MCS Radio Show – Saturday, December 24, 2016

Well.  Are you ready?  Counting the number of days before the New Year?!!  Hey,  including today, there’s just 4 days left!!!  For no particular reason, I’m feeling excited.  I guess I’m anticipating all the wonderful things to come.   Are you?  Comment here or call in during the next show on Saturday, New Year’s Eve.

If you missed this past Saturday’s (Christmas Eve) show, here’s what happened…

The Spiritual Ballerina, Chantal Hill,  (above) was my special in-studio guest.  And, she did a wonderful job chiming in on various segments as well as just being good company.

Cafe Talk: What are you doing to spread Peace on Earth and Good Will towards men?

1st Hour – Top News

As stated during the introduction of this segment, our fellow human beings have been misbehaving in the worst way!  I chose not to spend a lot of time talking about these unsettling stories.  However, the unrest in Aleppo has gotten worse as has the overall disrespect for human life, I simply had to say something.  Take a listen here.

Chantal and I lightened things up with Cafe Talk by sharing what we do to spread Peace on Earth and Good Will towards men.  Meeting the needs of others is certainly one way, but also, just sharing a smile, a kind word; or as Beth Ann (a caller) said, the next time you’re in a drive through line, pay the bill for the person behind you!! Take a listen.  We can all do something year round to accomplish the Cafe Talk in more meaningful ways by supporting organizations that do so and by holding our elected officials  accountable.


We also chimed in on the interesting concept of making Christmas breakfast a big deal!!! Clearly, it will require more work in the kitchen but if you and your family want a break from the usual big Christmas dinner, breakfast may be a welcomed change!  Think about it.  Delicious breakfast served all day on Christmas!!  Yummy!

2nd Hour – Entertainment News

Instead of TV Talk, I spent the segment interviewing the Spiritual Ballerina, Chantal!  She shared that she has danced in numerous ballet productions in New York City; travelled the world even to Paris, France; and appeared on the Trinity Broadcast Network!  Julia Alexander, who was also in-studio filming for her television show, asked a few questions.  We talked cooking, baking, and Chantal shared fashion tips during the Passion for Fashion segment. Click here for the audio.

Before signing off, we gave away the final 12 Saturdays til Christmas Gift Bag!  Congratulations to Bruce of Plainfield, Illinois.  Okay, that’s a wrap!  All in all, we had a fun time together in studio. Here are a few more pictures.  Chantal with me, her Dad, and Julia.

Chantal tried to show Julia and I a few moves.  We attempted to show what we learned through the mannequin challenge.  LOL!!  Go to for the video; and for more on Chantal, go to

Have a wonderful week and remember to tune into the New Year’s Eve edition of the show this coming Saturday.




MCS Radio Show – Saturday, December 17, 2016

Well, it’s officially here!  Yes. Although, we’ve been experiencing “winter” weather for some weeks now, today (12/21/2016) marks the Winter Solstice.


I’ve actually been enjoying the warm up today.  Coming off the subzero wind chills,  the recent 30+ degree temperatures feel like a heatwave!!  So, are you ready for the Christmas holiday?  I am.  I’m really thankful for the gift that Christmas Day represents and can’t wait to share Love, Joy, Peace, Goodwill, good food, time, music, and my presence with others!!

Hey!  Did you catch the radio show this Saturday?  If not, here’s a recap…

Cafe Talk: What’s your favorite Christmas food dish and music?

First Hour – Top News

After, once again, sending out thank yous to all who supported the annual Christmas Celebration Broadcast, I chimed in on the recent announcement from the White House that “intelligence” operatives have confirmed that the November Presidential Election was, in fact,  meddled with to President Elect, Donald Trump’s favor by Russian hackers!   Soul offered good points too.  Take a listen here.

We also chatted about our favorite Christmas dishes during the Cafe Talk segment.  A listener, Rose, called in to share her favorites too that included ham and potato salad. She also requested her favorite Christmas song, “Holly Jolly Christmas”, and I played it.   We talked about a couple of ” old school” recipes that millenials should bring back. The website broke it all down with recipes and all.   Examples include, meatloaf, tuna casserole, cabbage role, etc.   Go to for audio.

Second Hour – Entertainment News

The Voice finale dominated the TV Talk segment.  Congratulations to Sundance Head of Team Blake on his win!!  All of the finalists were incredible–   Billy Gilman, We McDonald, and Josh Gallagher.  I’m looking forward to hearing from them all in a big way.

