MCS Radio Show-Saturday, November 5, 2016

Wow!  Did you know tat there’s just five (5l more Saturdays before the 9th Annual Christmas Celebration Broadcast?  I’m excited!  Send email to for more information or check out

Here’s a quick recap of today’s show..


Cafe Talk:  Cubs fans, what did the Cubs clinching the World Series mean to you and your family?  Also, tonight we “fall back” in time. Do you have a funny story about forgetting to change the time to share?

First hour – Top News

Soul and I talked about the upcoming Election Day on Tuesday as well as the importance of exercising your right to vote.  How exciting to be on the brink of perhaps electing our first female President of the United States!  Wondering how many Americans will be suffering from Post Election Traumatic Stress Disorder come Wednesday?!!!  Go tosouliciouswordexperience for more.

We started the 12 Saturdays til Christmas gift bag giveaways, and had to play catch-up by pulling 4 names.  Winner’s will be contacted by phone or email.  Bags can be picked up during the Christmas Celebration Broadcast.

Second Hour – Entertainment News

Listeners enjoyed more Cubs banter along with their Go Cubs Go anthem!  My goodness.  It really has become an earworm!

Click here for TV Talk and check out the pictures that support the Passion for Fashion segment on how to properly wear/rock the Timberland boots or something similar.

Finally, Soul closed the show with another edition of “SoulBalm Says”.  Be sure to check her out at

All right, that’s a wrap. Tune in next Saturday for another edition of Marilyn’s Cafe Society.  Become my social media @marilynscafesoc on Twitter and Facebook. com/Marilyn’s Cafe Society.



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