Stay Up!

Stay Up!


Friends, it has taken a couple days for me to get this blog done.  I went back and forth on what the topic should be and finally decided to address the elephant in the room.  How do you “stay up” in a down world?  I asked that question because recently I have been bombarded with bad, sad stories.  People are suffering all over this country and many are being told that they cannot be helped!  So, again, I ask, how do you stay up in what appears to be a down world?

First and foremost, you must remain positive!  Despite the bad reports about how bad things are, know that its just half the story.  Dig deep and focus on the good in the world, in your community, in your life.  Do not, I repeat, do not internalize the negativity.  Keep positive uplifting, encouraging, forward moving people around you.

Secondly, do not allow yourself to succumb to fear.  Remember, God did not give “his people” the spirit of fear so fear has no place in your life!  Have you already allowed fear and worry to creep in?  Well, replace that fear with your faith and get to work.  Why do I say get to work?

Here it is.  The work will be whatever it takes to make your situation better and, prayer precedes it.  Yes.  Here I go again,  Pray and believe!  Command your day!  Ask God to order your steps. Speaking of steps, step up your job search or business plan.  Reach out to others for assistance.  While waiting for your job/business opportunity/assistance, search yourself.  What other gifts, talents, or skill-sets do you have that you can put to work right now to bring on productivity?  We all have something! Also, schedule your days so that you can stay on track.  And, know the difference between being busy and being productive.

I realize that it is getting real for some.  However, you all, the choice is ours.  Are we going to “stay up” or are we going to allow the current negative state of things bring us down?  I choose “up”!  And I choose to be the person that will keep you “up” because I know that God wants to, has, and continues to Bless.  Be Blessed my friends and Stay Up!  Amen.  And so it is!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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