Show Love (Words)

Friends, I do not know how the weather is where you are but here in the Midwest, it’s officially winter season!  I mean we have been getting hit with lots of snow and frigid temps in the past two weeks.  Okay.  Okay.  I know.  What do you expect, Marilyn?  It IS winter!!!  So, moving right along.  This week, you all, the focus is on the importance of “showing love” through using words.

Who doesn’t like to hear the words “I Love You” especially when it is authentic and genuine?  Hmmm.  I hear Stevie Wonder singing it right now!  “I just called, to say, I love you…”.  How do you express love verbally to co-workers, clients, customer, business associates, etc.?  You can actually say, “I love you”.  Or if you don’t feel comfortable expressing love that way verbally, say something like “You are awesome” or “Great job” or “I enjoy working with you” or “I’m glad that you’re my neighbor”.  Listen, just about any positive, uplifting, affirming word(s) will do.  Just be sincere about it!  Everyone now and then, I’ll say “Hello Georgeous” or “Hello Beautiful” to little ones just to see their faces and eyes light up!! I’m sure it works for grown-ups too! Ummm.  I hear lyrics to another popular R&B song– “if you love me, say it…”. 

Look, my friends, using affirming words to express love is just as important as spending time with and serving others in your world.  Hey, have I told you how amazing you are lately?  Friends, you are indeed amazing!  Now, remember to strengthen your immune system by eating healthy and take a good multi-vitamin; wear your mask; watch your distance; and wash your hands often.  Stay Safe.  Be well.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.  And, so it is.

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.


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