Hello there my friends.  I apologize for the delay in getting this posted.  I got distracted with some other projects and dropped the ball on completing this one!  Anyway, here we are.  I hope that you have been experiencing a wonderful week.

Remember that beautiful song entitled, “Everything Must Change” that was written and sung by Bernard Ighner, and produced and released by Quincy Jones in the early 1970s?  Since then, many others have released their own rendition of it.  I particularly enjoy listening to George Benson’s version.  Hmmm.  Changes.

The appearance of the novel coronavirus has forced our world to change in incredible ways—

How we as humans interact and socialize;

How we move around in public spaces and places;

How we do business and work;

How we educate and learn.

Now, what some once said was impossible is now possible and in many cases, necessary.  Work from home is now common place; television network and local broadcasters broadcast from home; religious and worship services only stream online now; choirs, musical groups, and musicians sing together via video from their own respective homes.  Wow!  Changes.

Friends, undoubtedly in life in general, we will experience natural and unnatural, physical, business, work, relationship, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual changes.  The song mentioned above has a line in it that says “There are not many things in life you can be sure of except that rain falls from the sky and sun lights up the sky and hummingbirds do fly.”  Well, I beg to differ.  One other thing that does not and will not ever change is God and his love for his creations and children.  And, no matter what kind of change we experience in life/the world, he will always make it (change it) for our good/benefit!

Changes.  Oh boy!  I could go on about other kinds of “changes” but I’ll just leave this right here.  Have a safe and healthy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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Just One Hour!

Sooo, you’re missing that lost hour, huh? Just about everyone that I have chatted with in the last few days admit it. Springing forward came with a price.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to help my sleeping habits/patterns adjust:

• Go to sleep an hour earlier.
• Sleep in a little longer on days off.
• In mornings increase my consumption of foods that give energy. (fruit, veggies, natural teas, vitamin supplements, etc.)
• Take a nice warm bath or shower.
• In evenings create a relaxing environment with soft music or not; sip a soothing tea or glass of wine; and

Finally, my friends, just toughen up and deal with it. Eventually our internal clocks will get use to the time change. Weren’t we just reminded in last week’s blog about the spiritual “strength” that we can call on?

Alright! Enough of the pep talk!  It’s just one hour. Carry on.

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Live. Laugh. LOVE!

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Hello friends.  I just stopped by this week to say (as Stevie Wonder sings)…

I LOVE You!!!!

May you not only have, enjoy, and experience Eros (passionate/intimate love) with your husband/wife/significant other but I pray that you also have, cultivate, and experience Philia (friendly/brotherly love); have, respect, and experience Storge (familial/affectionate love); and have, experience, and act with Agape (unconditional/self/God love).

Let LOVE be the fuel to you need to get you to the goals you’ve set for your personal and professional lives.

You all, on this Valentine’s Day, let’s all strive to give and receive LOVE, for it is one of the most important, magnificent experiences we should have in life.

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.

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Happy New Year!

Well, I don’t know about you but I feel so blessed to usher in a new year as well as to toast to this past decade and put it in its place in the books.  Welcome 2020!

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Welcome decade of the millennial 20’s!

I’m amazed because I remember being a little girl thinking about the future– the years 2000, 2020, and beyond.  I remember trying to imagine what the world would look like; what my life would be like.  I remember just how much of a stretch it was to visualize the future.

I remember thinking that I’m going to be in my 50’s and how I thought that I was going to be so old!  Now, I believe that I’m not old at all.  In fact, the fifties are the new thirties, right?!  LoL   All right, listen, back then my concept of the future was based on the television cartoon, “The Jetsons” and a few of the other sci-fi television programs that we’d watch as children.  I thought that by 2020 some humans would actually be living in space–riding in those “Jetson” styled cars; talking to friends and family on those TV-like phones; and using robots to do the housework!

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Oh!  Wait!  We are!  The future has arrived!  The future is Now you all!!

Ok, maybe not completely “Jetson” style but self-driving cars are being tested and likely to hit the general mass market in the next couple of years; and I recently read that flying cars are now only decades away from reality.  As for cars that fold up to the size of a brief case?  Well, that is a different story.  However, video phones are common place now.  Almost everyone on the planet has the capability to videochat!  Vacuums and mops like Roomba, iRobot, and other robotic cleaning gadgets have certainly been available for a while now.  Hey, thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence, even Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have made life a little easier.