I shared Christmas Fashion Tips during  Passion for Fashion.  Check it out…

Tip 1- It’s cold so it’s okay to wear layers if you aren’t quite ready to wear the big winter coat.  Once inside, you can always take away some layers as things warm up!

Tip 2- Christmas and New Year’s Eve are wonderful occasions to go for some sparkle!  Wear satin, velvet, or something with sequins, beads, or rhinestones.  Ladies, you can also wear glitter or glittery makeup.

Tip 3- Speaking of makeup!  The cold weather tends to cause our skin color to dull.  Brighten your skin tone using makeup of warmer shades.  Your blush, eye makeup, and lip color should warm your look up as well complete it.

Tip 4- You can look to others for style and Fashion inspiration but ALWAYS be you!  You must be comfortable wearing your clothing choices so please tweak your look so that it reflects who YOU truly are.  Cause…


Last week, we didn’t have time to play Joel Schick’s second song so we took a music break and played his light-hearted take on an alternative drink for Santa–“Leave A Bottle for Santa”.  We also received another favorite Christmas song request that was honored.  For Eileen, we played Stevie Wonder’s rendition of “Some Day at Christmas”.  Boy, did it sound good!!!   SoulBalm closed things out with an amazing SoulBalm Says.  Click here for audio.  By the way, Soul now has a separate Facebook space for her Life Coaching pieces. Visit

Also, congratulations to the winners of the 12 Saturdays til Christmas gift bag give away!  Be sure to tune in this Saturday, December 24th, Christmas Eve for your chance to win.



9th Annual Christmas Celebration Broadcast

Wow!!  What a show!  Hey there.  This past Saturday was so worth all the work that it took to pull it off.  The singers/musicians Knocked their performances out of the park!   The feedback from the listeners is positive and everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Photos and video will be posted to the website OR here in a day or two.  For now, read this…


Contact: MCS PR Team

A Beautiful Story Was Told during the MCS 9th Annual Christmas Celebration Show

Crest Hill, Illinois – Marilyn May of the Marilyn’s Café Society Radio Show hosted and produced a joyful 9th Annual Christmas Celebration Broadcast and VIP reception last Saturday, December 10, 2016 at the WJOL Studios. Marilyn along with her special guests and singers told the amazing story of the birth of Jesus the Christ through word and song. The two hour show was creative, spontaneous, and entertaining.
Local singers, Julia Alexander, Hollie White, Jonas Jones, and Soul Stanley joined Marilyn as she opened the show with a soul stirring performance of a Christian/Gospel music favorite, “Go Tell It On The Mountain”. Right after that segment, singer/musician, Joel Schick, who also happens to be The Muppets illustrator, told the story of the birth of Jesus through his bluesy original recording entitled, “Down In Bethlehem”. In-studio guests had a toe tapping, hand clapping time with those musical performances.
Next, singer Julia Alexander, who also runs Tahj Productions, told the story of the birth of Jesus through the eyes of the “Little Drummer Boy”. Keyboardist, Ken Alexander, provided the music for her performance and also served as the in-studio musician for others and this special Christmas show. Marilyn and guests pondered the rhetorical question of whether Mary really knew the significance of the birth of her baby boy. Hollie White, who sings with a local band, followed that brief discussion with the song, “Mary Don’t You Know?”. Fifteen year old, Jonas Jones, with his guitar in tow, reminded everyone that we can turn to Jesus for strength and guidance when needed through his moving performance of the song “Pressure”, a Jonathan McReynolds original. Soul Stanley, poet, educator, inspirational speaker and contributor to Marilyn’s Café Society Radio Show, shared a beautiful poem that closed the first hour of the Christmas show. Everyone was clearly inspired by both performances as was the listeners because the telephone lines lit up.
The second hour of the Christmas Celebration Broadcast offered lots of fun and give aways. Everyone in-studio told what was their favorite holiday song. Listeners heard special comments from the show sponsors, Maureen Pool, Operations Director for the Will County Center for Community Concerns and Shauna Weatherspoon, Executive Director of the Quad County African-American Chamber of Commerce. Also, like past shows, in-studio guests participated in singing Christmas carols; and everyone closed the show as usual by singing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”.
Segments of the Christmas Celebration broadcast was taped for Joliet Community Television Channel 6 and will be aired at a later date. Audio and video of segments, will soon be posted to For more, call 815-341-5336 or email

