Replenish and Subdue.

Well, here we are friends in the double digit days of September already.  Labor Day has come and gone.  Most all the children, college students, and their instructors have returned to school or work.  In the midwest, summer has begun to bow to Autumn; and, we’ve been experiencing comfortable temps, and rainy, yet beautiful days.

So, this week’s blog will close out my thoughts on how we can apply Genesis 1:28 in all areas of our lives with the focus on “Replenish and Subdue”.   I will not spend any time on ”…and have dominion over…” because I believe it’s meaning is explicitly and implicitly clear.   Honestly, so is to “replenish and subdue”.  But again, so that we can help ourselves and others become self-sufficient, here it is.  I believe our Creator is not just referring to filling the earth with more humans/mankind as well as taking care of earth and the lives created.  God wants us to “replenish”/fill by utilizing the gifts, skills, creative ideas we’ve been given so that we can have all that we need and want (spiritually and materially) to live a blessed life.

We are to “subdue”/control/manage OUR individual gifts, creative ideas, skills to not only bless our own lives but the lives of others too.   Note that we are to “subdue” OUR lives, etc.—not the lives of others.  Now, that behavior comes from another entity, not GOD!  And sadly its responsible for all the “isms” that we are in the process of eradicating to this day.   “Replenish and Subdue” YOUR life and bless others!

Okay everyone.  That is all I have for you today.  I can’t say it enough.  Self-sufficiency is attainable.  Again, simply do what God said—“Be Fruitful And Multiply” and “Replenish and Subdue”.   Be Blessed!  Amen.  And so it is!

Side Note:  I am starting to feel nervous energy as I approach the first broadcast day for the new season of the show.  Keep me in your prayers and click here to become a friend to the show!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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