America’s Powershift

What’s happening friends?  I pray that all is good with you and your loved ones.  So, are you using this “time-off” wisely?  Please don’t squander it.  You’ve been saying if I just had 2 weeks off (in some of your cases, paid time off) so that I can finish this or so I can do that.  Remember?  Welp!  Here it is.  Get to it!

As for me, among other things, I have been using this current week (last week was somewhat of a blur as this pandemic thing was still being processed) to start and finish reading books that I’ve ordered or collected.   “Powershift” written by Daymond John with Daniel Paisner is one of them.  As I read this book and think about the world’s current situation particularly the United States, I am more than convinced that we are experiencing a major “powershift”!  Key points that are made in this book are the importance of mastering influence, negotiation, and relationship.  Now keep in mind that this is a blog and not a dissertation, so I’ll keep it short and super simple.

Influence.  While the United States of America is one of the most influential countries in the world, those who run it have come to realize just how much “influence” they’ve given away over the last few decades.  Yes.  At the expense of the American worker and to “save a dollar” or to put more dollars in the pockets of the greedy, they outsourced the manufacturing of important goods and products to others.  Now, they are scrambling to get those same products and goods made in this country.  The “powershift” here is that we should keep our “influence” and continue to make our own products and goods especially those that we have the resources needed to do so right here in America.  The message and impression will be clear.  We are indeed the most influential country in the world–respect us.

Negotiation.  Listen, the leaders of the United States of America know our true strengths as well as the strengths of the other countries in the world.  They must use that knowledge to negotiate future deals with others in the world that will best serve all the people of the United States of America first and foremost.  Of course there has to be something in the deal for the country in which they’re negotiating with too.  Whether it’s negotiating trade deals for products and goods that we don’t have resources to make in this country or vice versa, the end result should be as close to a “win-win” as possible.  However, this country cannot be in a position where it needs a product or good from them and can’t get it.   So, leaders must be cautious when negotiating with those countries that have a tendency to be adversarial with us.  This country must place high value on and negotiate win-win deals with its own manufacturers, creatives, producers, etc.  Encourage them to continue to be innovative and world leaders in their respective industries.  By doing so, they will ensure that the “powershift” back to America is strong and lasting.  Remember the “Made in America” and “Buy in America” movement?

Relationships.  The United States must first connect with and nurture relationships with American businesses, companies, corporations, suppliers, producers, etc.  You do this by supporting their work and efforts.  Our businesses are our capital!  Our people and workers are our capital.  No matter what, when America suffers a crisis, American businesses, workers, and citizens step up to do “whatever” needs to be done.  It’s because they’re connected to this country.  Despite this country’s flaws and missteps, they value and love this country.  Leaders of the United States, let’s continue to build, strengthen, and respect the businesses and workers in this country.  United States leaders should continue to do the same for the allied countries of the world as well. Build, preserve, protect and respect those relationships.  Work relationships and make them last.  As for the adversarial countries that we must do business with or have relationship with, prayerfully and cautiously establish, build, restore trust so that the “powershift” will be in America’s favor.

Okay you all.  I’m going to get back to the Powershift book.  I’m just about finished and then I’ll dive into the next one.  Meanwhile, remember this. Human beings need other human beings not just for business but to also live and thrive.  We must learn to co-exist on planet earth in a way that will benefit all mankind, period.  And with God, it’s possible.  #Powershift

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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More Than Enough!

Friends, in response to some of your questions about why the show did not broadcast this past Saturday, the answer is my brain was busy processing all the negative news as well as actions that I observed in the weeks surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Now for those who haven’t heard, mid-week last week the World Health Organization declared the virus outbreak pandemic status.  By Friday of last week, President Trump declared a national emergency in the United States.  And before all of that, the sports world came to a halt, international travel advisories and bans were issued, major events were postponed or delayed, and bleach/anti-bacterial wipes, toilet tissue (people’s latest obsession), medical masks, and other paper goods were flying off the shelf like crazy!  As we approached this past weekend, many school systems were closed, more people were quarantined, and a new phrase “social distancing” emerged.  Additionally, bottled water, non-perishable food items, and food in general were difficult to find in stores!  Worse than all of that was the behavior of other human beings that I observed.

You all, I’ve been living on planet earth for a few decades now and I’ve heard, seen, and even experienced ugly, low-level, selfish human behavior.   So when I witnessed a few instances of bad behavior from people as they shopped (stock-piled) goods in the last week, all I could do was shake my head.  People were hoarding so much that some stores resorted to posting signs telling people to limit the number of items that they purchase because other shoppers are in need as well.  Someone even showed me a few video clips of people physically fighting over toilet tissue and paper towels!  Not to down play this current coronavirus crisis, but how would people behave if this country really got in trouble?

Listen, I get how humans have that tendency to go into survival mode when fear and panic sets in but Come on “ye of little faith”.  There is “more than enough”!

So, no.  There was no show last Saturday because I didn’t have a good one in me and I certainly did not want to regurgitate what everyone else was talking about!  I just needed to pause for a moment to process all of this!

Everyone, the bottom line is this.  God is a good!  If you believe, he will supply all your needs!  And, certainly not to the detriment of other believers!  Fear and greed is not of God!  Let’s continue to remind others that there is “more than enough”.

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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Just One Hour!

Sooo, you’re missing that lost hour, huh? Just about everyone that I have chatted with in the last few days admit it. Springing forward came with a price.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to help my sleeping habits/patterns adjust:

• Go to sleep an hour earlier.
• Sleep in a little longer on days off.
• In mornings increase my consumption of foods that give energy. (fruit, veggies, natural teas, vitamin supplements, etc.)
• Take a nice warm bath or shower.
• In evenings create a relaxing environment with soft music or not; sip a soothing tea or glass of wine; and

Finally, my friends, just toughen up and deal with it. Eventually our internal clocks will get use to the time change. Weren’t we just reminded in last week’s blog about the spiritual “strength” that we can call on?

Alright! Enough of the pep talk!  It’s just one hour. Carry on.

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Live. Laugh. LOVE!

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Strength To You!

Hello.  I pray that you all are having a wonderful week.

This week has challenged me and others that I know to draw on “strength” that only God can provide.  For the most part, when we think of the word, “strength”, we immediately associate it with the physical but it means more than that.  “Strength” also means having the ability to persevere; endure; stay the course.  However, it’s even more than the mere “will” of man.

Spiritual “strength”, the source of all strength, comes from God.  It is the ability to overcome– which then leads to stability and victorious living.  Friends, don’t be discouraged.  Don’t give up.

No matter what your challenge (minor or major – big or small) was this week—surviving a natural disaster; overcoming illness; mourning loss of loved one; a breakup; didn’t get the business deal or job/promotion; unmet goals; couldn’t open the top of the ketchup bottle; I say/pray physical strength, mental strength, and God’s spiritual strength to you!!!  And, so it is!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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