Good Trouble!

The Honorable U. S. Congressman John R. Lewis was laid to rest today.  Friends, we all know that he was a legendary civil/human rights leader who dedicated his entire life to advocating for, protecting, as well as advancing the rights of blacks in America.

I know that I talked about and honored him along with Rev. C. T. Vivian a couple of weeks ago on the show but after viewing the televised service of Representative Lewis, I decided to emphasize one thing.  One of his famous quotes, “Get in good trouble, necessary trouble, and help redeem the soul of America.”

I gleaned something from all of the speakers at his service but Reverend James Lawson’s oratorical contribution to the service was particularly enlightening.  Inspiring.  Compelling.  Impactful.  Clarifying.  Find and view his video clip from the service to get re-educated and then go get in some “Good Trouble”.

If you are not sure what “Good Trouble” looks like, just take a good long look at John Lewis’ life.  His life was exemplary of Faith and Love in action which shook things up and caused “Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble”.  Groundbreaking legislation, laws, and policy were passed in the United States because of he prayed and then got to work.

Everyone, lets continue to carry the torch; baton; mantle of John R. Lewis, C. T. Vivian, Rev. Dr. Martin L. King Jr. and all the others who have fought to make the United States of America better, to make life for Blacks in America and people of color better. As we strive to live a Golden Life, let’s also get into some “Good Trouble”.  Amen.  And so it is!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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Feel Better!

Friends, did you know that nature, God’s creation, has a tremendously positive effect on your health?

You can help regulate your blood sugar levels by as much as 45% just by watching the sunset 20 minutes each evening.  Researchers at the University of Connecticut revealed that the fresh air coupled with the beautiful view literally slows the adrenal glands production of cortisol which is a stress hormone.  Feel Better!

I love flowers!  I mean just gazing at them and smelling them causes me to feel pleasant.  Well, there’s a science behind it!  Britain’s University of Essex researchers found that just looking at colorful blooms for as little as 2 minutes will stimulate your brain’s frontal lobe causing it to release increased bursts of energizing beta waves which help us feel at least 35% better, sharper, focused.  Feel Better!

Do you have an upset stomach or just feeling queasy on a hot summer day?  Well, go hug a tree!  Or at the very least sit under one.  Why you ask?  According to British researchers, just stretching out under a shade tree for 10 minutes could ease your stomach troubles by 82%.  How?  Apparently the smell and sound of the rustling leaves have a soothing effect on the nervous system which causes any painful intestinal muscle spasms to stop.  Feel Better!

We all know that warm and fuzzy feeling we get when we hear and/or watch the rain fall, right?  Factor in the smell of a fresh rain fall and our moods can boost by 50% in just 15 minutes.  Scientists at Columbia University have found that rainstorms causes our brain neurons to release serotonin.  For those who don’t know, serotonin is a chemical that causes us to be well and happy.  Feel Better!

Hello!!!  Can you come outside to play?!!!  Friends, find a friend and go enjoy God’s gift to humans—nature.  Remember, our first earthly home was a beautiful garden.

Feel Better everyone.  And, remember, life really is—- Golden!!!  Amen.  And so it is!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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Blocked. It’s Happened Again!

Friends, nothing serious.  I just have another case of writers/bloggers block!  Well, actually, it’s not a block.  I believe it’s a matter of me slowing down enough to pick a thought to share and expound on.  Like many of you, my brain is on overload right now.

I guess it’s the result of taking in all the news stories being shared as well as everything else that is happening in the world.  I simply need to take a moment.  I need to re-direct this energy.  I need to do more than read, write, and talk about it!  I know that they are all forms of action, but right now, I need to do something different.  Do you feel me?  Do you understand?

Well, in the meantime, friends, continue to move and operate in wisdom and “understanding” with me.  And, let’s remember that life is—- Golden!!!  Amen.  And so it is!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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Get Connected. Stay Connected.

Ok. Ok. Okayyyy.  I realize that with all of King Solomon’s wisdom and understanding, he still messed up later in his life.  I know.  I know.  I knowww.  King Solomon somehow became disconnected from God.  I have no explanation other than having Wisdom and Understanding does make one perfect; and, in time, King Solomon turned from his erroneous ways and returned to the one true God.  Yes!  He got back connected and God redeemed him!  Get connected.  Stay connected.

If you are visiting/reading this blog for the first time and wonder what I’m talking about, please note that I’m responding to feedback that I received from last week’s blog.  Go take a quick read.

So, my friends, we know the importance of getting and staying connected in business, careers, families, community, relationships, etc.  Right?  What is life without connection(s).  Many years ago, I heard a little lady by the name of Rev. Willie T. Barrow (affectionately called the Little Warrior) say, “We are not so much divided, as we are disconnected”.  Who are the “we”?  I believe the “we” refers to the Black community specifically but also the Human community at large.  What are we “disconnected” from?  Clearly, each other but let’s go deeper.  Given that Rev. Barrow was an ordained minister, I believe that she was also referring to some people’s spiritual disconnection from God.  You see, once we are connected to God, we get a level of understanding that gives us the ability to empathize with, respect, and love each other.  Get connected.  Stay Connected.

As we operate our lives this month and beyond in/with wisdom and “understanding”, let’s Get Connected.  Stay Connected.  With God First and then all other honest, meaningful, lasting connections will fall in place!

My friends, continue to live life like it is—- Golden and Connected!!!  Amen.  And so it is!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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July Is Golden

Hello everyone!  July ushers in many observances like the July 4th holiday; “the Dog Days of Summer” (meaning really hot days); my favorites, my mother’s birthday month and National Ice Cream Month.  You all, more importantly, spiritually July represent “understanding”.  And understanding and wisdom go hand in hand–at least according to the “Good Book”.  Checkout Proverbs 4 particularly Proverbs 4:5 which reads “Get Wisdom, Get Understanding; do not forget my words or swerve from them”.

Did you know that King Solomon asked God for wisdom and understanding?  And then received it?  As a result, he also received every other blessing that he didn’t ask for.  King Solomon’s life was Golden!  For the record, “golden” means favorable, excellent, wonderful, rewarding, prosperous, blessed!  I could go on and on.  Oh!  Did I mention that the color for the month of July is Gold!

Go ahead, friends.  Drape yourself in some beautiful Gold jewelry; and be sure to wear anything that is gold in color this month to remind yourself that you are Golden!  And that you can operate your life in/with wisdom and “understanding”.  All you have to do is ask!

I don’t know what you came to do but I am going to live this month and my life like its Golden!!!  Amen.  And so it is!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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