Winter Time

Hello friends,

I truly struggled to come up with something to say on this edition of the blog.  I brainstormed.  Surfed the net.  Flipped through pages of magazines.  Nothing.  Is this what writer’s block feels like?

Anyway, I finally decided that I’ll write about the weather!  I know.  There are a myriad of other “hot topics” that I could chime in on. For example, I could share commentary on a follow-up on the R. Kelly blog; the kid who stared down the native American drummer; the government shutdown; another shooting in Florida; the Oscar nominations; etc.  However, I don’t want too. I simply don’t have anything to day.  I don’t want to address any of it.  At least not right now.  You know how it is when you just need a break. Right!?

And so, the weather it is.  Well, not daily weather as in today’s temperature or forecast but seasonal weather…specifically winter.  Winter wraps up the year with shorter days of light and cold or cooler temperatures.  Some forms of life even go into hibernation during this time of year!  Most flowers and other greenery retreats back to the ground from which they came. Even humans tend to slow down, become dull, or in some cases come to a standstill during winter months.  Some of us get sad, melancholy, or depressed.  Hearing and/or reading about the current affairs/state of the country and world can also have an impact on our disposition or state of mind.  We must use the downtime to reflect, plan, prepare.

People, we cannot sink into a world of despair!  Cheer up!  Spend more bonding time with family and friends.  Remember, spring is on the horizon.  Yes, more daylight, renewal, and growth is on the way!

Live. Laugh, Love.



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