What Is Your “It”?

Happy Fall/Autumn to you!  I hope that you are as excited about Fall as I am.  I enjoy the cooler temps and can’t wait to squeeze back into my jeans to pair up with my sweaters and boots!  Oh, and I cannot forget to mention the beautiful colors of Autumn that we will see soon.

Fall Leaves

So, if you are in the Mondays email club, you know that today’s brief message is entitled, “Sometimes in life you just have to put it out there”.  The gist is to encourage everyone to speak their “it” into the universe.  Sure, we may have more than one “it” and our “it” may or will change.  Nevertheless, the universe is vast and will accommodate and manifest what we speak as long as it is ALL Good.  ALL God!

My “‘it” right now is to continue to have success with my show and in all areas of my life.  What’s yours?  Speak it!   Also, continue to be safe and well.  Remember to strengthen your immune system by eating healthy and taking a good multi-vitamin; wear your mask and watch your distance in very public places; and continue to wash your hands often.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.  And, So It Is.

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.