MCS Radio Show – Friday, November 25, 2016

Hello.  Here we are. It’s actually the 5th day of December and we’ve experienced our first snowfall last night here in Chicagoland.  Well over six inches fell.  It’s beautiful. If I’d been thinking clearly, I would have taken a picture or two (2) to post.  I’ve had a lot on my mind. Our family had a funeral service for my young cousin Bre this past Saturday.  Thank you for your well wishes and prayers. And to Bre, we look forward to seeing you shine day and night…


This month we celebrate the Birth of Jesus the Christ, Life, Love, and all the wonderful blessings that he and our Heavenly Father has given us!    Are you an Ambassador for Christ?  I strive to be.

So, the Christmas show is rescheduled to this coming Saturday, December 10, 2016 beginning at 1:05pm CST.  The VIP reception will start at 12:30pm.  You don’t want to miss this.  Check this out…


Okay. So about the morning after Thanksgiving Day show.   Marilyn’s Cafe Society Radio Show took over for “Slocum in the Morning” which means that I arrived to the station super early.  I’m very happy that Soul joined me!  We started at 6am and quietly began to wake up the listeners with post Thanksgiving day banter.  I even had the distinct pleasure of playing the first Christmas song snippet of the season!  The song??  White Christmas!  Will we have one??  I also played a snippet of “Get Up, Get on Up” by James Brown!  No, I don’t have the recording of this first hour of the 3 hour morning show but I assure you that it was good!

Cafe Talk:  What was the best or worst situation that you experienced during Thanksgiving holiday week with your family?

2nd Hour – In Brief News and Information

Soul talked about her trip to Washington DC to tour the Smithsonian African-American Historical Museum.  Take a listen here and go to to educate yourself.   Unfortunately, I shared a couple of depressing news stories after playing a fun, uplifting James Brown song…”Get Up Offa that Thing”!   I hope that I didn’t send listeners back to bed!!!   Later in the hour, Soul and I shared tips on how to be happy and healthy during the holiday season.  Take a listen.  And, I shared my response to Cafe Talk…worst thing that happened…my mother wasn’t feeling well.  The best thing that happened…my mother was feeling much better by Thanksgiving Day!!  Soul passed on Cafe Talk this time.

3rd Hour – Entertainment News

We chatted about DWTS, American Music Awards Show, and Hair Spray during TV Talk. Soul reminded us to check out Love Jones the Musical in  a city near you.  Be sure to check out for more information.   Passion for Fashion, more tips for being happy and healthy for holidays, more James Brown music and SoulBalm Says  wrapped up the hour and radio show.  Go to for a listen.

Oh!  We had a winner for a 12 Saturdays til Christmas Gift Bag.  You could be a winner too.  Just tune in and call in during the show each Saturday leading up to Christmas Day!  And, join us Saturday, December 10, 2016, 1:05pm CST for the Christmas Celebration Broadcast brought to you in part by the Will County Center for Community Concerns and the Quad County African-American Chamber of Commerce.

I pray that all is good with you!  Have a fantastic week!



MCS Radio Show-Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happy Saturday before Thanksgiving Day!  I really like this time of the year–autumn and all the beautiful trees; the leaves changing colors falling all over the place; and people, in general, appearing to be kinder and thankful.

Today’s radio show was fantastic. Maureen Pool, my special guest co-host, did a knockout job! Thank you and the Will County Center for Community Concerns for the support!


Photo credit: Maureen Pool

Well, here’s what happened…

Cafe Talk: What’s your favorite donut type and what it says about your pysche or personality.

First Hour – Top News

The focus was all things Thanksgiving. We talked about how most retailers have decided NOT to open Thanksgiving evening because the idea to open after dinner hours on Thanksgiving Day last year did not produce great results. Maureen and I also chimed in on the news about Thanksgiving dinner costing less this year…a whole 3-4 cents!!  Hey!  A small savings is better than no savings at all. Take a listen here.

During Cafe Talk we revealed our favorite donut type and shared information about what it says about your personality.  For example, if you like powdered donuts, then you’re a kid at heart.  Go to for more.

