Hello there!
How is your week going? I’m good and still “birthday-ing”–in my mind! I’m especially excited about the warmer weather. Sunshine certainly helps make the days brighter in more ways than one. Shine, sun, shine!

So, during a recent conversation about the NBA Finals, more specifically who will be the MVP (Most Valuable Player/Person), I thought about life in general and who would be the MVP in my life, your life? No doubt, most of us would say our parents and rightfully so. After all, they were there from the beginning teaching, training, coaching us in our various stages of mental and physical growth and development. As we grew older, they were there to encourage, support, and invest in our interests or activities.

Some would say that a teacher, coach, or mentor would be their MVP because they picked up where the parent left off or stepped up when the parents could not for whatever reason(s). For example, if you were an athlete but your parent was not then the coach was present to teach you all that you needed to know. If you were academically gifted and your parent(s) were not, a special teacher stepped up to take you to the next level. You may have or had a business, career, or spiritual mentor to help you become successful. All of these people would qualify as MVP in your life because, again, they were there to push and lift you.

We may even come up with other people near or far (meaning we may or may not actually know the person but was somehow inspired by them) that we would credit as MVP in our lives. However, the one person that most of us would not even think to acknowledge as MVP in our lives is—ourselves! Right?!! Well, I’m here to remind you that you, too, are your own Most Valuable Person! Without you, who would those other people have to encourage, inspire, support, lift? We must value self–all that we are and are not! It doesn’t mean that you are selfish. In fact, in an amazing, mysterious way, valuing who you are makes you more selfless. Being your own MVP also means you’re very careful about with whom you share your knowledge, ideas, dreams, plans, and very presence. Some people just aren’t worthy.

Finally, being your own MVP means that you will not allow your gift(s), talent(s), purpose(s), existence go to waste. Listen, MVPs, I encourage you to choose to let your light shine the best way that you can and eventually, other MVPs will emerge bringing you even more sunshine!

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Live. Laugh. Love.

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