Happy New Year!

Well, I don’t know about you but I feel so blessed to usher in a new year as well as to toast to this past decade and put it in its place in the books.  Welcome 2020!

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Welcome decade of the millennial 20’s!

I’m amazed because I remember being a little girl thinking about the future– the years 2000, 2020, and beyond.  I remember trying to imagine what the world would look like; what my life would be like.  I remember just how much of a stretch it was to visualize the future.

I remember thinking that I’m going to be in my 50’s and how I thought that I was going to be so old!  Now, I believe that I’m not old at all.  In fact, the fifties are the new thirties, right?!  LoL   All right, listen, back then my concept of the future was based on the television cartoon, “The Jetsons” and a few of the other sci-fi television programs that we’d watch as children.  I thought that by 2020 some humans would actually be living in space–riding in those “Jetson” styled cars; talking to friends and family on those TV-like phones; and using robots to do the housework!

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Oh!  Wait!  We are!  The future has arrived!  The future is Now you all!!

Ok, maybe not completely “Jetson” style but self-driving cars are being tested and likely to hit the general mass market in the next couple of years; and I recently read that flying cars are now only decades away from reality.  As for cars that fold up to the size of a brief case?  Well, that is a different story.  However, video phones are common place now.  Almost everyone on the planet has the capability to videochat!  Vacuums and mops like Roomba, iRobot, and other robotic cleaning gadgets have certainly been available for a while now.  Hey, thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence, even Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have made life a little easier.

As for humans living in space (beyond the outer realm of the Earth’s atmosphere), we have a ways to go.  However, from what I understand, since the 2000s humans (astronauts) have temporarily lived in space on the International Space Station (ISS).  Of course along with NASA, the Richard Bransons, Elon Musks, and Jeff Bezos of the world would like to make living in space or even on the Planet Mars a more permanent reality for humans.  And, even though no man has walked up there since 1972, others in the space arena believe shooting for life on the Moon would be more achievable.

In the meantime, there are a few humans who can afford the rare “space tours” that are now being offered.  In fact, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has already gotten several celebrities signed up for his upcoming “space tour” for a meager $250,000 deposit.  What year will it happen?  I’m guessing maybe sometime in this new decade.  And, Space X and Amazon’s Blue Origin have now developed vacation or holiday getaway trips to space.  Remember?  I talked about this on my radio show several years ago!

Wow!  Just think you all.  Next time you say to someone “To the Moon with you” OR “Get lost in space”; they now may actually have the option to do just that!  LoL!  OR Rather than telling someone to go to the other “place”, you could switch it up and tell them to “Go to Heaven”!  LoL!  And, they could, in this decade, physically go to heaven/space!!!  LOL!!!  Okay.  That’s it everyone.  Again, Happy New Year.  Part two next week.

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Live. Laugh. Love.

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MCS Radio Show Recap – Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Well, I did it!  Flying solo, I took over the “Slocum in the Morning” show.  27273462-TAKEOVER-red-Rubber-Stamp-over-a-white-background--Stock-Photo

No news breaks, traffic or weather updates.  Just me and my little helpers until they fell asleep by the 3rd hour of the show. Of course, I shared patriotic and “wake-up” music along with various segments of my show!  Here’s what happened…

Cafe Talk:  Simply, what are you doing today?

1st Hour:  Top News

*Illinois State Lawmakers (Senate) passes budget. Governor Rauner vetoes it!

*President Trump’s latest Twitter posts.

*Pennsylvania man arrested in road rage murder of 18 year old.

*Semaj Crosby case still open.

A few people posted responses to Cafe Talk on Facebook.  Answers included working, sleeping in, and cooking.  My little helpers had some friends chime in too with the similar responses.

A quick look at social media revealed that the following were trending…

*Donald Trump’s wrestling video

*Elon Musk’s 3rd production ahead of schedule

*Gov. Chris Christie and the shutdown of NJ’s government and beaches

2nd Hour- General News and Information

In this hour, I continued with Cafe Talk and shared holiday information with listeners.

*Ways to put a Spark in Your 4th of July that includes, going fishing, taking a trip to the zoo or local park, going to the beach, and hosting a neighborhood barbeque party.

*Talked up the fact that it’s National Hot Dog Month.  Here in America, some 20 Billion hot dogs are eaten every year!  Regional differences in hot dogs include people in the south topping their dogs with creamy coleslaw; other regions add spicy chili or just a squirt of mustard while Chicagoans prefer garden toppings like onions, tomatoes, pickles, and/or peppers.  Hot Dogs were brought to Chicago by Germans and Austrian immigrants.  The big hot dog question is ketchup or not???


*Ways to be sustainable this July 4th.  Don’t use plastic ware; do buy biodegradable items; use the dishwasher to conserve water; don’t cook, get out the house; recycle, reuse, etc.; send invitations digitally.

Musician/producer, Swiss Beatz; the Germany bus crash; and Wimbledon Men’s tennis was trending on social media.

3rd Hour – Entertainment News

Cafe Talk remained the same.  Entertainment Talk was brief and included celebrity names that are commonly mispronounced.  I also shared important information for chocolate lovers.  Chocolate Tours are very popular now.  Most chocolate candy makers offer them at their facilities and the most popular one is in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Yes, Hershey’s Chocolate World!  A Slice of Brooklyn in NYC is also popular and also includes pizza and Christmas light tours.

Passion for Fashion focused on Festival Season, highlighting the popular clothing and other items to wear to or have for various summer festivals.  Sunglasses and sunscreen are a must.  Get your sparkle on with gold glitter on your nails and face.  As for clothing, the 2 piece short sets (matching top and bottoms); the embroidered skirt at any length; and mule type shoes as well as moccasins, believe it or not.  Remember to take wipes to pat the sweat from your face and to clean in other important places. Lastly, don’t use your cell phone to take pictures.  Get a real camera…digital or instant!

I wrapped up the final hour by sharing some local announcements and fun places that parents can take their children for the July 4th holiday including Navy Pier in Chicago.  Oh!  Here’s that recipe for the July 4th themed snow cone!  (Hover of the picture and click.)


That’s a wrap!  Audio for this broadcast is not available.  Be sure to join me next Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 1:05 p.m. CDT for another exciting edition of Marilyn’s Cafe Society Radio Show.  Peace!