And Multiply.

Happy September friends!  Labor Day weekend is just a couple of days away.  Be sure to stay safe everyone by social distancing and wearing your mask!

Well, this week’s blog is a continuation of last week’s message–Be Fruitful.  This command comes from the bible book of Genesis and the words that follow are “And Multiply”.  Now, some of you will argue that God was solely referring to procreation but I beg to differ.  You see our Creator is simple and complex.  Yes, he wants millions more Marilyns walking this earth (I know most of you are feeling elated at the thought of that!!! *LoL*)   God specifically wants mankind to multiply (beyond learning and mastering your arithmetic–multiplication facts *LoL*).  However, he also wants EVERYTHING that he has given us to multiply!  He commanded mankind to “Multiply”.

Have you discovered or helped someone discover the creative ideas/thoughts, gifts, talents, etc. that God has gifted you/them?  Well, now, it is time to take those seeds/fruit and “Multiply” them.  Can you draw?  If so, draw something unique and wonderful. Have it reprinted so that you can sell the drawing to more people.  Does your family and friends love the cookies that you bake on special occasions?  If so, make “multiple” batches of them and sell them!  Are you good at persuading or convincing people to do something?  Well, find something to sell and convince “multiple” people to make a purchase.  What idea(s) has God dropped on you that you keep shrugging off or dismissing?  Put those idea(s) to work and “Multiply”.  Your seed/fruit must “multiply”.

Friends, remember what we are talking about here—self-sufficiency.  It is attainable.  Become Blessed so that you can ultimately bless others so that they can become “Fruitful and Multiply”.  Again, all you have to do is what God said—“Be Fruitful And Multiply”.  Amen.  And so it is!

Side Note:  Speaking of multiplying.  School has begun and school supplies are still needed even with the distant learning or online learning that many are experiencing.  Click here for arithmetic helps and other school supplies. 

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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