Strengthen Your Strength (P1)

Happy Women’s History Month everyone!  In case you did not know, we get a whole month because We Rock!!!  Well, listen, this blog will be a bit brief but “meaty”. 

And, so, strength, is the topic with a focus on women (for Women’s History Month).  I believe I blogged about the different aspects of strength in the past.  You know, the ability to endure and to persevere in the physical, the mental, the spiritual—in our work, careers, businesses, relationships, etc.  Women have made great strides in the recent decades and we cannot afford to lose ground.  Others see our mirific strengths and because they feel threatened or inferior they will choose to focus on our weaknesses to hold us down or keep us back.  As a result ladies, you must not lose sight of your strengths.  You must continue to light up the world and maintain your confidence.  In this blog series, I’ll share some ways that you can maintain or hold on to your strength.   

First, spread your wings.  Yes, that’s right.  Expose yourself to a variety of experiences that will allow you to fine tune your strengths while you also explore other interests.  Now, to achieve this, you may have to create your own opportunities; and, thank God we live in a time and space where it is much easier to do that for ourselves.  Should you discover a professional or work related weakness and don’t have the budget to hire someone to handle that particular task or function for you, then take a little time to learn what you can so that you can perform in that particular role until someone else can be hired or brought on board to do it for you.  Also, if you find that you have weaknesses in your personal life, determine how important it is for you to make a change. Do you really enjoy dancing enough to want to perfect it? Will volunteering help make you a better person? Listen, experience is indeed the best teacher and seasoning for our professional and personal life.  Fly. Better yet. Soar!

Friends, as we spread our wings, let’s stay strong and safe.  Vaccine or not–Remember to strengthen your immune system by eating healthy and taking a good multi-vitamin; wear your mask; watch your distance; and wash your hands often.  Be well.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.  And, so it is.

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.


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