Strengthen Your Strength (Part 4)

Peace everyone.  What’s happening with you?  Are you feeling stronger? Well, we all should be!  However, before we go off chanting “If it is to be.  It is up to me!”, we must remember to first and foremost be grounded spiritually.  A solid spiritual foundation alone, will provide us with all the confidence or “Godfidence” that we need to continue “strengthen your strength”.

And so, as I close out this blog series, I simply want to remind you of the reason you must “strengthen your strength”.  We live in a world system that trains people to look for and point out weaknesses in others.  Now, I’d like to think that its so that we can be given an opportunity to become better, more well-rounded people OR to simply learn something different.  However, be careful because some people focus on your weaknesses to dismiss your strengths for their own selfish purposes that range from you being a threat to them to them just wanting to disqualify you or block you from receiving economic, professional, and/or social advancements and rewards.

You all, you must not allow this to happen to you.  As I said last week, know thyself and continue to build on your strengths– whatever they may be.  Listen, I just left a store where a young man was set up in the parking lot with a small sound system; and he beautifully played his violin.  His wife and little girl were with him. Also, there was a big sign by their car that basically read, “I’ve lost my job and I need extra help to continue to take care of my family.  If you enjoy my musical performance, please make a financial donation”.  I do not know what kind of work he did but it should have involved playing the violin because he played it masterfully!  Perhaps, he played the violin in a symphony orchestra???  If so, then his current situation is clearly circumstantial.

Regardless, this man is now forced to become more self-reliant and he is supplementing the family income by using his musical talent in a very public space.  He undoubtedly knows that playing the violin is a strength that he has; otherwise, I do not believe that he would have put his family through that experience.  As I sat in my car and listened to his performance, I observed at least 6-8 people drop money in his bucket before I got out to add my donation.  I am more than certain that by the time he packed up to head home, he would have received hundreds of dollars in donations.

Stay focused, my friends.  Whether it’s to counter an effort to keep you down or a real honest situational circumstance as described above, continue to “strengthen your strength”.  Stand strong spiritually, physically, and professionally.  And as always, stay safe and be well.  Remember to strengthen your immune system by eating healthy and taking a good multi-vitamin; wear your mask; watch your distance; and wash your hands often.  Oh, and have a wonderful Good Friday and Happy Resurrection Sunday a/k/a Easter Sunday! In Jesus Name.  Amen.  And, so it is.

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Live. Laugh. LOVE. Marilyn

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