Happy New Year, once again, everyone!  I trust that you are still full from all the love that you received from your family and friends over the holidays.  If nothing else, we can certainly be thankful for that, right?  Twenty-twenty (2020) has undoubtedly been a year to remember or forget depending on your experiences. 

Well, if you’ve been following my videos during the holidays, you heard me talk about Kwanzaa, an African-American cultural tradition, that begins the day after Christmas Day and ends on new year’s day.  The principle celebrated and practiced on the last day of Kwanzaa (the first day of the new year) is “faith”.  And, while it is referred to as a “principle” for Kwanzaa, biblically speaking, it is a spiritual power.  Faith, the ability to strongly believe in something that you hope for that has yet to happen or be seen. 

Faith comes from Christ.  For example, in our humanness, it is difficult to believe that there is a God.  If you’ve never owned a car or no one in your immediate circle has, it may be difficult to believe that you can own one. You cannot see or touch it.  However, Christ and the Holy Spirit has given us that ability to have faith and faith in God.  Faith, the ability to trust and believe that God will keep his promises to us.   Faith, in practice, is to strongly believe that all the good which you set out to achieve will manifest. 

Did you know every step you take towards achieving or reaching a goal, living a dream, it is faith in action?  Working towards earning a college/university degree?  Developing a new product, gadget, or idea?  Completing documents to launch your new business?  Improving your eating and exercise habits for better health?  Preparing yourself for Mr. or Mrs. Right?  Living a life pleasing to God?  Listen, you are practicing the spiritual power or discipline called Faith!

Friends, have strong faith this new year as you continue on the journey called life.  I’m cheering for you. Remember to wear your mask; watch your distance; and wash your hands often.  Stay Safe.  Be well.  Amen.  And, so it is.

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Happy New Year!!!

Hello Friends, this is just a quick hello and,

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Happy New Year!

Well, I don’t know about you but I feel so blessed to usher in a new year as well as to toast to this past decade and put it in its place in the books.  Welcome 2020!

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Welcome decade of the millennial 20’s!

I’m amazed because I remember being a little girl thinking about the future– the years 2000, 2020, and beyond.  I remember trying to imagine what the world would look like; what my life would be like.  I remember just how much of a stretch it was to visualize the future.

I remember thinking that I’m going to be in my 50’s and how I thought that I was going to be so old!  Now, I believe that I’m not old at all.  In fact, the fifties are the new thirties, right?!  LoL   All right, listen, back then my concept of the future was based on the television cartoon, “The Jetsons” and a few of the other sci-fi television programs that we’d watch as children.  I thought that by 2020 some humans would actually be living in space–riding in those “Jetson” styled cars; talking to friends and family on those TV-like phones; and using robots to do the housework!

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Oh!  Wait!  We are!  The future has arrived!  The future is Now you all!!

Ok, maybe not completely “Jetson” style but self-driving cars are being tested and likely to hit the general mass market in the next couple of years; and I recently read that flying cars are now only decades away from reality.  As for cars that fold up to the size of a brief case?  Well, that is a different story.  However, video phones are common place now.  Almost everyone on the planet has the capability to videochat!  Vacuums and mops like Roomba, iRobot, and other robotic cleaning gadgets have certainly been available for a while now.  Hey, thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence, even Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have made life a little easier.

As for humans living in space (beyond the outer realm of the Earth’s atmosphere), we have a ways to go.  However, from what I understand, since the 2000s humans (astronauts) have temporarily lived in space on the International Space Station (ISS).  Of course along with NASA, the Richard Bransons, Elon Musks, and Jeff Bezos of the world would like to make living in space or even on the Planet Mars a more permanent reality for humans.  And, even though no man has walked up there since 1972, others in the space arena believe shooting for life on the Moon would be more achievable.

In the meantime, there are a few humans who can afford the rare “space tours” that are now being offered.  In fact, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has already gotten several celebrities signed up for his upcoming “space tour” for a meager $250,000 deposit.  What year will it happen?  I’m guessing maybe sometime in this new decade.  And, Space X and Amazon’s Blue Origin have now developed vacation or holiday getaway trips to space.  Remember?  I talked about this on my radio show several years ago!

Wow!  Just think you all.  Next time you say to someone “To the Moon with you” OR “Get lost in space”; they now may actually have the option to do just that!  LoL!  OR Rather than telling someone to go to the other “place”, you could switch it up and tell them to “Go to Heaven”!  LoL!  And, they could, in this decade, physically go to heaven/space!!!  LOL!!!  Okay.  That’s it everyone.  Again, Happy New Year.  Part two next week.

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MCS Radio Show – Saturday, December 31st, 2016

Happy Friday and Happy New Year to you!


I trust that things are off to a good start.  A lot has happened in the world in these first six (6) days of 2017 and we’ll talk about some of it during tomorrow’s show.

Missed last Saturday’s show?  Here’s what happened…

Songwriter, singer, Steve Broadway and his wife, Monica Broadway, an educator,  joined Soul and I in-studio for the New Year’s Sparkly Eve edition of Marilyn’s Cafe Society Radio Show.  We enjoyed refreshments, reflected on Christmas Day festivities, and had a really good time before getting into the main talk segments.  Take a look…


Cafe Talk: What will you do differently in 2017?

1st Hour – Top News

We very briefly touched on the President’s final year end report to the nation and how he reiterated that the Russians tampered with the Presidential election.  Audio is  here.

Over the years, Ive often heard many repeat this quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.”  During Cafe Talk, we each shared what we will do differently in the new year in order to reach goals or effect a positive change in our lives.  Take a listen.

2nd Hour – Entertainment News

TV Talk consisted of conversation about Hair Spray Live encore on NBC and thenuse of multiple sets; tackling prejudice issues and beauty standards; how music brings everyone together; and how some commercials were actually done in 1960s theme.  We also discussed the death of George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

The Passion for Fashion segment was skipped so that I could spend time talking with Steve about his new music project about his brother, Jessie Broadway and professional baseball player,  Jesse Barfield.  The song is entitled “Jesse’s Thang”.  The purpose of the song is to raise awareness about the positive, successful people who were born and/or raised in Joliet, Illinois.  He has set up a GoFundme page to raise funds so that the song can be mastered and a video can be shot.  Click here for the audio. 

Have a wonderful week and remember to tune into the first show of the New Year tomorrow, Saturday, January 7th, 2017.