Merry Christmas!

Hello there!  Every year I send out Christmas card greetings and this year I’d like to extend the greetings via this blog in an effort to reach those that support me, my show, and this blog.

May the Spirit of this season and Holy Time continue to be a part of your daily life in the New Year and beyond.  My wish is that each of you be surrounded by loving, happy family and friends–and that God continues to Bless and Prosper you in all areas of your life.  Be well my friends.  I pray that you come to realize that you, too, have the ability to be a Blessing to others.

Merry Christmas everyone and be of good cheer!

The next show will be available this Saturday, December 21st, 2019  on  Be sure to “like”, subscribe, share, and/or follow my social media platforms at marilynscafesoc on Twitter; Marilyn’s Café Society on Facebook, YouTube; and  Peace.

Live. Laugh. Love.


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