Second Hour – Entertainment News

Oops! I thought that I hit the record button.  Listen.  It’s challenging wearing so many different hats in the studio. No audio to hear for this hour.  So, I’ll lay this out in words.

Dancing With the Stars, The Voice, ABC 20/20, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s kiss, NBC’s This Is Us, and the upcoming American Music Awards dominated TV Talk. I, once again, predicted that Olympian Laurie Hernandez will walk away with the mirror ball on Tuesday while Maureen believes that race car driver, James Hinchcliffe will win.

I noted that Chicagoan, Sa’Rayah, was voted off The Voice last Tuesday. She was a member of Alicia Keyes team and I have a feeling that we’ll be hearing more from her. With just 11 contestants left, well be watching to see which Team wins this season.

 JLo and ex-husband Marc Anthony made the news this week while attending, presenting, and performing at the Latin Grammy Awards last Thursday. One day after they kissed, it’s been reported that Anthony and his current wife, Shannon De Lima have separated. Don’t read too much into this. Benny Medina, JLo’s longtime manager, told TMZ that Jennifer and Marc are absolutely NOT back together. Only time will tell.

Speaking of Awards shows, be sure to catch the American Music Awards on ABC 7, Sunday, November 20th.  Post note—it was good!!!

ABC’s 20/20 tackled a very touchy subject this past Friday featuring segments on women in media who allegedly suffered sexual harassment and abuse on the job. Gretchen Carlson and Laurie Luhn’s stories are unbelievable and that just happens to be why they took so long to speak out against Roger Ailes and Fox.   Maureen and I talked about the strength of women and the courage that it took for them to do something about these dehumanizing, disrespectful acts. Thank God that I haven’t had to deal with that— but discrimination has been a problem for me.  Anyway, their advice to others is to  document, document, document.  For more, go to

Lastly, Maureen and I chatted about whether or not we believed Chrissy Metz of the television show, This Is Us, is selling out the “big girls” because her contract requires that she lose weight over the course of the show.  According to Metz,  its all a part of the story line for the show.   She hopes that her weightloss journey encourages other women to get healthier and better in all areas of their lives.  I agree and so does Maureen.

And now, Passion for Fashion. This segment was really good.  Since I don’t have the audio, here’s a snapshot of what I shared in terms of what to wear on Thanksgiving Eve or Thanksgiving Day…


You are welcome!!!

Congratulations to all the 12 Saturdays til Christmas Gift bag winners!  Be sure to tune in next Saturday for your chance to win!  Have a deliciously, loving and thankful week, and

Happy Thanksgiving!



MCS Radio Show – Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hey there!

Early start and short show today due to high school sports programming.  I hope you got the message via social media.  If not, here’s what you missed…

Cafe Talk:  Now that the election is over and results are in, How are you doing?

So the big debate about the Electoral College and the popular vote continues to pain many Americans.  Protestors have taken to the streets and social media to voice their displeasure with President-elect, Donald Trump.  Meanwhile his supporters and to the surprise of many, some Republicans are celebrating his victory.  Soul and I spent a good portion of the hour long show discussing this and the significance of these two finally meetng!


Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamanque

Click here for audio.

No TV Talk or Passion For Fashion.  For SoulBalm Says, go to

Talk to you next week!



MCS Radio Show-Saturday, November 5, 2016

Wow!  Did you know tat there’s just five (5l more Saturdays before the 9th Annual Christmas Celebration Broadcast?  I’m excited!  Send email to for more information or check out

Here’s a quick recap of today’s show..


Cafe Talk:  Cubs fans, what did the Cubs clinching the World Series mean to you and your family?  Also, tonight we “fall back” in time. Do you have a funny story about forgetting to change the time to share?

First hour – Top News

Soul and I talked about the upcoming Election Day on Tuesday as well as the importance of exercising your right to vote.  How exciting to be on the brink of perhaps electing our first female President of the United States!  Wondering how many Americans will be suffering from Post Election Traumatic Stress Disorder come Wednesday?!!!  Go tosouliciouswordexperience for more.

We started the 12 Saturdays til Christmas gift bag giveaways, and had to play catch-up by pulling 4 names.  Winner’s will be contacted by phone or email.  Bags can be picked up during the Christmas Celebration Broadcast.

Second Hour – Entertainment News

Listeners enjoyed more Cubs banter along with their Go Cubs Go anthem!  My goodness.  It really has become an earworm!

