The Three O’s

Friends, how are you?  Did last week’s blog motivate or prompt you to assess where you are with things in your life, business, relationships, career?  I hope so.  If not, let’s take a different approach to the assessment process.

Question.  How did you get to where you are right now?  Not just physically, but with your job, career, business, relationships—your life?  Well, this may not be true for some (and I’ll talk about that a bit later) but for others you got where you are based on the observations and opinions of others, as well as the opportunities that they offered or provided.   Right?

Here’s the breakdown in very general terms.  Someone observes you.  Yes, remember, we are always being watched by those who find you interesting (for the good or bad).  Unfortunately, some will “see” ONLY what they WANT to see. Regardless, an opinion(s) is then formed based on the observations.  At times, rather quickly.  Remember that warning about what can happen within the first minute of meeting someone.  Yes, some of their own pre-existing judgments, biases, prejudices, etc. can/will influence their opinion(s).   Nevertheless, finally, at some point, an opportunity is extended to you or NOT.  The opportunity could be a job, a career boost, a business deal, etc.  So, again, I ask—how did you get to where you are right now?

If you are experiencing a level of success in life, it is more than likely because of someone’s positive opinion of you.  Positive opinions promote, increase, elevate.  Negative opinions demote, stagnate, terminate.  Earlier in the blog, I mentioned people who get through life despite other’s opinion of them.  Those people know “who they are” and “whose they are” so they don’t get discouraged.  They have learned how to trust themselves and, more importantly, trust God.  It’s all in his timing.  He’ll send someone to OR show you how to create opportunities for yourself.  And, of course, God himself will open doors of opportunity for you too.   The three o’s exist but they are not the final answer.  Stay on the journey my friends.  Don’t give up!  Your opportunity already is!!!  Amen.  And so it is!

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Live. Laugh. LOVE.


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