The Nobody

What’s up everyone?  Having a great week?  I hope so.  My week has been spiritually charged and physically exhausting.  Yet, I am good!  Soooooo…

We’ve all heard the loaded statement “Nobody likes him or her” before, right?  And, when you hear it, what is your reaction and how do you feel?  I personally see a “red flag” when I hear it.   You see, I was taught to be doubtful of the “dog who is carrying the bone”!  In other words, dig a little deeper to determine where the person making the statement is coming from.   What is the motive? Or, what experience did he/she have with the person to cause them to make such a destructive, damaging statement?  Who is the “nobody” and why don’t he/she/they like the person?

In my experience, I’ve learned that the “nobody” is usually solely the person making the statement and the circle of people in his/her world with whom they influence.  And, the reason the person is not liked is based on the “nobody/ies” personal feeling for the person.  Sometimes people just don’t like certain people.  The “unliked” person did or said nothing wrong.  Its just that the person making the statement doesn’t care for the so-called unliked person and don’t want anyone else to like him/her either.  They attempt to impose or project how they feel about the person onto others.  Now, of course, a dissertation on the “isms’ could be written on the why OR even the deeper issue of the spiritual force that’s at work but for the sake of keeping this bloggable, I’ll keep it simple.  (Note:  Some people merely repeat what they’ve heard others say about someone and really mean no harm.)

I’ve, also, on rare occasions, found the statement “nobody likes him/her” to be grounded in truth.  There are some ugly people in this world.  They are un-Godly, mean, conniving, dishonest, disrespectful, disingenuous, etc.  They don’t really like themselves.  It’s sad but true.  Even worse, as stated previously, they often are the very ones carrying the bone!  Yes! The Nobody!

Everyone, keep your critical thinking hat on and dig a little deeper when met with this situation.  Don’t allow “The Nobody” (no matter who he/she may be) determine how you think or feel about others.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



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