies, you’re thinking, plaid skirt?  That’s for school girls.

But not anymore!  Simply add your favorite blouse or sweater and a pair of buckle pumps and you’re ready for a casual funday Friday at work or a lunch date with the girls.

*Anything preppy looking.  That’s right from loafers to fitted blazers to even western-styled button up shirts will do!  Mix and match and get your prep look on!

*And lastly, the great es-Cape!  Yes, I said Cape!  Capes are in fashion this fall and they come in different prints, patterns, and fabric.  It can be worn over a classic shirt dress or jeans with your favorite top.  Accessorize with a quirky pair of glasses or magnifying glass and you’ll look like the perfect detective (especially if the cape is plaid).


So ladies and gentlemen, some of this applies to you, feel free to throw in these pieces for yourself as you shop for the children’s school attire in the coming weeks.

Before I closed the show, I talked to Terrie Simmons about the latest happenings for the Women’s Business Development Center-Aurora.  She shared that they currently have two great programs that entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs can take advantage.  The “Dream Builder Online” self-guided program and the “Develop Your Childcare Business” training program.  Both already started, however, there may still be space available.  Also, the Dreambuilder training is self-guided so you can start anytime.  Checkout for more information  That’s a wrap.  Again click here for audio.

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MCS Radio Show Recap – Saturday, August 5th, 2017

As I write this blog, I’m listening to a news report about the North Korea and United States “war of words”.  Could we be on the brink of war with this tiny country?  Would it be fair to do so?  Here’s the scoop–North Korea is now threatening to shoot missiles at the U.S. Guam territory and calling President Trump’s response to their aggressive acts “a load of nonsense”.  Trump’s paraphrased response…maybe my “fire and fury” statement wasn’t tough enough”.   Listen, we will definitely talk about this on the next show so stay tuned.

In the meantime, let’s get to what you missed during Saturday’s radio show…

Café Talk:  What does or has the Affirmative Action Program mean/meant to you?


1st Hour– This Day In History and Top News

Here’s a couple of highlights from the “This Day In History” segment…

*In 1833, Chicago was incorporated as a village or town with a population of about 200 people.

*1924: Little Orphan Annie the Comic strip was created.

*1975:  Stevie Wonder signs a $13M contract with Motown.

Yes, North Korea was the lead for the Top News segment.  However, the story focus was on the potential food shortage that the tiny country may be experiencing.  And, the big moral question is should the rest of the world help them?  Should politics affect humanitarian aid to the masses of North Korea?  Another story that was talked about was the Amazon hiring event that happened in the Chicago suburbs and how thousands showed up to get a job!  Many were turned back and referred to to apply.  I also shared that Macy’s is hiring.  Go to    Lastly, we talked about the announcement from Attorney General Jeff Sessions that the Justice Department will seek to curb affirmative action in a university admissions case.  This story took us straight to Cafe Talk.  Go to for audio.

Among a couple of other stories, Briana shared this news story that was trending on social media

2nd Hour – Entertainment News and Passion for Fashion

The Entertainment Talk segment included banter about the latest episode of the Bachelorette dubbed, “The Men are Talking”; and Sesame Street gets a new neighbor.  Click here for more.

During the Passion for Fashion segment, Brianna and I shared different ways to wear a leather skirt in the summer.  Here’s a look at some.

Go here for audio.

Be sure to tune in next Saturday for another edition of Marilyn’s Cafe Society radio show; and tell a friend!

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MCS Radio Show Recap – Saturday, July 29th, 2017

It’s been a busy week for me.  Meetings.  Appointments.  Interviews.  Play dates.  The list goes on and on.   How are you doing so far this week?    I hope its productive.

Well, let’s cut to the chase and get to what happened during Saturday’s radio show…

Café Talk:  If there was one thing that you could change about the Girls Talk movie, what would it be?

1st Hour– This Day In History and Top News

“This Day In History” included…

*A noteworthy mention of Friday, July 28th’s Google Doodle on the search engine’s homepage–the 100th Anniversary of the Silent Parade.   One-hundred years ago today, nearly 10,000 African Americans walked in complete silence down New York City’s Fifth Avenue in protest against lynching and racial violence in the years after slavery was abolished.  The march was organized by the NAACP.  To learn more about the Parade and the events that led up to it, check out Google’s interactive collaboration with the Equal Justice initiative.

*1932 : World War I Vets who are starving like many others due to the great depression march on Washington demanding that the bonus payment they are due to receive in 1945 is paid out early. Legislators refuse their requests so 20,000 vets set up camp in Washington trying to put further pressure on the government;

*1958 : NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is created by the National Aeronautics and Space Act to make sure America will win the space race;

*1981 His Royal Highness Charles, Prince of Wales weds Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral, London

*1983 “Friday Night Videos” premieres on NBC TV.

The Top News segment included the news about U.S. Senator McCain unexpected opposition of the Obamacare repeal measure; and, the Illinois public school saga…Day 3 of the special session that Governor Rauner called ended without a plan to overhaul how Illinois funds public schools.  Will all of Illinois school districts start on time?  Stay tuned.


Heidi Stevens, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, joined me for Cafe Talk. She wrote about the one thing in the movie that slightly rubbed her the wrong way.  She shared that she thought the treatment of the character, Simone, who is mistress to the main character’s husband, was a bit rough and dehumanizing.  Brianna who was in studio, chimed in with the notion that Simone asked for the mistreatment with her disrespectful behavior towards the wife.  I shared that the one thing that I would change is the overuse of the “f”  and “mf” bombs.  Some chimed in via social media as well.  Go to for audio.

The “What’s trending on social media” segment was moved to the second hour due to the tremendous response to and discussion about Cafe Talk.

2nd Hour – Entertainment News and Passion for Fashion

Entertainment Talk segment was packed starting with the latest episode of Bachelorette.  Rachel Lindsay took the three remaining guys to meet her family.

Katy Perry is set to host the MTV VMAs.  MTV announced this on Thursday.  The awards show is set for August 27th at the Forum in Inglewood Calif.  Katy is nominated in 5 categories.  Click here for more.

Brianna presented the Passion for Fashion segment that was all about National Lipstick Day.

Click here for more.


No Soulbalm Says this week.

Tune in next Saturday for another edition of Marilyn’s Cafe Society radio show.

Peace and Love,