Click here for TV Talk and check out the pictures that support the Passion for Fashion segment on how to properly wear/rock the Timberland boots or something similar.

Finally, Soul closed the show with another edition of “SoulBalm Says”.  Be sure to check her out at

All right, that’s a wrap. Tune in next Saturday for another edition of Marilyn’s Cafe Society.  Become my social media @marilynscafesoc on Twitter and Facebook. com/Marilyn’s Cafe Society.



MCS Radio Show – Saturday, October 29, 2016


Imagine my surprise when the electrical power went out about an half hour before show time on this day!  The generators even failed to kick on!  No lights.  No computers.  No printers. No phones. No broadcast transmission.  No show!!!  Talk about drama!!

When the power failed, I was prepping for the show and one of The Outsiders co-host was just wrapping up some post show production work.  We quickly reached out to key management via our cell phones.  The station engineer arrived in no time and began troulbeshooting. I offered assistance where I could.  We learned from our power company that there was, in fact, a power outage in the radio station’s immediate area.  They estimated that power would be restored in a couple of hours.

At approximately 2:18pm, I was able to start my show.  Here’s what you missed…

Cafe Talk:  Cleveland Indians or Chicago Cubs?  Obviously, the question is pertaining to the World Series Championship games.

Of course, as a Chicagoan, I’m rooting for the Cubs!

The show was just under 1 1/2 hour and it was a mish mosh of how the full show would be presented.  I mean after all that no electricity drama, I was some what, kind of sort of exhausted!  You can go to to take a listen.  I promise, next week’s show is even better!



MCS Radio Show – Sat., October 22nd, 2016


I hope that you are having a good week so far!  To all the Chicago Cubs fans, hang in there. It’s just one game!  I’ve got a feeling that Cubs fans and Chicagoans will have something huge to celebrate soon!!!

To my mother and extended family, my love and support is yours!  Aunt Mama Tee, Aunt Alvia, and all of our precious loved ones will be with you, us always!!!  To live to be almost 88 years and 90 years old is truly a blessing.  God has smiled on them and bestowed the gift of allowing them to meet, see and know their Grand and Great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc!!!  Let’s all cherish the sweet memories, draw closer to each other, and trust that they are resting well in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father.

As I shared on Facebook this past Sunday, while attempting to take our minds off the sad news of the passing of our dear loved one, we turned to V103FM Chicago to listen to Herb Kent only to learn of his passing away as well!  He was 88 years old.  We certainly send our deepest condolences to his family, friends, colleagues, and listeners.  I actually met and worked with Herb Kent (Radio Hall of Famer and Chicago media Icon) 15-16 years ago at a Chicago Association of Black Journalist Christmas party at the old Michael Jordan’s Restaurant.  He was the celebrity DeeJay;and one of my roles for the party was to segment Host for a game during one of the music breaks!  Herb stayed for the game (2 Truths and 1 Lie) and actually participated.  He was warm, kind, and yes, very cool!!!  The photographer for the event took pictures but I did not catch him before leaving to make sure that I received copies.  If anyone reading this remembers that event, please reach out to me so that I can maybe locate that person and the pictures.  *fingers crossed*

And now here’s what you missed…

Soul was off participating in a Breast Cancer Fundraiser Walk so Life Coach, Dedrea Benson ( and QCAACC, Chairperson and WBDC-Aurora, Executive Director, Terrie Simmons joined me in the studio.

1st Hour -Top News:

Top news was brief.  We basically chatted about the Chicago Cubs making it to the World Series and the last of the three presidential debates.  Again, reminding everyone to…


October is National Bullying Prevention month and we were in the midst of National Character Counts Week so…

Cafe Talk:  Have you ever been bullied and if so, how did you handle it?

We all shared our experiences and then reminded everyone about the 6 Pillars of Character which if we all applied in our individual lives, the number of bullying incidents in schools, etc. would decrease.


2nd Hour – Entertainment News

Dancing with the Stars dominated TV Talk.  I talked about some highlights of its Latin Night which for some reason didn’t excite me as much as some of the previous themed episodes.  As always, I was impressed with Ray Chew and the band as well as wardrobe but something just seemed off.  I don’t know–maybe it was just me having a “not so good” evening/night.  Well, anyway, Amber Rose was voted off and I predicted that Jana Kramer or Laurie Hernandez will walk away with the dance ball!!!

