Get Connected. Stay Connected.

Ok. Ok. Okayyyy.  I realize that with all of King Solomon’s wisdom and understanding, he still messed up later in his life.  I know.  I know.  I knowww.  King Solomon somehow became disconnected from God.  I have no explanation other than having Wisdom and Understanding does make one perfect; and, in time, King Solomon turned from his erroneous ways and returned to the one true God.  Yes!  He got back connected and God redeemed him!  Get connected.  Stay connected.

If you are visiting/reading this blog for the first time and wonder what I’m talking about, please note that I’m responding to feedback that I received from last week’s blog.  Go take a quick read.

So, my friends, we know the importance of getting and staying connected in business, careers, families, community, relationships, etc.  Right?  What is life without connection(s).  Many years ago, I heard a little lady by the name of Rev. Willie T. Barrow (affectionately called the Little Warrior) say, “We are not so much divided, as we are disconnected”.  Who are the “we”?  I believe the “we” refers to the Black community specifically but also the Human community at large.  What are we “disconnected” from?  Clearly, each other but let’s go deeper.  Given that Rev. Barrow was an ordained minister, I believe that she was also referring to some people’s spiritual disconnection from God.  You see, once we are connected to God, we get a level of understanding that gives us the ability to empathize with, respect, and love each other.  Get connected.  Stay Connected.

As we operate our lives this month and beyond in/with wisdom and “understanding”, let’s Get Connected.  Stay Connected.  With God First and then all other honest, meaningful, lasting connections will fall in place!

My friends, continue to live life like it is—- Golden and Connected!!!  Amen.  And so it is!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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