You all, you know that I like to keep the show and the blog light-hearted, informative, and entertaining.  However, we cannot ignore the elephant in the room!  There’s a problem in America that must be solve, fixed, Now!   I’ll keep it short.

As I stated during Wednesday’s show, we’ve hit the crescendo in this thing called Civil/Human Rights Movement (Symphony) for Blacks in America and people of color.

Here’s what needs to be fixed right Now!

*The broken educational system.  Address all underperforming, subpar schools in low income communities.  Stop allowing the socioeconomic biases determine whether black children can receive a good, quality education.  No one should have to go into debt to receive secondary education.  Stop the organized chaos.

*The racist Law Enforcement/Judicial and Correctional System.  Establish better vetting policies for those seeking to become law enforcement officers.  Release or re-train those who have history of abuse of power.  Correct bogus laws that are meant to systematically destroy the lives.

*Lack of opportunities for true financial freedom/gain.  Address the need for job development and entrepreneurship training programs; need for true equity in all government set aside programs and contracting opportunities; need for CEOs, executives, leaders of all sectors, industries of American society to commit to eradicating racism within their organizations and creating fair, equal pay policies and opportunities.

*Racism, prejudice and bigotry.  There must be a renewed, revived commitment to eradicate these diseases in America once and for all.

Change. Repent. Not in the next decade.  Not in the next 5 years.  Not next year!  Not in 6 months.  Not in 3 months.  Not next month.  Not next week.  Now!

Tune in this Saturday, June 6th, 2020 on  And, be sure to “like”, subscribe, SHARE, and follow my social media platforms at;’s Café Society; and  Peace.

Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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