Another Checklist.

Friends, this is a friendly reminder.  Do not lose momentum in the fight for racial, economic, and social justice for blacks and people of color in America.  Do not allow your flame to fizzle out.  Here is a checklist of basic actions that you as an individual can take to do your part.

*Pray and meditate

*Educate yourself on the issues

*Join one of the causes or movements

*Donate to an organization(s) that has been in the forefront of these issues

If you lead a corporation, business, or organization—

*implement and commit to hiring practices that are truly fair and equitable

*implement and commit to pathways for promotions and growth that are fair

*commit to creating a culture of zero tolerance of discrimination, prejudice, and bias

*commit to doing business with black owned businesses, vendors, etc.

*commit to appointing african-american board members

*donate to organizations that advocate for the advancement of black people

Lastly, if you witness a discriminatory act of any form, report it!  Say something!  Also, stop intentionally or unintentionally participating in those micro-aggressive actions towards blacks and other people of color.   And, shame on anyone black who’s guilty of this jerky behavior towards his own or any people. It’s sickening.

Friends, remember, the spirit behind it all was defeated a long, long time ago!  All we have to do is remind it of this truth.  Amen.  And so it is!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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