Be Fruitful.

Hello everyone!  I truly hope that you are experiencing a great week.  I realize that some of us have had to deal with a lot in the past week, personally and as a member of the world community.  My prayer is that you overcome the negative feelings and continue to do your part to help make your life and community in general, better.  I also send prayers to the family of Jacob Blake and all whose lives have been affected.

Listen, last week’s blog encouraged you to “Stay Up” so today I’m going to offer another reason why you should.  Be Fruitful.  God said it!  Be Fruitful.  He did not ask us to.  He commanded us to “Be Fruitful”.  While “being fruitful” has a couple different aspects, the one that we will focus on is being “financially and materially productive”.  Yes, God wants us to be “productive” friends.  And, again, he has given each of us something that will help us achieve it.

In the last blog, I encouraged you to “search” yourself so that you can discover hidden creative thoughts, gifts, talents, etc. that you could further develop or put to use to help you improve your life or the lives of others.  Let’s call the creative thoughts, gifts or talents– seeds.  Your seed is anything that God has gifted you that can be traded for something else—that “something” can be tangible or intangible.  Does your seed make your life or the life of others’ better/easier?  Does your seed cause others to smile?  Does your seed help someone else discover their seed(s)?   You know, we would not have been instructed to “Be Fruitful” if we had not been supplied with the seed(s) to do so.  By the way, the seed(s) that come from God bring about positive productivity.

Friends, what are your seed(s)?  I know that this question may not apply to some of you because you have discovered yours and are now thriving.  However, this blog may inspire you to help someone else on their journey to self-sufficiency (and I use this term loosely because we are all inter-dependent).  I choose to “Be Fruitful” and to help others discover the precious seed(s) that God deposited in them so that they can live productive lives.   Be fruitful my friends!  Amen.  And, so it is!

[Side Note:  Speaking of seeds.  It is time to start planning for next Spring’s flower garden.  I think that I will have another tulip garden.  How will you beautify your yard?  Get your perennial seeds in the ground now by clicking here.]  #Ad

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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