“To be or not to be, that is the question…”.

Hey everyone.  I hope that you’re having a meaningful week.  This quote from a speech that a character in William Shakepeare’s play, “Hamlet”, is questioning the meaning of life.  Of course, those who are more familiar with the play know that there is a deeper, even darker contemplation at work in the soliloquy’s entirety.  However, for the sake of this blog point, I will just focus on the opening line; and my initial brief explanation.

The meaning of life is “to be”.  “To be” who you were created to be with all your unique, special gifts and talents.  To beCOME “who” you essentially are as spiritual OR divine human beings (givers, healers, teachers, pastors, encouragers, leaders, exhorters, administrators, etc.) as well as “what” you are as human being (professions, entrepreneurs, skilled workers, husband, wife, etc.).  Note that who you are innately can and should determine what you beCOME.

“To be” is our ultimate gift.  Life.  Life more abundantly.  Respect it.  Protect it.  Never neglect it.  Love it.  Enjoy it.  Yours and others.

Friends, I hope that you continue Be-ing.  I Am.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



Turn It Off

Hey everyone!  Do you ever wish that you could turn off everything and just be?!!

Well, that’s what I’m doing for this week’s blog.  I just need to be, right now.  Yes, I’m taking a day off from writing this blog.  So, listen.  It’s okay.  If you need to rest, unwind, or just to turn everything off, do it!  Turn it off!  You will be better for it.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



As I listened to Solange Knowles latest music project, “When I Get Home”, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own journeys back “home”.  I believe on some level that was her intent when creating this piece.  Yes, not only to share her experiences and talent but to provoke the listener and viewer (in the case of the movie that accompanies this project) to reflect on their own “home” experiences.  The music is stunningly genius as she shares with us her memories, perspective on Houston, Texas.

I thought back to when I was in my early 30’s in an effort to heal from an emotional and physical trauma, I left the suburbs and moved back to the city of Chicago (a place that I call home) with my young son in tow.  We visited the Bronzeville neighborhood where I grew up.  The rich vibe was still there.  The heartbeat of African-American life and culture (the best and the worst) was ever present.  I took him to all the places that I liked going to as a child and young adult—the lakefront (particularly The Point); DuSable Museum and Washington Park; downtown Chicago and Grant Park; Navy Pier; Cite’; Rock and Roll McDonald’s; Gibson’s; Edna’s Soul Food; Gladys Soul Food Luncheonette (right before the doors closed for good); Johnson’s Publishing Company; the (new) Regal Theater; Comiskey/White Sox Park; the beautiful churches and community organizations; and so many other locations.  My father was there as he had been for more than 30 years (currently more than 50 years).  Back to familiar places and faces.  Other family and friends were still there.  Home.

I get the same “home” feeling every time I go back to Mississippi (my birth place).  My parents migrated to Chicago like many other black families in the south did in pursuit of a better life.  Nevertheless, Mississippi is still “home”.  I enjoy seeing the familiar places, like “uptown”; the family churches; the Piggly Wiggly.  Oh, there’s nothing like that black southern culture/hospitality.  It’s heartwarming to reflect on times past and to ooh and ahh over the new developments and changes that have taken place.  Familiar faces were there—family, friends, friends of family.  Home.

In my 40s, I found myself back “home” again.  This time back to Joliet, Illinois where I also grew up (mainly during my teen years).  Back to familiar places—Eastside, Westside, downtown; the historic churches; Louis Joliet Mall; Rialto Theatre; Route 66; I-80; etc.  The familiar faces.  My mother was there as she had been for the last 47 years of her life.  Family and friends are still there.  Home.

Solange reminds us that “home” is a physical place but it can also be a heartfelt place as a result of our experiences, memories, emotions, even spirituality.  I feel “home” in just about any church building; in the studio; anywhere with my loved ones; with myself; on the mic; with that special one; during devotional and prayer time; and oddly, sometimes with someone I barely know—that kindred spirit. Home is Love.  Wherever God is, it’s safe to say you’re Home.  Where’s your home?  What makes you feel home?  Comment here.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



Hello everyone.

Remedy. There are a couple different definitions for this word. For the purposes of this blog, I’ll reference the verb meaning which is to set an undesirable situation right OR to rectify, solve, correct, or fix.

*Sigh* Well, I certainly hope that you all have found a way to keep your spirit lifted as we all continue to process the back to back mass shootings that took place in this country in the last week. In fact, I’m sending heartfelt condolences, love, and prayers to all who have lost loved ones to gun violence whether it was a mass shooting or one on one.

There’s not a whole lot more to say that hasn’t already been said via media and social media.  I just send words of encouragement to those on the frontlines of the “stop the gun violence fight”, STRENGTH to you; and, to PRAYER WARRIORS, keep praying. There is a REMEDY. Godspeed!!!

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Live. Laugh. Love.

The Gifts

Hey everyone and Happy August!  I’ll get right to it.  I was recently inspired by some of Beyonce’s music from The Lion King soundtrack entitled, “The Gift”.  You see the title itself caused me to think about “gifts”.  So, today, I want to blog about “gifts”.  As you know, there are tangible gifts and gifts that are intangible.

Tangible gifts are material items that are given to someone or something like a non-profit, charitable or religious organization. For example, money, flowers, jewelry, cars, art, etc. are given to individuals for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and various other important, celebrated occasions.  Also, some people give money, furniture, even buildings to their favorite charities or religious organizations.  Most people give these tangible gifts to others as an act of love, respect, honor, or charity.  And, most people LOVE receiving these kinds of gifts!

Intangible gifts are not material and are given to or shared with others as a show of love, gratitude, honor, etc.  Time is a good example of an intangible gift.  Sharing your time with someone that you love and care about is an expression of love.  Knowledge or information is another example of an intangible gift that can be given to someone.  Perhaps a friend is starting a business and does not have all the information that they need to be successful but you do.  When you share that information with your friend, you are giving them an intangible gift.  I blogged a few weeks ago about the different “love languages” and how important it is to know yours as well as your loved ones.  Well, some of those “love language” expressions of love are intangible gifts.

Other intangible gifts are those that with we have been born.  Yes, those precious intangible gifts that we have received from our Heavenly Father God.  Some are spiritual gifts like Wisdom, Revelation Knowledge, Healing, etc.   Some of us are born teachers, leaders, givers, servers, pastors, intercessors, administrators, etc.  Other intangible gifts that we’ve received from God include, singing and musicianship; drawing and artistry; building and construction; athleticism; and so on.  Listen, I know that some of these gifts can be taught but those who received these as gifts had no instruction.  They just instinctly, innately know how to do these things.  And not just do them or operate in them, they do them in/with excellence.  The more they use their God given gift(s), the more refined and magnificent they become.

Now, for those who have received these God given gift(s), know that they are not just for you!  You must share your gift(s) with your family, community, the world, and, yes, God too.

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