As for humans living in space (beyond the outer realm of the Earth’s atmosphere), we have a ways to go.  However, from what I understand, since the 2000s humans (astronauts) have temporarily lived in space on the International Space Station (ISS).  Of course along with NASA, the Richard Bransons, Elon Musks, and Jeff Bezos of the world would like to make living in space or even on the Planet Mars a more permanent reality for humans.  And, even though no man has walked up there since 1972, others in the space arena believe shooting for life on the Moon would be more achievable.

In the meantime, there are a few humans who can afford the rare “space tours” that are now being offered.  In fact, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has already gotten several celebrities signed up for his upcoming “space tour” for a meager $250,000 deposit.  What year will it happen?  I’m guessing maybe sometime in this new decade.  And, Space X and Amazon’s Blue Origin have now developed vacation or holiday getaway trips to space.  Remember?  I talked about this on my radio show several years ago!

Wow!  Just think you all.  Next time you say to someone “To the Moon with you” OR “Get lost in space”; they now may actually have the option to do just that!  LoL!  OR Rather than telling someone to go to the other “place”, you could switch it up and tell them to “Go to Heaven”!  LoL!  And, they could, in this decade, physically go to heaven/space!!!  LOL!!!  Okay.  That’s it everyone.  Again, Happy New Year.  Part two next week.

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Live. Laugh. Love.

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Merry Christmas!

Hello there!  Every year I send out Christmas card greetings and this year I’d like to extend the greetings via this blog in an effort to reach those that support me, my show, and this blog.

May the Spirit of this season and Holy Time continue to be a part of your daily life in the New Year and beyond.  My wish is that each of you be surrounded by loving, happy family and friends–and that God continues to Bless and Prosper you in all areas of your life.  Be well my friends.  I pray that you come to realize that you, too, have the ability to be a Blessing to others.

Merry Christmas everyone and be of good cheer!

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Live. Laugh. Love.



Hello everyone.  Do you believe in miracles?  Okay. Before you answer lets fully understand the meaning of “miracle”.  According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, a miracle is “an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs”. defines miracle as “an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause”. So, again, do you believe in miracles?  I do.

I believe in the miraculous power of creation—God speaking things and mankind into existence.  I believe in the miraculous power of conception, gestation, and birth.  I believe in the miraculous powers of creativity and healing that God has gifted some with.  I believe in the miraculous appearances of Earth and Heavenly Angels.  I believe in the miraculous Birth, Life, Experiences, Transition, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus the Christ.   I believe in the miraculous power of Prayer.  Yes, you all, I wholeheartedly believe in miracles and hope that you do as well.  Oh wait!  I believe that I am a miracle!

I’ve witnessed and/or experienced miracle after miracle and I’m sure you have too.  Think about how the human body heals itself.  Think about the uniqueness of each and every human being you know.  Think about the lives of some and how despite the odds being stacked against them, they somehow managed to achieve a level of greatness in various fields, businesses, and arenas in life that was/is unimaginable.  Think about the ideas that flow to you seemingly “out of nowhere.  Think about the miraculous acts of “divine intervention” that you experienced in your own life or witnessed in others.

Miracles happen to remind us that there is a God and as we continue to celebrate the “Christmas”, remember the true reason for this miraculous season.  Thank God for miracles.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



Well, it’s here!  The last month of 2019.

Happy December Everyone!  For most Americans and many people around the world this month is special.  It ushers in the winter season and the Winter Solstice for those of us that live in the Northern Hemisphere of planet earth. In business, this month is the last opportunity to hit goals set for the year.  It’s magical.  We think of Peace on Earth and Good Will towards men.  And for believers in Jesus Christ, December represents his birth and life.  In fact, the spiritual power that’s most prominent in December is Life.

As we wrap up the year, you all lets make a special effort to live life; give life; protect life; respect life; restore life; love life; enjoy life; and celebrate life.  Not just your own but others as well.  By doing so, you will ultimately honor the true giver of life, our Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus the Christ.  May the Blessings continue to flow in your business, career, job, relationships, and Life.  Peace.

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Live. Laugh. Love.


La Vie Est Belle

Hey everyone and Happy Thursday!  I struggled earlier this week to come up with a blog worthy topic so here I am on a Thursday bringing you a brief bit of inspiration.  After chatting with one of my delightful acquaintances today, I was finally able to push pass the block.

