Happy New Year, once again, everyone!  I trust that you are still full from all the love that you received from your family and friends over the holidays.  If nothing else, we can certainly be thankful for that, right?  Twenty-twenty (2020) has undoubtedly been a year to remember or forget depending on your experiences. 

Well, if you’ve been following my videos during the holidays, you heard me talk about Kwanzaa, an African-American cultural tradition, that begins the day after Christmas Day and ends on new year’s day.  The principle celebrated and practiced on the last day of Kwanzaa (the first day of the new year) is “faith”.  And, while it is referred to as a “principle” for Kwanzaa, biblically speaking, it is a spiritual power.  Faith, the ability to strongly believe in something that you hope for that has yet to happen or be seen. 

Faith comes from Christ.  For example, in our humanness, it is difficult to believe that there is a God.  If you’ve never owned a car or no one in your immediate circle has, it may be difficult to believe that you can own one. You cannot see or touch it.  However, Christ and the Holy Spirit has given us that ability to have faith and faith in God.  Faith, the ability to trust and believe that God will keep his promises to us.   Faith, in practice, is to strongly believe that all the good which you set out to achieve will manifest. 

Did you know every step you take towards achieving or reaching a goal, living a dream, it is faith in action?  Working towards earning a college/university degree?  Developing a new product, gadget, or idea?  Completing documents to launch your new business?  Improving your eating and exercise habits for better health?  Preparing yourself for Mr. or Mrs. Right?  Living a life pleasing to God?  Listen, you are practicing the spiritual power or discipline called Faith!

Friends, have strong faith this new year as you continue on the journey called life.  I’m cheering for you. Remember to wear your mask; watch your distance; and wash your hands often.  Stay Safe.  Be well.  Amen.  And, so it is.

(Side note:    I believe more snow days are coming so let’s get ready!  Click here.) 

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.


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