It’s Ringing!

Hello friends.  Can you hear it?  It’s ringing!  Can you hear it ringing!

It’s freedom!  Freedom is ringing everyone!

For the United States of America in 1776 and even now, freedom meant becoming independent from the oppressive British rule and gaining all kinds of individual rights including being able to act, speak, or think independently without fear of backlash.   In 1863 for Africans in America or those born in America , freedom meant being released from dehumanizing slavery and all the ugliness that followed.  For Women in America in the 19th century to date, freedom meant/means having the right to own property; the right to vote; the right to hold public office; the right to work in any occupation or job with equal pay; the right to make their own health related decisions; and more.

For people in the American LGBTQ community from the 1960s to current times, freedom means having the right to live openly without experiencing any form of discrimination.   For immigrants fleeing from their home countries for various reasons (like political and economic unrest that led to war, famine, and poverty) in the 1700s and even now, freedom meant/means a new, safe, fresh start in the Land of the Free, America.  For those unjustly incarcerated in America, freedom means being exonerated; having their name(s) cleared; having their record(s) expunged; having their lives restored.

It’s ringing everyone!  Freedom is ringing.  The ringing MAY NOT be clear, on pitch or tone buts its ringing.  Sure there’s still work to do but its ringing!

On a lighter note, for the song bird, Deniece Williams (Wanna Be Free) or the funktastic band of the 1960s-70s,  the Ohio Players (I Want To Be Free), freedom meant/means breaking free from a love relationship that no long made/makes them happy.

Last and certainly not least, Christians/believers in America and around the world have the best kind of freedom, spiritual freedom.  We have been liberated to walk in relationship with our Heavenly Father, God and to be ALL that He created us to be including being his hands and his feet.  Trust and follow Him in order to find joy in the best Freedom that we’ve been given.  Blessed to be a blessing.

Indeed, Freedom is ringing everyone!  It’s ringing!  Can you hear it?

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Live. Laugh. Love.


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