Work Faith and Keep Perspective.

Friends, I hope that as you work your faith this year that you also maintain a healthy perspective on what it should mean to achieve your goal, plan, dream.

I hope that you remember that all that you achieve serves purposes beyond your immediate existence.  You know that the external manifestations of “success” or “achievement” can be superficial and temporary if you don’t maintain a healthy sense of perspective.  Yes, you will and should relish in the experience of euphoria for accomplishing something that you dreamed about.  However, that achievement is much bigger than you.

You all, I know that working faith to achieve goals/dreams is about more than just me.  You see, others are watching.  They must see you achieve so that their own faith can grow and be strengthened. Your blessing, our blessing, becomes a blessing for them.  They see God at work in you!  Further, my friends, your manifested material accomplishment or blessing(s) is not only for you but also for you to be a blessing to others.  This is all the more for reason for us to keep a healthy perspective and to keep working our faith.

Remember to wear your mask; watch your distance; and wash your hands often.  Stay Safe.  Be well.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.  And, so it is.

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.


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