Low Battery

Hi  friends.  Did you have a great work week?  Did you power through the week as if you are attempting to beat a deadline?  I did and guess what?  My battery got low.  No.  Not the cell phone or tablet battery.  My internal battery or I should say my energy level dropped.

By the time Wednesday arrived, my creative flow was no where to be found.  My battery hit low.  I referred to my blog notes for inspiration but to no avail.  I played music and even reached out to others but nothing.  So I mustered up enough energy to grab a book that I’ve been trying to finish reading for quite some time now.  Surely after reading a chapter or two, I’d be inspired and energized to write this blog.  Nope.  I fell asleep reading and still had roughly two chapters left to read.  On Thursday, once I settled in from work, I didn’t attempt to read or write.  I did, however, thought about it.  My battery was low.

And so, here we are.  It’s Friday.  This is the day that I usually spend time gathering all my notes from the week so that I could plan the show for Saturday.  Yet, I’m still trying to produce an inspiring, thoughtful blog!  My energy level is still low but I must write this to first of all encourage you to keep going.  I could have blown this week’s blog off.  However, I recharged enough to share this message for you to try a little harder, get your second wind and make things happen.

And, secondly, I write this blog to emphasize the importance of rest.  Sometimes we take on too much or try to accomplish too much without giving our bodies AND minds proper rest.  Our batteries or energy levels get low.  As a result, we lose our creativity and productivity energy.  Listen, rest is okay and necessary.  God himself rested.

So, friends, this blog is a wrap. I am done reading the book.  I am going to rest for a bit and then work on tomorrow’s show.

Remember to join me tomorrow, Saturday, November 2nd on https://www.youtube.com/MarilynsCafeSociety. Be sure to “like”, subscribe, share, and/or follow my social media platforms at marilynscafesoc on Twitter; Marilyn’s Café Society on Facebook, YouTube; and marilynscafesociety.com.  Peace.

Live. Laugh. Love.


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