You see one of the topics that we talked about was perfume.  She shared that her cousin really liked a particular fragrance by Lancome.  And, It happens to be a fragrance that is on my top ten list.  What initially attracted me to the fragrance was its name. And then, after smelling and trying on the perfume, I was completely sold.

La Vie Est Belle in French and translated to English means “Life is Beautiful, Good, Pleasant”.  Now, listen this is not paid advertisement for Lancome or the perfume.  I’m simply sharing how a conversation about this specific perfume inspired this blog.  I truly believe the expression, “Life is Beautiful, Good, Pleasant”, lines up perfectly with our Heavenly Father’s Will for our lives.

I meet and have met people from all walks of life in my years.  People who some would consider being in “high” or “low” places.  Most are good, beautiful people.  They have shared their ups and downs with me and I have shared mine with them.  One thing that we all have in common is that we believe Life is Beautiful, Good, Pleasant.  We pray for it.  And, most importantly, we remind Our Heavenly Father of his promise to us for it.  Indeed, it is more than an expression; more than a declaration; more than a philosophy.  It is a promise.

Continue to have a wonderful week and even better weekend my friends.  I wish you Well!  And remember, La Vie Est Belle.

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Live. Laugh. Love.



Hello everyone.  “I’ve got LOVE on my mind”.  So, “let me put LOVE on your mind”.  In fact, I want to give you “the best of my Love” and I want to know “how deep is your Love”.

Friends, there are many websites, associations, religious, and psychological people and publications that tackle the phenomenon called LOVE.  The Greeks, however, explain that there are four (4) kinds of Love.

Storge Love is family love. It’s the deep affection, care, and bond that naturally forms between parents and their children as well as between siblings, other family members, and even friends who have shared the same household. This kind of love is real, steady and sure.  It is the Love that endures for a lifetime.  I got you cause you family, baby!

Phileo Love is an emotional connection or feeling for someone that goes beyond acquaintances or casual friendships. Like Storge, It is real and developed over time but it’s connection is not as deep as the love within a family.  It is not romantic, passion or erotic love. Yet, is a powerful bond that ties and holds ​a community, neighborhood, church together.  That brotherly/sisterly/home girl/boy Love.

Eros Love is romantic or sexual. It is a Love between to human beings that is usually heartfelt, physical, passionate and intense. The word was originally connected with the goddess Eros of Greek Mythology.  I Love me some you.

Agape Love is divine love.  It is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  It is perfect, pure, unconditional, and self-sacrificing.  We are commanded and called to agape love all.  Love God.  Love People. Love Self.

I don’t know about you but I am grateful that I now have; and, have experienced the Barney Song, “I Love You. You Love Me” Love;

the “Vision of Love” Love;

the “Love Hangover” Love;

“Baby Love” Love;

the “Jesus is Love” and “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” Love;

the “I will always Love you” and the “Love will keep us together” Love!

Go, my friends and not only give and receive Love, but Be Love!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.



Hello friends.  Question:  What did the left eye say to the right eye?  Answer:  Between you and me, something smells.  Here’s another one.  Why did the Oreo cookie go to the dentist?  Answer:  Because it lost its filling!!  Giggle.  Chuckle.  LoL!  That’s it.  Laugh!

Someone once said, “Laughter is the best medicine”.  Many believe that expression came from Old Testament scripture, Proverbs 17:22—“A merry heart is like medicine”.    This professes that laughter benefits us beyond just having a little light-hearted moment.

Check this out.  It’s scientific too.  Researchers have determined that laughter relaxes tense muscles; circulates blood flow; reduces stress; improves positive thinking; and acts as like an anti-depressant.  Socially, laughter is a great icebreaker; deal maker; and can help resolve conflict.  The list goes on!

Sounds like good medicine to me!  Come on everyone.  Let’s go boost someone’s confidence and positive outlook on life.  Make someone laugh.  Get those endorphins flowing so that our physical and mental health improves.  Now did I tell you about the time that I got caught in a rain storm and one of the spokes of my umbrella pulled my wig off!!!  Yes, in public.  And, yes, sometimes I spice my life up by wearing wigs!!

Go ahead, laugh.  And, share one of your funny stories or tell me a clean joke in the comments section.

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Live. Laugh. Love.