Afterwards, Terrie announced the winners of the Womens Business Development Center-Aurora Business Plan Pitch Competition that was presented by the Women’s Business Development Center-Aurora and supported by Marilyn’s Cafe Society Radio Show/WJOL. And the winners are…

Love That Scrub

Val’s Paper Passion

Isadora’s Table

Congratulations to each winner and I look forward to meeting with the business that selected our package as a prize!

Umbre was the word of the day or segment.  The Passion for Fashion segment that is. We’ve experienced the umbre hair for several seasons now.  But umbre lips?!!!!  Yes! Umbre lips are what’s happening this season.  Go to for the audio.

More entertainment news commentary included Janet Jackson’s amazing pregnancy; Kim Kardashian’s slow return to public life after horrific ordeal in Paris; and films.  I also reminded everyone to tune in next Saturday for more information about the 9th Annual Christmas Broadcast special.  MarilyXmasShow2016.jpg

Oh!  Also, winners of the gift bags from the Will County Center for Community Concern’s Healthy Homes Healthy Families event will be announced on Saturday too!

Soul Balm Says will return next Saturday so be sure to tune in.  Remember to follow on Twitter @marilynscafesoc and Marilyn’s Cafe Society on Facebook.

Continue to have a super week!



MCS Radio Show – Saturday, October 8th, 2016

Well, it’s taken me a week to get this blog to you and I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it.

Last Saturday’s show was a real treat because we had such short notice putting it together; and gosh darn it we did! Remember, we were supposed to be off due to the 2nd annual Cock-a-Doodle Brew Fest. Anyway, here’s a taste of what you missed…

1st Hour– Top News

During this segment, Soul and I discussed the looming Chicago Public Schools teachers’ strike and the detrimental effect that it would have had on the students and their parents.  We both shared our experiences as former CPS students and later educators, and how conflicts between the teachers’ union and CPS administrators has a long history.  By the way, by now you’ve probably heard that the strike did not happen!  We’re so proud that they were able to come to a partial agreement and hope that down the road a permanent agreement will be reached.

We very briefly touched on the drama surrounding the Presidential race and encouraged everyone to exercise their right to vote.  We also reminded everyone to vote early!  And one more thing… join me in voting for “her”!

Cafe Talk was not heavy at all.  In the spirit of the Brew Fest, we simply asked listeners to chime in on what is their favorite beer and what foods/snacks do they pair with it.  Scott Slocum (WJOL morning man) phoned in from the Brew Fest to let listeners know what was going on and shared his favorite brew and food pairing.  Soul and I along with our in-studio guest, author, Sherman L. Jenkins enjoyed root beer made by Goose Island Brewery.  We paired it with salted corn chips and experimented with chocolate with vanilla filling!  Talk about sweet and salty!!  Here’s one root beer pairing that we forgot to try in-studio…


2nd Hour -Entertainment

TV Talk was very brief and mostly about Dancing With the Stars!  Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and Vanilla Ice was voted off in a double elimination.  You know, every year, I get more and more impressed with the overall production of the show. The musicality of the musicians; the set production; and creativity of the professional dancers is impeccable!  Oh!  This week I watched Empire and my goodness the writers are taking viewers of the show on a jaw dropping, shocking, and humorous journey!  Queen Sugar is also providing drama that has you sitting on the edge of your seat not to mention the backdrop of the beautiful scenery!  

Passion for Fashion was short and sweet as well. Jeans, suade, and boots were the hot topic once again.

Last, but not least, author Sherman L. Jenkins stopped by to spend time and to talk about his new book, “The Untold Story of an Original Harlem Globetrotter, Ted Strong Jr. and Negro Leagues All-Star”.  Now available at most online bookstores or visit  Sherman was the right man to author such a book.  He has researched the Negro Leagues for more than 30 years, and is a member of the SABR Negro League Committee.  This book takes you on a historical journey while highlighting the life and athletic accomplishments of Ted Strong Jr.


Sherman is also President of an online media company, SLJ Communications, which happens to be the parent company of “Tell Me Something Good”.  TMSG is a monthly publication that covers African-American life outside the City of Chicago.  For more, visit

We ended the show as usual with… SoulBalm Says.  Check her out at

Remember, we’re back on the air Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 and check for audio links.

Until next time,

Live. Laugh. Love.